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Transcript: ¿¿Chrysalis Sport?? Chrysalis le entró al nuevo movimiento , dándole un segundo respiro a la firma. Firmando bandas como Blondie, Ultravox, Generation X. Punk & New-Wave 1999-2001 GRACIAS!!!!! Terry Ellis le vende su parte a Chris Wright y Chrysalis como lo conocemos termina. Se vuelve pública (puedes comprar acciones) Terry Ellis Chris Wright y Terry Ellis fundan Ellis-Wright como agencia de talentos. Chrysalis, proveniente de la unión de sus dos nombres y del estado de capullo de una mariposa. Chrysalis Holdings Ltd.; Chrysalis Books Ltd.; Chrysalis Music Ltd.; Global Chrysalis Music Group GmbH (Germany); Chrysalis Copyrights Ltd.; The Echo Label Ltd. (75%); The Hit Label Ltd.; Lasgo Exports Ltd.; Ramboro Books plc; Salamander Books Ltd.; BT Batsford Ltd.; Quadrillion Publishing Ltd.; Assembly Film and Television Ltd.; Bentley Productions Ltd.; Cactus TV Ltd.; Chrysalis Television Ltd.; CVI Media Group BV (Netherlands; 50.1%); ID & D Film and Video Productions BV (Netherlands; 50.1%); Red Rooster Television Ltd.; Tandem Television Ltd.; Watchmaker Productions Ltd.; Chrysalis Radio Ltd.; Galaxy Radio Northeast Ltd.; Puremix Ltd. (65%); Chrysalis Retail Entertainment Ltd. 50/50 -1982- -Lasgo Exports Construcción de estudio de grabación en Londes asociados con Pioneer. 765 millones de Dólares. Mick Abrahams/Mick Abrahams Band Adam F Ian Anderson The Angels / Angel City Armored Saint Arrested Development Arrow Art of Noise Auracle Bahamadia The Babys Claudja Barry Edyta Bartosiewicz Toni Basil Bedlam Pat Benatar The Bible Rory Block Blodwyn Pig Blonde on Blonde Blondie The Blue Aeroplanes Len Boone Broken Glass Gary Brooker Enrique Bunbury Butt Trumpet Cajun Moon Belinda Carlisle Paul Carrack Catherine Wheel Carter USM Chick Churchill Child's Play The City Clouds Alice Cohen The Colourfield D Generation Daddy Freddy Jimmy Destri Device Divinyls Micky Dolenz The Fabulous Thunderbirds Feline Flash Fearless vs. the Zorg Women Matt Fretton Fun Boy Three Fun Lovin' Criminals Rory Gallagher Lee Garrett Gang Starr Generation X/Gen X Gentle Giant (except US and Canada) Ghost Dance Nick Gilder Go West Phillip Goodhand-Tait Bobcat Goldthwait Grand Prix David Grant The Great Fiction Max Gronenthal Guru Steve Hackett (US) Geri Halliwell Paul Hardcastle Roy Harper (US) Debbie Harry Chesney Hawkes Boo Hewerdine Housemartins Ian Hunter Icehouse Billy Idol Innocence Jazz Got Soul Jellybean Jeffrey Gaines Jethro Tull Joan Jett Bob Johnson & Pete Knight Mickey Jupp Kino Kiss Like This Leo Kottke Greg Lake Amanda Lear Alvin Lee Huey Lewis and the News Leyton Buzzards Linx Living in a Box Mandalaband Masters of Reality Frankie Miller Mutha's Day Out The Next School Sinéad O'Connor Pere Ubu Plain Sailing Cozy Powell Power Station (except the US) Maddy Prior & June Tabor The Proclaimers The Permanent Cure Procol Harum Proper Brian Protheroe Q-Tips Trevor Rabin (except South Africa) Racing Cars Ramones 1989-2006 (UK only) Rappin' 4-Tay John Dawson Read Ruby Runrig Bridget St. John Sassafras Leo Sayer (except US and Canada) The Michael Schenker Group 2nd Vision Sea Hags The Selecter Lucie Silvas Simple Minds 60 West Slaughter Sonia Split Enz (except New Zealand and Australia) Spandau Ballet Stage Dolls Starsailor The States Chrissy Steele Steeleye Span Stiff Little Fingers Karlheinz Stockhausen Strife Laurie Styvers Supertramp (except the US) Sylvester Ten Years After Ian Thomas Band Richard & Linda Thompson 3 Man Island Tír na nÓg Toto Coelo Mary Travers Robin Trower The Pursuit Of Happiness Trouble Tribe 21st Century Girls 2 Tribes Bonnie Tyler (US) Judie Tzuke UFO Ultravox Midge Ure Uriah Heep (US) The Venetians Vigil Vinnie Vincent Invasion John Waite Wartime Was (Not Was) (US) Waysted White Town Wolf Wild Turkey Robbie Williams The Winkies Wireless World Party Year Zero Zephyr .Papillon Records. Jethro Tull y Ten Years After fueron las bandas que los hizo de renombre ya que una de ellas apareció en el Woodstock y por el potencial de Jethro Tull. Les buscaron un lugar donde grabar asociandose con Island Records. -Esta vez la firma se expande debutando en el negocio de publicaciones de libros y editorial, con compra de empresas e inversiones. -Amplia su rango de Broadcasting abarcando mas comunidades británicas así como mayor variedad de géneros, como el creciente negocio del Dance Music a toda esta fusión se le nombra Galaxy (estimado de 20millones de libras). -La empresa seguía en números rojos, y cerraron algunas de sus ramas, entre ellas dos directores de la subgama de películas renunciaron forma de protesta. -Independientemente de la situación la compañía seguía comprando radiodifusoras y televisoras a lo largo de todo Europa. EMI termina comprando la compañía entera dedicándose solo a Publishing bajo el nombre de Chrysalis Group. mienzan a manejar el sistema de cobro por reproducción y mucho más enfocados al Cine y Radio. Chrysalis hace historia creando lo que vendrían siendo los primeros video/albums musicales,primero con


