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Transcript: CFO (Chief Financial Oficer CFO (Chief Financial Oficer CFO is a senior executive responsible for the management of all financial actions performed inside of a company. The CFO is in charge offinancial planning and analyzing of the companies finanfial strengths and weaknesess. Also, the CFO is in charge of insuring that the comany's financial reports are correct Salary Range Starting salary of around $181,000 Medium salary of around $312,233 High end salary of around $471,471 Companies will always need CFO's so if there are companies, there will be CFO's. Salary Range Skills needed Skills needed CFO's need to be amazing at analytics CFO's must be able to manage an increasing amount of risk CFO's must be the first in the company to adapt to new technology CFO's must be able to manage people CFO's must be able to guid dicisions in a politically charged atmosphere CFO's must be able to manage large amounts of data CFO's must be able to hire and fire people in their respective company. Minimum Requirement Minimum Requirement In order to become a CFO, one must have a bachelors degree in either administration or economics The only thing above CFO is the CREO, or cheif executive officer. Advancement Opportunities Advancement Opportunities Interesting Facts Interesting Facts Anthony Noto is the highest earning CFO with over 72 million dollars. The top 25 highest paid CFO's make between 12 and 72 million dollars CFO's are ocationally offered to sit on the executive table, but not always 63% of CFO's are male 50% of CFO's have been doing it for over 20 years CFo's in New York make, on average, the largest amount of money The challenge of becoming a CFO is that there are millions of people vying for your same position If you mess up, there is always someone to replace you It is unlikely for you to advance in the company Being a CFO is a lot of work Challenges Video Citation Citation Video: Pictures: UNABLE TO PASTE Facts:


Transcript: Chief financial officer this job has the responsibilities of controlling a companies financial situations making sure they don't run bankrupt they also have choices of negotiations. they work in a controlled temperature in a comfortable environment. challenges that come with this job is the choices you make which can affect the whole company etc. they work inside their own office but they work at least 80 hours a week. roles/ environment key roles the skills CFO s are required to posses is the ability to problem solve and hold strong morals to leadership skills and to always be reliable towards other employees. Work ethic must be standing strong for this job as it can be a lot of work to keep up with for a average worker. Cash management skills is a must for this job because CFO deal with the financial problems that a company have so they don't become bankrupt. skills required skills the attribute characteristics that a person must require for this job position is financial fore site which is another way of meaning fast thinking. communication and confidence skills and integrity and ethical standards must be good. and a good perspective towards a problem. attributes attributes A CFO should be able to perform in 5 ways: growing the company faster, improving profitability, cash flow, increased leverage from the bank and provides leadership and direction throughout the company. they also value many things personally which may also be important as well. Values values

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