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First class Template

Transcript: Hi There! Welcome to Insert class name here... ----------------------------------------- How did I get here??? Get your Certificate in Level 4 Hospitality Be the first one in your family to obtain such qualification Gain new skills Second chance in Life Student allowance Get skills you need to get a job and get good or better pay To prove wrong all those haters Your road to success! Why am I here? You are my job and my passion. I will do everything I can to make you understand and to make you the best of what you can be. Give me a chance to do that and all of us will be happy. Dedicate your time and effort to practice is there will be no one in Auckland better than you. Guaranteed. What can I do for you to achieve that? What should I do? What can you do to succeed? 1. Take notes 2. Come on time 3. Be prepared 4. Take pride in what you do 5. Challange yourself Most importantly... ASK QUESTIONS AND ASK FOR HELP! What should I do to be the best? What does he want from me? To show respect to each other and yourself Understand that every action has a reaction (what goes around, comes around) Communicate Act as an adult and you will be treated as one I also expect you to f*** something up once in a while. But that is a part of learning. You are not perfect. No one is. Just make sure you learn from it. What am I expecting from you... I don't think he gets me... What are the odds of you guessing the answer? Same with education. If I don't know what you like and what you find usefull, I can't do anything about it. Don't place your future in the hands of a blind person guessing the colour of the pen by touching it. If you like some activities that we do, if you have any ideas to make this block more fun and exciting... Just tell me and I'll do it. What is my favorite chocolate? Are we done yet??? Get used to my dry sense of humor and inapropriate jokes Don't ask me about spelling. I'm not Google and English is not my first language. Most of the time I am a terrible speller. No... Week 0 This week will be refered to as week 0, since we are the only people at NZMA who are studying. There is no Cafe. Bring your own lunch and drinks. I will take cash if you want me to make you a coffee or Hot Chocolate. Week 0 LCQ By the end of the week you will have full understanding of Host Responsibility from the point of view of a Duty Manager. We will also complete Unit Standard 16705. Wellcome to my class! In week 0 we are going to talk about ALCOHOL!!! ;)

Class Template

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