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Transcript: The Address Investments 5th of April Mansoura Team 2021 Quarter One Quarter One Total Sales 300,000,000 Target 2021 Target 2021: Here's a place for the second part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Here's a place for the second part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. 2,000,000,000 Promotions Promotions Here's a place for the fourth part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Here's a place for the fourth part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Certificate THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO 1 OF APPRECIATION Mohamed Anwar Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Property Consultant From 01-04-2021 Certificate THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO 2 OF APPRECIATION Abdelrahman Eid Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Property Consultant From 01-04-2021 Certificate THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO 3 OF APPRECIATION Belal Sarhan Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Property Consultant From 01-04-2021 Certificate THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO 4 OF APPRECIATION Moaz Ahmed Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Property Consultant From 01-04-2021 Certificate THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO 5 OF APPRECIATION Osama Abdelgawab Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Property Consultant From 01-04-2021 Certificate 6 Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Property Consultant OF APPRECIATION This certificate is presented to ALIAA SALAMA From 01-04-2021 7 Certificate OF APPRECIATION THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO Ibrahim Nafea Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Senior Sales From 01-04-2021 Certificate 8 OF APPRECIATION THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO Karim Allam Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Senior Sales From 01-04-2021 Certificate 9 Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Expert Property Consultant OF APPRECIATION This certificate is presented to Asser Haitham From 01-04-2021 Certificate THIS CERTIFICATE IS PRESENTED TO 10 OF APPRECIATION Amr Emad Promoted for his outstanding performance and achievements to Team Leader From 01-04-2021 Top Performance Here's a place for the third part of your presentation. And to the right, there are subsections for more specific detail. Top Performance Quarter One Certificate Of Recognition This is presented to Sohaila Ehab in recognition of all her valuable contributions to The Address Investments -Mansoura- Certificate of Recognition This is presented to Mohamed Raouf In recognition of all his outstanding performance and beign Top Team Leader on Q1 Certificate Of Recognition That is presented to Mahmoud Tawakol In recognition of all his outstanding performance and beign Top Sales on Q1 Top Team Abdallah El Housseiny's Team 150,000,000 Aliaa Salama Karim Allam Ibrahim Nafea Moaz Ahmed Omar Mokhtar Mahmoud Tawakol


Transcript: Group E :Local infrastructure provision Group E :Local infrastructure provision Group E :Local infrastructure provision Example – Flush fitting (MUT type A) with 8 services in an undeveloped area , Estimated lifetime = 60 years , MUT length = 9 miles (14,400 m ) Estimated Excavation and Reinstatement (E&R) pm over lifetime = 1 Construction Cost= £950 pm (MUT cost) x 14,400 m = £ 13.7 M E&R pm Cost = £1450 pm (E&R cost) x 14,400 m = £ 20.9 M Potential lifetime saving of = £7.2M Utility Network 9 Miles of Utility Network Two Main options considered Trenching Multi-Utility Tunnels (MUT) Worked Example Utilities S. Dudley H. Mikati F. Al-Taher D.Mallikarjuna M. Shahrabadi C. Li Multi-Utility Tunnels (MUT) : is an underground construction that serves several utilities Advantages a) Encouraging mid and long-range thinking b) Reduced maintenance costs c) Better monitoring and control d) Reduced road digging costs that involve traffic, e) Road restoration difficulties and safety hazards Improved public safety f) Growth in energy consumption, communications, and sanitation in a expanding town Creation of circa 4,000 jobs 5.2 km2 development area 4,000 residential units 53,000 m2 of commercial development Sustainable Infrastructure Masterplan Cont. Roads Network 16 Miles of Roads system Two types of roads created to cover the demand Main road Secondary Roads between zones The population considered to be 10,000 ca pita 4000 × 2.31 (ratio)* = 9240 roughly 10,000 Group E “Building a Better Quality of Life” Key themes for action by the construction industry: Create Infrastructure to cope with demand of Population Growth Conserve resources Minimise waste and pollution Minimise energy consumption Preserve and enhance biodiversity Monitor and report (i.e. use benchmarks) Group E :Local infrastructure provision * ** Coed Darcy Development Utility History Masterplan Multi-utility tunnel (MUT) Disadvantages a) Initial