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Transcript: Total applications: 18,500 admitted: 10,706 enrolled: 3,3463 Preparation Needed OB/GYN Knowledge In Thank You! 18 students have became olympics medalist use to be a military college has a welcome back fair home games are weekend long events 314 clubs and organizations look for health problems Counsel patients on health Meet with patients to get history Responsible for others safety Deal with anxious patients and family Benefits Sick leave Paid vacation Health insurance Retirement plan HIGH SCHOOL COURSES NEEDED Work more than 40 hours a week/ be on call for emergencies 4 ENGLISH 3-4 FOREIGN LANUAGE 1-2 HISORY 3 SCIENCE 3-4 SCIENCE LAB 3-4 SOCIAL STUDIES 2 ACADEMIC ELECTIVES 1 PE/ ROTC 1 FINE ARTS Clemson University SNAP SHOT Business and management and administration 100% All of these go together because its about helping others. Health science Clemson Requirements OB/GYN High school deploma Doctorate degree Graduate from medical school Internship Pass state license Exam Residency program in OB/GYN Become board certified Employment Annual SC:358 TUITION: $13,382 in-state $30,826 out of state Financial Aid: $12,173 average per year Total amount: $26,916 Graduating students within 6 years: 82% Population: 46% women/ 54% men 65% instate students/ 35% out of state students 16,562 undergrads Cars allowed for freshmen/ No pets Housing: Coed Men/ Women Apt. for married students Apt. for single students Fraternity/ Sorority WAIT LIST Offered: 1,820 Accept place: 883 Accepted: 4 Wage per year: $216,760 varies depending on: Experience Area Hours Skill Personality Reputation Self employed OB/GYN make more DEGREES: Bachelors Masters PhD Associate OB/GYN pay and benefits Typical work day Helping others Sports Medicine and dentistry Customer personal service Chemistry Psychology Therapy and counseling Administration/management Computer/electroincs Mathematics Public safety/security law/ government Economics/ accounting 50% Application Annual employment USA:30,510 Self employed OB/GYN provide their own insurance and retirement plan 58% SAT average: 1170- 1330 Reading: 560- 600 Math: 590- 680 No preference in writing ACT average: Composite: 26-31 Anatomy/physiology Computer application Food & nutrition Foreign language Intro to health care Nursing Safety & first aid Accounting Intro to business entrepreneurship AP classes


Transcript: By: Andrew Bigham 1886 Thomas Green Clemson signed his will to create Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina 1893 Clemson College opened with 446 students and 15 faculty under President Edwin Boone Craighead 1896 First class graduated in December First football game won against Furman 1970 Tiger paw adopted as school symbol 1982 Claimed first national football championship Clemson University was established to fulfill our founder's vision of "a high seminary of learning" to develop "the material resources of the State" for the people of South Carolina. Nurtured by an abiding land grant commitment, Clemson has emerged as a research university with a global vision. Our primary purpose is educating undergraduate and graduate students to think deeply about and engage in the social, scientific, economic, and professional challenges of our times. The foundation of this mission is the generation, preservation, communication, and application of knowledge. The University also is committed to the personal growth of the individual and promotes an environment of good decision making, healthy and ethical lifestyles, and tolerance and respect for others. Our distinctive character is shaped by a legacy of service, collaboration, and fellowship forged from and renewed by the spirit of Thomas Green Clemson's covenant Football Soccer Baseball Softball Volleyball Instate tuition-22,088 Out of state tuition-39,016 15,000 undergraduate and 3,800 graduate and professional students 80 undergraduate and 110 graduate programs James F. Barker He was an architecture student and track athlete Named Clemson President in 1999 Bass Fishing CCF Football Paintball Alpha Delta Pi White water Fight Video College Website Works Cited Mission Statement Facts History of Clemson Athletics College President Clubs


