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Civil Air Patrol Presentation Template

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Civil Air Patrol

Transcript: Fun, beneficial program for anyone Multi-faceted to appeal to all range of interests and goals Can set you on a great track for the future Search and Rescue Official auxiliary of the Air Force Founded December 1st, 1941 Three missions Aerospace Education Cadet Programs Emergency Services Cadets and Senior Members Started off nervous, confused, and unsure Gradually got to know other cadets and knew what to do Applied myself, excelled, and started having fun Hard work brings awesome benefits You will learn to display attention to detail, respect (both for yourself and others), excellence, integrity, and many other notable character traits Cadet Program Several aspects Search and rescue Homeland security Disaster relief Counter drug ops Personal Experience General Public Other ES missions Overview Member for more than three years Incredibly fun! What it's about, what events are available, what you can learn, and what's more challenging. Four phases Learning phase (Airman) Leadership phase (NCO) Command phase (2nd Lt.-Capt.) Executive phase (Capt.-Col.) Suggestions Stay in NCO ranks for as long as possible Show excellence in everything you do and every project you are assigned Participate in as many activities outside the squadron as possible Chronological Progression Camarillo Composite Squadron 61 Emergency Services Quiz required for each promotion Optional programs Rocketry Orientation flights Senior Member Professional Development Program Completion of Aerospace Education Program qualifies SM for Yeager award Must be between 12 and 18 yrs. of age Costs $145 once (uniform, training materials, etc.), then $40 per year Located at 55 Durley Rd. Camarillo Owns Cessna 172, used primarily for orientation flights Meetings are every Tuesday, 6:30-9:00 p.m. Optional activities are usually on weekends Encourages and helps teachers integrate AE into classrooms Provides seminars and materials Partnering with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Aerospace Education, Part 1 Helped with homeland security in WWII, and continues today Towing targets Finding and attacking U-boats Disaster relief First aerial picture of ground zero on 9/11 Transports cargo, officials, equipment, etc. to and from affected area Counter drug operations Mainly senior members CAP flew 12,000 hr.s in 2005, and led law enforcement to the confiscation of $400 mil of illegal substances Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education, Part 2 CAP flies 80% of the AF's search and rescue hr.s Three branches Ground team Flight crew Communications Cadets are most often involved in ground team, but can also participate in all other branches Current effort to get ground team certified

Civil Air Patrol

Transcript: Almost 27,000 members from ages 12 - 21 Cadets who have earned the Gen. Billy Mitchell Award enlist in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard at a higher pay grade. Provides activities and competition for cadets at local, state, regional and national levels. Offers orientation flights in powered and glider aircraft, as well as flight training scholarships. Offers opportunities for members to serve communities, participate in leadership development training and acquire new skills that benefit personal and professional growth. 10% of the current USAFA Cadets got started in C.A.P. The three missions include: Cadet Programs, Emergency Services, and Aerospace Education Cadet Programs Builds up social, character, and leadership skills. It also prepares cadets for job interviews, and career skills needed in life. Encourages a drug-free environment. Provides Leadership training, with real world application Creates a learning environment that promotes safe habits, and encourages positive thinking. Promotes a healthy lifestyle through rigorous physical activity. Gives a chance for cadets to meet people from all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico Aerospace Education From model rocketry to the basics of flight, CAP cadets can experience it all. Robotics Remote Controlled Aircraft Astronomy Careers in aviation, space and technology are explored through dozens of summer activities. Provides cutting-edge technology for real in-person training. Emergency Services Conducts 90 percent of inland search and rescue in the U.S. Assists federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in the war on drugs. Provides disaster-relief support to local, state and national agencies. Saves an average of 80 lives per year. Performs aerial reconnaissance for homeland security. Civil Air Patrol Operates one of the largest fleets of single-engine piston aircraft in the world For More Information and to find a squadron near you visit The Official Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force

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