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Christmas Save The Date Powerpoint Template

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Save the Date

Transcript: Save the Date The End 3. "She couldn't afford to fall in love with this man. When the election was over, he would walk away. And she would be alone. Again." (Jones,226) Protagonist : Lucy Wiltshire - "Saving Grace" houses girls who have been in the foster care system. Lucy provides a place for them to stay and learn skills to be successful in the working world. 1. Saving Grace homeless shelter - The shelter represents the passion Lucy has for teenage girls because she doesn't want anyone else to be left like she was as a teen. Character Lucy is independent but she also wants a family. Now it seems that in order to keep her dream of a family she might have to sacrifice her future. By: Miriam Carpenter Inspirational/contemporary romance. Independent Setting 2. Fake engagement ring - The ring represents the love that Lucy never had and true love she hopes to have. Genre Compassionate 1. "The days had been leading to this moment. God had been gently nudging Lucy towards this time, this conversation. And now that she was here, she didn't know what to say." (Jones,263) Lucy is very compassionate to all the young girls at Saving Grace because she knows how it feels to be abandoned by someone who is meant to love you and care for you. -Truth is a major theme because the whole story of Lucy and Alex's romance is based on the lie that they are getting married. at "Saving Grace" "He breathed in all that was Lucy-her friendship, her heart, her strength." ( Jones, 212) 3. Will Sinclair - He symbolizes all the regret and anger Alex has inside of him because of the wrong things he's done. 2. Friendship -"Lucy held onto her friend's hands, drawing strength from their friendship." (Jones, 39) Charleston, South Carolina "I am an independent person" (Jones, 149) Jenny B. Jones helps create the setting by making you see the characters world through your own eyes and letting you experience everything the characters are experiencing. Although Lucy has had lots of tragedy in her life she still manages to stay strong and care, not only for herself, but also for others in need. -Friendship is a major theme in this novel because without the support and advice from her friends, Lucy would have been lost in her own lies. "His lungs filled with his first deep breath as he took in the sight of her. Her wide eyes held that same compassion he'd seen her dole out to every one of her girls." (Jones,215) -"Lucy had been raised on lies, and her mother had taken the truth with her." -"Nothing made sense right now. it was supposed to-she had done all the right things. Shaken off the lies and stepped into the woman God wanted her to be. And she just felt-empty." (Jones,290) Strong Symbols 2. "I love that man. And the future I could have had with him. Let it somehow be there when this is all over. "(Jones,78) Themes "She blinked back the tears. "It's too late." It was too late for her dream of a home. A family of her own , gathered around the kitchen table on Friday nights playing Monopoly and eating popcorn. Gone. She had traded it all for Saving Grace." ( Jones,126) By: Jenny B. Jones 1. Truth

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