costs b) Complex design c) Co-ordination of authorities d) Tunnel management e )Security Recommendations Group E :Local infrastructure provision The Demonstration Development Coed Darcy Local infrastructure provision (transport and utility) Pedestrian and Cycling No 1 , option for green sustainable city Encourage pedestrians and cyclist by : a) Provide safe standard paths b) restricting the number of car parking spaces in the town centre c) Streets and additional walking routes connect to proposed mixed use centre and bus stops d) The Secondary roads provide an east-west pedestrian/cycle link Group E :Local infrastructure provision Group E :Local infrastructure provision A sustainable community that is an example of how government policy can be realised A development that strengthens the existing local communities and networks A flexible development capable of adapting changing circumstances Flush fitting MUT (type A) Long term cost saving social benefit environmental benefit Vehicle : encouraging green alternative , by reducing car parking in the town centre Buses : Hybrid Electric Bus Train : Coed Darcy Station Pedestrian and cycling : Safe pedestrian paths/Cycle lane throughout Coed Darcy Train Existing train line New construction of Coed Darcy Station 10 trips back and forth per day Diesel trains Reduce using of private cars Reduce emission of CO2 recommend replace into electrical trains in future Questions ? The Coed Darcy development Sustainable construction Indicators SPeAR Local infrastructure provisions Utility Transportation Recommendations Questions Group E :Local infrastructure provision Anticipated Completion of Development First Refinery in The UK Constructed in 1918 AD Produced petrol , diesel and other products . Thank you ` Transportation Utility Group E :Local infrastructure provision * Ratio been taken by Swansea Statistics-Wales 1.45 History View Utility Transportation Group E :Local infrastructure provision Group E :Local infrastructure provision 0.95 Group E :Local infrastructure provision Introduction After 110 Years Transportation Buses City divided into small zones 12 Buses needed according to ratio (0.5 – 1.2 )* per 1000 capita Four Buses for the Main Road The remaining buses have been allocated to the other zones Bus type used ( Hybrid Electric Bus ) Energy consumption and CO2 Emission provided** Transportation Group E :Local infrastructure provision Summary Masterplan 2028 Utility trenching Disadvantages a) Long-term financial costs Excavation and reinstatement (E&R) after maintenance or repair Lack of monitoring and control of existing systems b) Social costs Traffic, public and business disruption Safety hazards Noise pollution c) Environmental costs Root damage and loss of habitat Emissions, dust, dirt, pollution Group E :Local infrastructure provision Group E :Local infrastructure provision Coed Darcy Development Utility Transportation

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Transcript: 20th Century Music Simran Bhargava 1900 Music in this decade was very classical in its style and music hall performance was very popular. It's roots can be traced back to the early saloon bars in the United States. 1900-1909 1920 This was known was The Blues Movement. It was the first sign that black people and African Americans were starting to find their own sounds. 1920-1929 1950 1950-59 Popular music, also known as pop music, became very big during this time period. Television advertising also became more popular and Patti Page sold over 100 million records in the United States. Elvis Presley also became very popular worldwide during this time. 1960 1960-1969 During this time period, music became much more political. Beatles mania set across the world and Liverpool and the United Kingdom dominated the music charts in the United States. Poetic songwriting became popular with an anti establishment movement. 1970 1970-1979 This is known as the Disco Era. Disco became popular worldwide and took over many places. This influenced people's outfits and what they wore. The Beatles were also becoming more popular during this time period. 1990 1990-1999 During this time period, the Rolling Stones Present the First Cyberpsace Multicast Concert. The first internet only broadcast of a live band occurred and DVDs and MP3 players are introduced. The Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls were popular artists during this time period. 2000 2000-2009 The first collaborative online orchestra and the use of YouTube Vidoes to study the origins of music started during this time. The death of Micheal Jackson had a large impact and Apple iTunes became the biggest music retailer in the world. NOW 2010-Present Day Popular music and rap music have taken over a large part of the United States. Country music is also popular, but primarily in the south. Many artists tour around the world and wear famous clothes that affect what we wear. Famous artists are Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, Luke Bryan, and Kendrick Lamar.

