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chain reaction

Transcript: Lewis and Clark Westward expansion To Thomas Jefferson westward expansion was a key to our nations health. when he purchased Louisiana he doubled our nations size. Meriweather Lewis was a veteran, he survived 6 years in the frontier army. Clark also could handle himself in combat and in the wild. John Adams was the second president of the united states. He served one term and his wife's name was abigail smith. he was George's vice president which means he was the first vice president. Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States and was in office when Meriwether lewis, and William Clark set out on the adventure of a life time. Thomas also bought Louisiana which grew our nation considerably. Thomas Jeffersen George Washington was a hard working individual. while president he made 11,000 gallons of whiskey. George was the United State's first president, he was also very good woodsman. George could dance,write poetry, and he knew how to save and use his money wisely. He also is arguably one of the best presidents of all time. Andoni Urquiaga John Adams Louisiana was the purchase of 828,000 square miles that was bought from France. Thomas Jefferson bought it for 15 million dollars. France controlled this vast area from 1699-1762. France gave the land to Spain hoping its ally would build an empire in north America. George Washington Louisiana Purchase p. 1 Mrs. youree Sacagawea Sacagwea was a indian and tagged along with Lewis and Clark. She was a very good person to have because she knew many things about nature and how to survive.

Chain Reaction

Transcript: Activity Packages (Day & Residential) * Yachting * Canoeing/Kayaking * Activity Trails * Climbing & Abseiling * Jet Skiing / Power Boating * Bouldering Expeditions * Zip Line * Archery Location of new Mountain Bike Trails Warrenpoint Seafront Locations Thank you for your time Development & delivery of activity / life skills programmes across a wide spectrum of ability within Autism Branding Opportunity Spring 2013 Knockbarragh House Markets Warrenpoint Seafront Training Programmes Kilbroney Forest Park Branding at all locations Seafront Water Sports Centre Knockbarragh House Administration Office Set up of Seafront Bike & Water Sports Centre Branding on Climbing Tower @ Kilbroney Park Staff Uniforms Development of: Mountain Cabins Mountain Bike Skills Course Bike Wash & Repair Facilities To complement existing on-site facilities & activities Mountain based residential centre offering: Budget Accommodation Secure Storage Bike Wash & Repair Facilities Qualified Guide Staff Themed Parties Fully Catered Packages Warrenpoint Kilbroney Forest Park Rostrevor Nation Wide Team Development Programmes MAC (NI) - Social Enterprise Possible Collaboration On Site Activities: Climbing Tower Orienteering Courses Adventure Walks - Guided Team Building Course Hill Walking & Treks 2013 On completion of Mountain Bike Leader Staff Training Programme it would be our intention to offer guided mountain bike session to all customers East Coast Adventure Chain Reaction Exploratory Meeting Corporate Team & Leadership Development Specialised ASD Programmes City & Guilds Diploma in Sport & Leisure RYA Certification BCU Certification Range of Outdoor Educational Packages to the Education & Youth Sector 2012-2013 Knockbarragh House Kilbroney Forest Park On Behalf of the entire East Coast Adventure Team, we would like to thank for taking the time to speak with us and look forward to the possibility of working with Chain Reaction in the future East Coast Adventure Chain Reaction Mountain Bike Packages To include: Accommodation Packages (ECA/Local Providers) Food Packages to include high energy packed lunch Guide Service Possible - maintenance & essential parts facility Transfers from all major ports Biking Holiday Packages Prominent Seafront Location Blank Canvas Traffic Flow to Mournes Just off M1 Bike Wash Parts Centre Information Centre Established 1992 * Outdoor Educational Centre * Recognised RYA Training Centre * Approved City & Guilds Teaching Centre * Recently Formed MAC(NI) Directors * Mark Cumming * Ian Cumming * Jennifer Cumming Water Sports Centre Schools (North & South) Youth & Community General Public Summer Schools Other Options Activities on offer Meeting 23rd November 2013 In the heart of the Knockbarragh Valley Equipment Branding Yacht Vehicles Climbing Wall At Administration Office or Information Centre Mail Order Pick Up Point "Try before you buy" - Bike Hire Joint Marketing - Climbing Wall/Exhibitions 23rd Nov 2012 Mark Cumming, Managing Director