Transcript: cost anout any and every club you can think of from campus kindness to an eating club fraternity and sorority life Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Phi,Chi Omega Sigma Beta Chi, Delta Delta Delta, Chi Chi Chi, Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta ,Kappa Kappa Gamma, Omicron Zeta Tau, Sigma Kappa, Zeta Tau Alpha campus borders Lake Hartwell, access to various lake activities less than history scholarship C.J. Spiller, New Orleans Saints running back and 9th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft Strom Thurmond, U.S. Senator from South Carolina, longest-serving Senator in U.S. history Brianna Rollins 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, 100 meter hurdles In 1917, the entire senior class enlisted in World War I Former Clemson President Robert Cook once created a day when people were allowed to streak on campus without legal consequences. South Carolina’s largest bur oak tree is the Clemson Centennial Oak. It’s more than 100 years old. alumni athletics mission/vision statement "honoring the timeless principle of the liberal arts and sciences" enrollment undergraduate-17,740 graduate- 4,344 total- 22,114 of attending students female-47.06% male-52.94% offers 80+ majors and 75+ minors 110+ graduate degree programs Clemson scholars Trustee scholarship Palmetto Pact scholarship Non-resident merit scholarships Clemson non-residential grant National Merit scholarship sports teams men's baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, tennis, track and field women's basketball, cross country, diving, golf, rowing, soccer, tennis, track and field, volleyball 17 varsity teams mascot- the tiger colors- Clemson orange, regalia(purple) Clemson University founded-1889 original name- Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina located- Clemson, South Carolina, in foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains originally an all-male, all-white military school first traditionally white institution in South Carolina to desegregate mission-enrollment-academic programs extra curricular interesting additions


Transcript: The Reader - Pathos - Potential Students and Public The song and the website are both consistent in their message throughout. The song uses the line "You'll never have to wonder if you need another" over and over, while the website uses three different appeals, all focused on getting people interested in the department. 3. A picture of two smiling professors, showing how much the staff enjoys working in the Civil Engineering Department 2. Gives an example to back up the claim that they work with schools all over the country 1. A picture of two engineering students proudly competing in the National Concrete Canoe Challenge The Writer - Ethos - Clemson Civil Engineering Dept As if to say, "Look how much fun they are having being Civil Engineers at Clemson!" 1. At the very bottom of the website they have a copyright for Clemson University, showing that this website is legitimate. The Message - Logos - Get People to apply or find information on the Department The song next uses the emotional line, "You'll never have to wonder if I understand." This is similar to the way the website uses pathos in three ways to tug at the readers, students and the public, heart strings. This website is easily found online, so one can see that it is targeted at people interested in Civil Engineering and Clemson Click play and then continue As the lyrics continue, "And every time you reach for me you'll find a hand out", similarly the website design uses multiple ways show how dependable and trustworthy they are. As the different footnotes and headings show, this website is backed by the department. Much like the lyrics in Blake Shelton's "Over", Clemson Civil Engineering wants you to know that they want to win you over. The website uses Logos, Pathos, and Ethos to appeal to the reader. Clemson Civil Engineering 3. Names a prestigious award given to a member of the department in order to back up how capable the professors are 3. Finally, the first line in the introduction to the website describes the departments values and the values they want in prospective students and professors. How Clemson Civil Engineering Wins You Over -Tatiana Lundstrom They definitely could have chosen a picture with more diversity and one with students who look as though they are having a good time. This picture shows us what we already know, there are a lot of men in engineering and paddling a boat is tiring after a few strokes. Overall, the website needs more information and should be more interactive. If it were to work and a student wanted to apply to Clemson they should be able to click a direct link to do so! They are credible, they are emotional, but the page itself should put more emphasis on how awesome the program is and how many scholarships and opportunities there are for students! These are convincing! 1. References different engineering programs that Clemson Civil Engineering is affiliated with to show how seriously they should be taken 2. Throughout the page there is a common color theme and a layout that is easy to read. This, and the amount of information they have easily available is a good way for them to share their values. 2. In bright orange, they ask a question that most future engineers would of course say yes to They really missed an opportunity here to make this a link to a registration page.

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