School Certificate

Transcript: SCHOOL CERTIFICATE The cancellation of the School Certificate How it will affect students Positives and negatives Assessment versus examination Opinions from others Problems Solutions to the problems LITERATURE REVIEW Response from David Lewis, School Education Director and NEGATIVES (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Students will not have a practice examination before their HSC. It hopes to decrease the number of students leaving school before completing their HSC. School Certificate test paper. 49% think cancelling the School Certificate was a good idea and 51% think it wasn't a good idea. Students who have nothing to work towards may not work to the best of their ability. The added stress of doing an examination will be taken off students. Students in Year 10 will continue learning the curriculum rather then studying for the School Certificate. THE END Assessment or examination, which do students prefer? 60% prefer to do in class assessments rather then doing state-based examinations. Out of the 72 students surveyed: 5 were age 12, 31 age 13, 18 were 14 years old, 1 was age 15, 7 were 16 year old, and 10 age 17. - TOPIC: School Certificate, was it a good idea to abolish it, and how this will affect students. - WHY: I will be going into Year 10 next year and would have been sitting the SC exam, want to know how it might affect me. - SOURCES: On the NSW Board of Studies site I found two sources that relate to my topic. One was a media release by the Minister for Education, Adrian Piccoli. The second was a “NSW Record of School Achievement” document. May be bias as they said that cancelling the School Certificate was a great idea, only because it was their decision to abolish it. - Third was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald titled “NSW axed outdated School Certificate”. 17 had done their School Certificate and 55 have not. To get other students I created a survey which allowed them to give their opinion on the topic. (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Possible Solutions (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Opinions The out of date School Certificate will be replaced with modern ways of assessing children. Question 1- Were you satisfied with the decision to cancel the School Certificate? Answer- Yes, I believe it is outdated for the 21st century, and employers are saying the same thing to the NSW government. Question 2- Do you think it will affect students in a positive or negative way? Answer- Positive, it brings NSW in line with many other countries. It sends important messages to those who may invest in NSW for jobs, what sort of educational standards our society sets, and how we give students different pathways to demonstrate compotence. Question 3- Which do you think is more successful, assessment or examination? Answer- My life experience tells me assessment. I believe kid's your age should be planning their own learning, and self evaluations of their own performance. Was It A Good Idea To Cancel The School Certificate, And How Will It Affect Students? In this presentation we will be looking at the following: Results There were 32 males and 40 females. I have created a survey which was handed out for some students to complete. If you look at the posters that have been given out will see the following results to the survey: Results 64% say the School Certificate has or will help them in the future. The remaining 36% believe it won't help them in the future. BY SAVANNAH REALI POSITIVES After getting the survey results I found that 60% of students would rather do in-class assessments rather then state-based examinations. The main reasons students gave for this was: - There is less pressure. - Receive help and feedback. - Know exactly what is in the test. - Easier to organise. The reasons students gave for preferring state-based examinations were: - Everyone does the same exam. - You are compared to everyone in the state. - Tend to try harder. The Replacement of the School Certificate aims to: - Introduce a new state based examination that meets modern educational standards. - In 2014 when the "Australian National Curriculum" for English, History, Mathematics, and Science is put in place in NSW, a national teaching and reporting standard should be provided. - Assessment based record of achievement for students that also highlight their extra-curricular activities. Out of these three possible solutions, I think that the third is the best. It will highlight the individual as a whole and show all of their achievements, rather then just their educational achievements. The Board Of Studies will save huge amounts of money on setting, printing, distributing and marking the exam. The NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli announced on Thursday, 4th August that the Year 10 School Certificate will not continue after 2011. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr After the cancellation of the School Certificate. - Be a cumulative, periodically updated record of achievement issued to those who leave school