Chain Reaction

Transcript: By: Simone Elkeles New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Plot Characters Nikki: against gang members little rebellious had a miscarriage lives on the North side of Fairfield Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Luis's Goal Video Luis: youngest of the Fuentes brothers "good kid" straight "A" student lives on the south side of Fairfield Goal: go to college & study aeronautics Psychological literary approach due to the motivations from Luis to find out the truth behind his dad’s death Boys lie to get their way Don't trust a boy who says "I Love You." Never date a boy from the south side of Fairfield Recommended Perfect Chemistry Rules of Attraction Chain Reaction Leaving Paradise Return to Paradise How to Ruin a Summer Vacation How to Ruin my Teenage Life How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation Wild Cards Great story line Teen Romance/ Drama Protagonist: Luis & Nikki Antagonist: Chuy & Marco Secondary: Alex, Carlos, Ben, Kendall, Derek & Luis's mom Chain Reaction My thoughts on it "No. I was scared, Luis. The second I laid eyes on you, I knew you were dangerous...because I felt a connection." (pg 286;ch48) Luis & Nikki Books Born on April 24 Nikki's Rule She also spends time mentoring other teen and adult authors Theme & Literary Elements Flashbacks show of Luis and his brothers on the closeness they have and how much they care for their family Love the series Could've been better but still a great story Luis Fuentes is the last of the Fuentes brothers. His goal to keep up his grades & become an astronaut are tested when the Chicago gang (The Latino Blood) finds interest in him. When he meets Nikki he falls in love, but must find a way out of the Blood to protect her and his dreams. Author: Simone Elkeles

Chain Reaction

Transcript: "I figured saying i love you as a conversation starter would be easier than saying i might be pregnant."(Elkeles 5) Summary Nikki said "I might be pregnant." (Elkeles 15) -- Nikki refused to tell anyone she might be pregnant including the babies father and her parents. She didn't tell him because they broke up and she was still in love with him. Reasoning for Rating Title: Chain Reaction Author: Simone Elkeles Genre: Fiction Number of Pages: 308 Year Published: 2011 Theme They are in high school, and there is a group of people that were friends at one point and now they have grown apart. After summer break and school started again that all changed once again. When her parents found out -- "At the top of the stairs laying in pain bleeding her parents found her and she says so very quietly her parents cant hear her the best ...." I'm pregnant" (Elkeles 35)" -- when she kept the secret from her parents she created drama between the family members and Marco. I gave "Chain Reaction" four out of five stars becuase its a good book but it hops from person to person for each chapter and when they do that the story kinda changes a little. It's about drama and how a high schooler is pregnate and they hide it from her parents until she gets sick and ends up in the hospital. Chain Reaction Quote "Marco sitting over there making out with that girl. (Elkeles 45)-- when Nikki sees another girl hanging out and kissing Marco at the party she gets all jealous and starts drama about it when she hears two girls talking abot it and was ease dropping on their conversation. (Elkeles 45) Theme Quotes

Chain Reaction

Transcript: From the Perfect Chemistry series The Latino Blood is a gang that is constantly out for new members, Alex Fuentes was almost killed by a beating when he tried to get out of the gang and ever since, the leader Chuy is always out for someone, especially a Fuentes, willing to take his place. They target Luis in this book. Like they have all the brothers in the other books. Luis and Nikki The Theme of the book is finding yourself. Luis is unsure of what he should do about the gang situation, but he decides to fight it when he falls in love with Nikki Luis Fuentes All teens can relate to the book because we all know someone who has done drugs or drinks. IT'S A PART OF HIGHSCHOOL. and everyone eventually falls in love. Luis is the youngest of the Fuentes boys. He is an adrenaline junkie and was always sheltered from the "gang" scene since it almost ruined his brothers lives. His biggest dream is to be an astronaut and be in space. He is incredibly handsome and has a lot of luck with girls. Why I like the book Why we relate I like the book because it is different from most romantic books. Usually it is the girl who falls for the guy and he wont give her the time of day, but in this one, the girl is the one who has her guard up. Nikki Cruz Chain Reaction By Simone Elkeles They finally end up "getting together", but Nikki wont let herself fall for Luis. But, Luis seems to be falling really hard for Nikki. Chain reaction is the third book in the Perfect Chemistry series. While the first two books were about Alex Fuentes and Carlos Fuentes, the third book is about Luis Fuentes. All of them are brothers. The Perfect Chemistry series is a modernized twist on "star crossed lovers." The Theme Latino Blood About The Book THANKS FOR WATCHING Nikki is the exact opposite of Luis. When her first boyfriend Marco joined the Latino blood and left her heartbroken she put a wall up and promised to never get attached again . When Luis comes into the picture, she changes her mind. They meet at Luis's brother, Alex's, wedding. She is also hispanic.

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