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Transcript: In second grade, I had a teacher named Mrs. Brown. During parts of the year, she told us that she was moving, so we got a new teacher named Ms. Garcia. She started out as a sub for our class, but then she became our full time teacher. For fith grade I had a teacher named Mrs. Prudhomme. She was really cool, and a great math teacher. She was really nice, and our last pbl (project based learning) project was learning about the Revolutionary War, so I did King George III. My social studdies teacher was named Mrs. Klein, she was really cool too. Amber was also in my class again, but not hope, so me and Amber became good friends again. For sixth grade (this year) I am in Mrs. Coleman's class. For math I have Mrs. Hess-Tilton. Mrs. Coleman is a really awesome teacher. This year, Amber and Hope and me were in the same class again. We are all friends. Over all, my years at Clear Sky have been great. By: Katie Desel First Grade Second Grade For third grade, I had Ms. Jones. Now, she moved to kindergarten, but she was my teacher then. She had chalkboard tables that we would use instead of desks, so we would put our stuff in cubbies. Hope was also in my class again, so we had fun. Fourth Grade My first Grade teacher was Mrs. Sweeney. She was very nice. I moved from Brighton, Colorado to Castle Rock. I finished the second half of the year in her class. My friends in her class were Hope and Amber. Mrs. Sweeney was pregnant for half of the year, so we had a substitute that was also really great. She gave out prizes and coloring books. In fourth grade, I had Ms. Kelsall. She was really great. I remember that we had to do presentations and I did a place called Camp Hail. Mrs. Kelsall's dad was at Camp Hail, so she went there and brought back special rocks for me and my group. Third Grade Sixth Grade Fith Grade Clear Sky Elementary

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Transcript: The continuous Miner One of the biggest advancements in coal industries Made it a 7 man job instead of a 25 man job Replaced 3 different machines Cutting of the coal Shaking the coal out Conveying it out of the mines This machine would grind coal and put it in a cart One man got 15 tons of coal a day The machine got 10 tons of coal in 1-2 minutes This machine also stirred up a lot of dust Thus giving lots of miners Black Lung disease Coal was distributed evenly throughout the earth Earth now played an important part in human life Britain was the first to take advantage of the amount of coal Most of it was on the surface The surface coal was used up very quickly Started in the 17th century Replaced homes, schools, and workshops Coal changed Britain forever Now people were forced to go under the earth You hacked at the wall by hand Then you had to reach in for it Some people hired kids to reach the coal Miners had to pay the children expos sucks Coal Mining: Dangers Advancements in Coal Industry Many deaths happened in coal mines. Collapse Can break neck, even if you're wearing a helmet Miners would listen to see if it was safe to get out of the mine Explosions Not many survivors Miners were treated like captives Miners were cheated Miners were made to pay for the most minor mistakes A song about mistreatment Miners pay was docked Miners tools would sometimes be taken away Industrial Feudalism Fire: How Earth Made us Industrial Feudalism: Coal Miners worked on land owned by Mining Companies Coal Miners only source of food was a Company-owned store Companies earned profit by giving miners script Script could only be spent at the Company store All miners were in debt to the Company, resulting from poor pay and overpriced products Expos Sucks COAL MINING West Virginia Coal Mining West Virginia Coal Mining Facts: 3rd largest producer of coal in the USA Highest Mine Death Rate in the Nation from 1890-1912 History: Miners were denied their proper pay Known as Cribbing Workers were paid based on tons of coal mined. Many violent strikes occurred Between workers and government Coal Mines: Working conditions

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Transcript: Causes behind the Chaos? Understanding behaviour Social Care Children at risk; in need; vulnerable Education Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties; Special Educational Needs Health Children with mental illnesses, mental health difficlties, psychiatric disorders Who are Clear Sky? Content Clear Sky School Mental Health Toolkit Physical Signs Complaints of ‘not feeling well’ with no medical cause Development of stress related symptoms such as recurrent headaches, stomach aches etc Mental health issues in young people Who are Clear Sky? Definitions What is normal? Attachment in the classroom Risk and Resilience Resilience Risk Factors What is normal? School Related Difficulties Academic delay Lack of motivation Problems with concentration, attention and organization Excessive anxiety about school performance / unwilling to ‘give things a go’ Truancy / refusal / avoidance Transition and adjustment difficulties Emotional Signs Unreasonable or extreme fears Anxiety, worry, tension Low mood Lack of self confidence An understanding of risk and resilience can help us identify those pupils who are vulnerable to mental health problems and develop practical strategies to support them. Social Signs Friendship issues Problems relating to adults in terms of authority / trust etc Excessive conflict with peers, family and others Family stress Behavioural Signs Marked change in usual behaviours Defiance Risk taking / reckless Isolated/withdrawn Running away Change in eating, sleeping, bowel, bladder control Fear of failure, bullying, pressure to be thin and depression are some of the issues experienced by young people. More than half of 11- to 14-year-olds said they had seen online pornography, with four out of 10 of those saying it had affected their relationships with others of their age. YoungMinds 2014 Parent with mental health problems The death of someone close to them Parents who are separated Experience of being bullied Long-term physical illness Experience of physical or sexual abused Poverty Young Carer Long-standing educational difficulties. Mental health definitions As in Facilitator Guide for Drawing Out Feelings by Marge Heegaard, 1992 Behaviours that might indicate a child is having mental health difficulties Different labels same children Secondary Schools Mental Health An umbrella term embracing concepts of mental well-being, mental health problems, mental disorder and mental illness. Mental well-being The positive capabilities and qualities that enable young people to deal with the ups and downs of life. Mental health problems Broad range of emotional and behavioural difficulties that may cause concern to parents/carers and/or distress to the young person. Can be short or long term and will disrupt the young person's life even though they may not have a diagnosable as a mental disorder. One in 10 children and young people aged 5 - 16 suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder - that is around three children in every class. The ability to overcome and ‘bounce back’ from change or from difficult life events.

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