Transcript: Structure Major takeaways: - last 2-3 years target audience for GEDP is extended (earlier only for executives); - people can be exposed to GEDP process independently of eGEDP (to align their objectives/performance with strategy of the company); - managers are owners of the process, HR is only facilitator/coordinator; - people are nominated by business (it is up to the business, but general target audience is from CEO to N-3, mandatory for M and above); - consistent approach to be maintained and focus on scope of responsibilities; - person with rating less than 3/4 during 3 years is to be removed from talent pool, but stays in eGEDP; - mid-/end-year reviews: face-to-face meeting between manager and talent is mandatory to discuss progress and objectives for next year (before completion of online forms); - 2 types of career committees: GEDP (ratings) and Succession planning (successors, correction of development plans). - M's nominated at Segment Career Committee and approved by Comp & Ben. - GM and above submitted to GMB and approved by GMB. Anna Kharina Host = moderator Presenter = trainer Attendee = trainee Way forward: review the local needs / number of expected participants: provide access only for those who really require it due to work needs, actively involved and have good progress, if it is a part of person's development plan. November 11, 2014 November 18, 2014 was briefed on SAP transactions (PHC: HR Master Data, Organization and Staffing, Succession planning), practiced knowledge with test account; studied OneHRIS system and reporting; Thank you Corporate HR: VASILIU Cristina November 18, 2014 Way forward: meet with trainers from Duke Corporate Education; attend several sessions on selected topics to study the process: tradeshow (Challenge), strategy (Explore)... Major takeaways: job evaluation is always top-down; special methodology (LDA) is used for evaluation based on 9 criteria: domain, roles, stakeholders, autonomy/reporting lines, team size, exposure of role etc; job designation is about evaluating position (weight of job), but not the person holding this position; it is essential to take into account 3 key moments: knowledge, accountability and problem solving; person designation related to the competences, performance, contribution and potential of the person. 6 month probation period applied; all designations must be checked with Comp & Ben team. 1. Networking with global GEDP team. 2. Enhance knowledge of GEDP process, study application of eGEDP tool and SAP, understanding job assessment principles, DQC processes. 2. Study new concept of TEP. 3. Study new concept of Talent management. Way forward: consider available solutions to review the content of TOP-100 Engineers program for encouragement of best participants. got an overview of DQS process, templates used, GPCR guidelines and gained understanding of the role of LD within. S&M Best Practices Program - aimed at fulfilling specific development needs via niche/topic related programs offered by the Partnering Business Schools. The objective is to enhance specific skills, abilities and competences based on the future challenges or enhanced job responsibilities that the candidate will be taking up. Henri Blaffart, EVP, Head of Human Resources Brian Callaghan, VP, Leadership Development Christian Standaert, GM, Head of AMU Cedric Dapsens, GEDP Olivia Cadiet, GEDP Mandy Schwallach, HRIS Specialist Frederika Claes, HR Data Quality Center Michele Merle-Beinat, Sibel Onen, Finance Corporate Stephane Leloup, Deputy Compliance Counsel Fabrice Magar, Senior Corporate Legal Counsel Environment, Capex, IAC Olga Kharaberiush, ACIS HR Cristina Vasiliu, Design and Projects, Leadership (Executive education, FLAG) Oliver Deckers, Operation, Leadership (TP, I-CAP, Project Management, Mastering Inner leadership) Emilie Goepfert, Programme Coordinator (CLMS, FFLP and Bespoke Programmes Management Academy) Bérengère Van Branteghem, Communication Coordinator (Proactive Learning Initiatives) Clémence Fragoso, Communication and Projects (Proactive Learning Initiatives) Vincent Maurin, e-Academy Lead (Design and Projects, Online campus) Vincent Galinajtis, Programme Coordinator (Steel Academy, Induction program) Mohand Imazatebe, Steel, Design and Projects Pompilia Anghel, Finance Academy Alina M. González, Group Projects Specialist Petros Tottas, HR, European Purchasing Platform Elena Matiouchina, Legal Academy Coordinator Laurence Lamm, Manager, EA to CTO, KMP, RM & Technical trainings Rui Rodrigues. Manager Commercial Coordination & Marketing Lise Cascales, IT Academy coordinator Trainers from Duke Corporate Education. Way forward: study facilitation and training process of remote classrooms on the example of 'Steel for Steel people' training held in AMU; attend ' Facilitating training session with WebEx' virtual training. Way forward: consider module designed by FA for HR to be incorporated into the content of 'HR oriented manager' program; specify the needs

