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Church Budget Presentation Template

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CE Budget Template Presentation 091217

Transcript: Conceptual Estimate Template Template Overview Budget Summary Detailed Quantities Cost Details Historical Data For Pricing Project Comparisons Cost Breakdown By Cost Code Basis of Estimate Reports Template Overview Budget Export For Construction GENERAL SUM SHEET Header Cost Summary Specific Cost Tracking Budget Update Comparison BUDGET COST DETAIL TABS Tab Cost Summary Tab Coded Item Totals Tab Cost Details Similar Direct Building and Parking Tabs Carry Approximately 76% of the Total Budget Point of Interest CREATING A BUDGET The Nuts and Bolts How does it all come together? Itemized Tracking The Sums From Each Tab Are Then Totaled Back On The General Sum Sheet Cost Tracking Codes Are Defined On The General Sum Sheet. 5 Categories Are Pre-Defined For Tracking Sources Of Budget Costs. All Direct Budget Costs Are Identified With A Price Source Code. Then Input Throughout The Budget. Three Types of Escalation are Tracked: Proforma - Escalate Budget to Current or Specified Date. Subcontractor - Escalation Negotiated With a Specific Subcontractor (Normally Under Contract). Outsized - Escalation for a Specific Trade Above the Overall Proforma Rate. Each Tab Sums Up The Coded Line Items Escalation is Tracked Similar to Cost and Source Tracking. Fixed Items with No Applicable Source Cost Sources are Tracked Similar to Cost Tracking. Individual Building (WRAP & Podium) Takeoff's Multiple Building (SOG) Current Project Multiplier Current Project Qty. Totals Manual Adjustment To Reconcile With Directive Matrix Pricing 3 Primary Groups Sub-Groups Functions and Tables Used to Generate Budget. Previous Projects/Budgets Cost & Quantities. Used to Extrapolate Pricing and Budget Evaluation (Comparisons). Sub-Groups Sub-Groups Tools for Maintaining and Updating the Budget Template. 3 Primary Groups Sub-Groups Sub-Groups Sub-Groups Distributing a Total Dollar Value Across Cost Codes The Amount Column is Populated with the Selected Project Budget Select the most Comparable Project from the Dropdown List The % of Total $ Allocated to Each Line Item is Calculated Remove Specific Line Items from the Distribution as Needed The Percentages are Applied to the line Items Throughout the Budget Total Amounts to be Distributed are Entered at the Tops of the Detail Tabs The Amounts Entered are Distributed Throughout the Budget by the Allocated % . 3 Primary Groups Sub-Groups Sub-Groups Sub-Groups Extrapolating a Budget From Historical Unit Pricing Extrapolated Budgets are Useful For: Select the most Comparable Project from the Dropdown List Early Acquisition Budgets or Fast Turn Around Comparable Project Pricing Reference while Generating a Budget The Source Project $/UOM Rates Calculate from the Values in the Database Keep the Default UOM's, or Select from Drop Down List $ per Quantities Extrapolated Budget is Generated in Dedicated Brown Rows Throughout the Budget Budget Review BUDGET ANALYSIS & COMPARISONS Review Budget Costs and Compare Against Other Projects/Budgets History & Stats Summary By Cost Code OUTPUT / DELIVERABLES Wrap It Up Basis of Estimate Reports Comments Takeoff Items Comments Values Units Values Construction Budget Export Template Budget Cost Details Construction Budget Format

2018 Church Budget

Transcript: CENTRAL CHURCH 2018 Annual Budget Nerds & Free Spirits - Numbers, numbers, numbers - Always by the book - Guidelines are very important - Cleanliness is next to Godliness - You need a Master's Degree in Mathematics to decifer your monthly budget Nerds - "Living for the moment" sounds like the soundtrack to your life - Recipes are more like suggestions, a dash here and a dash there - It's not clutter, it's character - You show up on time, give or take 15 minutes - You'd rather fake an illness than worry about handling finances Free Spirits Expense Overview Benevolence $21,600 Administration $137,996 Building and Grounds $9,000 Building Payment $92,864 Education Materials $3,600 Worship Team $1,200 Youth Group $900 Where will your contribution go? Total $267,160 Paid immediately upon weekly contribution deposit. $600 per week for the first three weeks of each month, or $1,800 per month. Also receives donations outside of ordinary weekly contribution. Benevolence $21,600 Any office purchase, insurance, payroll, and taxes. This figure is based on 2017 spending. Administration $137,996 Next pay period is February 2. January 7: $6,000 January 14: $4,000 January 21: $3,750 January 28: $4,500 2018 Financial Contingency Plan Find the average of the four most recent weekly contributions (add and divide by 4). Our example average equals $4,562.50. According to our contingency plan we would deduct 15% from all paid employees' base pay. Landscaping, security, trash pick-up, lawnmower payments, kitchen, etc. Building and Grounds $9,000 Any educational book, class kit, baptismal Bible, educational leadership retreat, etc. This figure is based on 2017 spending. Educational Materials $3,600 Any worship equipment and song/video licensing. This figure is based on 2017 spending. Worship Team $1,200 Gas for travel to and from youth events. Youth Group $900 Contribution Goal $5,300 2017 actual weekly contribution average: $5,078 Our Weekly Contribution Goal CONCLUSION & QUESTIONS Who? What? Where? When? Why? Question Time CONTACT INFORMATION Lendell and Karon Holley Janella Clough Email: Finance Committee

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