Transcript: 2. Atrium/ Sitting Area [what inspired my design] Research has shown that Residential 9. Physical 14.Bathroom The dictionary defines the word “Chrysalis” as “a preparatory or transitional state.” The chrysalis (more commonly known as the cocoon) is the sack that completely surround, secures, and protects the caterpillar while undergoing the transformation process to become a butterfly. Caterpillars go into the transformation process small, limited, and ugly and emerge as beautiful and completely free butterflies. 4. Exterior View: 3. 10. Atrium/ Focal Wall 6. 11. Living Room/ Kitchen Social Layers Assessment Over 83 percent of sex trafficking in the whole world occurs in the US. Safety Symmetry 13.Bedroom Assessment Mental Thesis: Wellness CHRYSALIS Social Women all over the world are being held against their will and trafficked. The standard safe house holds women for 3 days before sending them to a secure undisclosed location. Women don’t feel safe enough to leave because they don’t feel the house is in fact safe. If women had a 30 day safe house they would feel more secure, resulting in less women trapped in human trafficking. Open Floor plan Physical 12. Living Room/ Kitchen Goals & Objectives Schematics: Wellness Living Staff 5. Community Concept: 8. Library Slavery Then vs. Now... Community Safe House for Women Second Floor Plan 7. [initial designs] Usually women who find themselves in this business are born into it, and have never known anything besides this their entire life. Chrysalis Safe House for women is about providing an outlet for women trapped in human trafficking. The more women that can be given a safe place to go and escape, the more women will be inspired to escape themselves. This, along with countless other organizations striving to help these women, will hopefully end this atrocity of modern day slavery. This building will encourage the girls to form a community within its walls, and learn to look to each other for support. It is important for this building to be accessible to the staff and people running it, but also be a place the girls can feel like is their own. As defined by US law, victims of human trafficking can be divided into three populations. 1. Children under the age of 18 induced into commercial sex. 2. Adults (age 18 and over) induced into commercial sex through force, fraud, or coercion, and 3. Children and adults induced to perform labor or services through force, fraud, or coercion. 1. Entrance/ Atrium View First Floor Plan Location: P.A.T.H (Partners against Trafficking Humans) founder Louis Allison established the only 1/2 way houses in Arkansas. Mental


Transcript: Chrysalis by Ray Bradbury By Nick McCrudden Theme Theme I think that the theme of the chrysalis ties into other themes of Ray Bradbury's work. Farenheight 451 is a good example of having the same theme. In my opinion both of these stories are saying that the advancement of technology ruins the places we onced called home. In chrysalis due to how much the world was messed up these scientists had to research and develop a way to sustain life above ground but it was all due to how the advancement on technology screwed up the world. The setting of Chrysalis is in a underground research bunker. This short story takes place in the future where life is difficult to live and scientists are trying to figure out how to sustain life better on the outside. Setting The major plot of this short story is when one of the scientist(Smith) who is trying to find a way to live on earth emerges into a green chrysalis. Now it is up to Rockwell, Hartley, Murphy, and McGuire to try to figure out exactly how he got into this chrysalis and how to safely get him out of it. Plot Plot The plot devices that Ray Bradbury uses in Chrysalis is Foreshadowing because in the short story there are small hints towards Smith becoming an "super human". One example of this is when McGuire takes a sample of his blood and drops in into bacteria and the blood eats away the bacteria and then the scientists came to the conclusion that Smith can destroy and form or bacteria put into his system. So basically he's special compared to the average human Plot Devices Plot Devices The protagonist in this story is McGuire because he is trying to save his fellow scientists life and was basically the one in charge of the others(Round Character) The antagonists in this story is Harvey because when he saw Smith walking around in his chrysalis he shot him hoping to kill him, but Smith wasn't injured.(Dynamic Character) Smith(Round Character) undergoes the most change physically and mentally. Rockwell and Murphy(Flat Characters)not much information was told about these two guys. Characters Characters All of the characters in this story are being told in a indirect way. Basically we learn from their actions what they are like. This story was written in 3rd person Objective because we don't get the thought of any of these characters. We learn from the actions of these scientist what kind of people they are. Characterization Notes Characterization Notes The point of view in this short story is 3rd person Objective. This story was written in the present tense. The significance in this story is the Chrysalis. Point of View Point of View

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