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Transcript: Leadership skills and role models The Living Learning Community 4. Collaborate & Create Cybersecurity, personalized medicine, A.I. 3. Beyond the Classroom Certificate The GLI Student Group Poverty, human trafficking, access to education Growth in Leadership Migration, cultural identity, political gridlock Networking opportunities with leaders from various fields Studying how to generate and implement geothermal energy at the University of Iceland A seminar on different approaches to leadership GLI benefits for your future A small, interdisciplinary seminar A multidisciplinary perspective on global issues Community Giving back together Understanding global challenges at the local level, researching the human impact on the lands and waterways of Montana What will your experience be? Food security, clean water, energy use Where the community connects online Providing social events for and meaningful dialogue about the GLI 1. Explore Global Challenges The GLI Facebook Group The Capstone Experience Shared spaces and shared experiences GLI Service Days Chronic disease, mental health, children's health The challenges that you will confront at graduation are increasingly global and multifaceted in nature. The Global Century A service-learning project to feed children in Chacraseca, Nicaragua through sustainable agricultural practices GLI benefits as a college student... Opportunities to determine and practice your personal leadership style Exploring Global Challenges You will be the leaders and entrepreneurs who will shape the innovation and progress of the future. To do so, you will need: Global Leadership Thank you for coming! GLI Global Themes A full-day retreat with your peers Providing HIV/AIDS prevention education to communities in Cape Town through the Treatment Action Campaign A 12-credit Certificate in Global Leadership All statistics from the American Association of Universities and Colleges Beyond the Classroom 2. Growth in Leadership The Certificate in Global Leadership gives you the chance to work across disciplines to address global challenges and provides opportunities for out-of-classroom learning. Facilitated discussions on global challenges A foundational course on GLI's global themes Franke GLI will be hosting office hours tomorrow from 10am-3pm in Gilkey 007 and 008. Connect with the GLI Personal advising on your individual path Leah Payne A small discussion-based class as a freshman Technology and Society A faculty mentor assigned to each team 2. Funding toward an out-of-classroom experience The chance to address a real-world problem 3. The ability to collaborate across disciplines Significant leadership experiences Natural Resources and Sustainability Varied perspectives on global challenges Rachael Schmocker A tangible project on your resume 84% of employers expect students to complete a significant project The ability to collaborate across disciplines 90% of employers expect their employees to coordinate across departments Cody Dems A network of globally engaged peers and faculty members Raphael Hagen Hands-on experience Social Inequality and Human Rights An incredible resume-building opportunity 4. Hands-on, real-world experiences 81% of employers expect students to complete an internship or community-based field project to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences Studying how geothermal energy is harnessed and utilized in Iceland Raphael Hagen Options include: -An Internship -Service Learning -Education Abroad -Undergraduate Research The chance to learn from leaders in various fields Culture and Politics The experience will be tied to your chosen Global Challenge All GLI Fellows who meet the defined criteria will receive funding for this experience Small, interdisciplinary teams 1. A mentor guided opportunity to collaborate with peers Public and Global Health At least 3 upper-division credits of experiential learning

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