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Central America Powerpoint Template

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Central America

Transcript: Costa Rica Capital: SAN JOSE EXPORTS medical equipment, bananas, pineapples, coffee, melons, and sugar IMPORTS (other than consumer goods) Petroleum Known for fertile land in agriculture, and natural resources such as hydroelectric power Mounteverde FUN FACTS! There are 800 miles of coastline in Costa Rica between the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. There are more than 121 volcanic formations in Costa Rica, and seven of them are active. Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos (males) or Ticas (females). Costa Rica is home to more than 5% of the world’s wildlife, even though its landmass is only .03% of the planet's surface Famous People Francisco Amighetti- Artist Franklin Chang Diaz- Astronaunt Claudia and Silvia Poll- Olympic Medalists Guatemala Capital: Guatemala City Population: 6,059,000 Panama Capital: Panama City Constitutional Democracy Culture Belize Capital: Belmopan Currency: Belizean Dollar Interesting Facts Famous People Marion Jones - gold medal olympic runer Milton Palacio - NBA Honduras Capital: Tegucigalpa Population: 7.48 million Honduras is a Presidential Representative Democratic Republic Government Holidays Dia de Lempria (July 20) Imports: machinery and transport equipment, industrial raw materials, chemical products and fuels. Bay Islands FUN FACTS! Columbus discovered Honduras. And when he set foot on ground his first words were: “Thank God we got out these great depths!” Honduras‘ literal meaning is: Great Depths. More than 50% of the population is below poverty. 200 islands. Imports: petroleum and other minerals, cereals, chemicals, iron and steel, machinery and transport equipment, food and live animals, consumer goods Kaylee Sawyer Dylan Fair Bethany Skellington Cody Holcomb Temperate "The Blue Hole" Music Tazumal St. Peter and St. Paul's Day: June 29th Famous People: Independence Day (September 19) Holidays Mayan Ruins Famous People Fast Facts: Salvadoran colón Currency: Lempira International famous Honduras painters, Velasquez and Zelaya Sierra. Imports: food, machinery, chemicals, and tobacco. Exports: cane sugar, bananas, clothing, molasses, and oil. Food Food Holidays: Holy Week March or April Labour Day May 1 Teachers’ Day June 22 Feast of the Saviour of the World August 1 to 6 Independence Day September 15 Day of the Race October 12 Day of the Deceased November 2 Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe December 12 Tropical Climate Climate Exports: bananas, shrimp, sugar, coffee, clothing Art and Food: Places to Visit Ricardo Arjona - singer/songwriter (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Exports: coffee, textiles and garments, sugar, shrimp, footwear, pharmaceuticals Juan Santamaria Day : April 11 Only jaguar preserve in the world. Justin Pasek Resources Ruben Blades Climate: The first humans entered Panama at least 10,000 years ago. Education is compulsory for 6 years and is provided free by the government through the university level. Panama has one of the highest literacy rates in the region, 97 percent. CURRENCY Democracy (Human Rights) President: Laura Chinchilla - Strengthening Security - Improving Infrastructure - Better Living Conditions for children Christmas:December 25th Climate: Tropical with wet and dry seasons Place to Visit: St. Joseph's Day: March 19th Carlos “El Pescadito”" Ruiz - soccer player Temperate Luis Gonzalez Palma - photographer Parliamentary Democracy. Legislative, judiciary, and executive. United Democratic Party (UDP), People's United Party (PUP), National Alliance for Belizean Rights (NABR), National Reform Party (NRP), Vision Inspired By the People (VIP), People's National Party (PNP), We the People Reform Movement (WTP). New Year's Day: January 1st January 1: New Year's Day March/April: Easter May 1: Labor Day June 30: Army Day September 15: Independence Day October 20: Revolution Day November 1: All Saints Day December 25: Christmas Day Music Famous People Sports (2011) 4,576,562 1.There are over 20 Mayan dialects spoken throughout the country. 2.They invented the first chocolate bar during Mayan times. 3.Blue denim (blue jeans were first created in Guatemala. 4.Created the concept of 0. Government Carlos Hernandez: Honduras Resources HOLIDAYS Constitutional Democratic Republic Legislative, executive, and judicial. Alfonso Portillo Guatemalan Republican Front and the National Advancement Party Imports: food, capital good, and crude oil Balboa

central america

Transcript: This is the prezi made by Calvin Snyder, Maggie and Stefan CENTRAL AMERICA climate was done by calvin snyer the relative locaton of central america was done by calvin snyder Food of Central America many fruits are grown in Central America The fruits grown in Central America are largely effected by the elevation. Different fruits are grown in Guatamala than Panama The fruits grown in Central America are mosty tropical and difenent then grown here The food eaten in Central America often depends on the country like El Salvadore's sopa de patasor or Panama's stuffed yucea rolls. Central American History Central American History by Maggie Burghardt In 900 A.D., the Mayan civilization began to decline. Descendents of the Mayan culture still wear traditional costumes and speak Mayant Languages even today. Central American Indians migrated from Asia in about 400 B.C. The Mayan Indians were the dominant culture. In 1502, Columbus sailed to the Caribbean coast and claimed the land for Spain. For the Next 13 years the spanish conquistadors invaded Central America. Now, because of the spanish, a majority of Central America speaks Spanish and nine tenths of the population are Roman Catholics. Foods made in Central America Tropical Dry Humid subtropical central american rainforest hello if you fownd this you are so asome how did you find this Highlands The Mayan Indians of Central America climate Relitive location of central america. central america is east of the atlantic and west of the pacific is also has a coast on the caribean sea. Thank you for watching our Prezi :) There are three climate types in central america. Central America The End Columbus sailed to the Caribbean in name of Spain central is bordered by land to the north by mexico and to the south, South America.

Central America

Transcript: Overall, Central America has a fairly decent life expectancy. The lowest age is 65 while the highest is over 75. It has a pretty good literacy rate where, on average, it is about 76.7%. So overall the problems in Central America aren't very serious; the life expectancy is good, 3/4 of the population are literate, but the GPA per capita is fairly low 1 -They should build more job oppitunities for people in the region. This could lower debt in the countries, increase the GPA and help the people living there have more choices for new jobs and to get a better paying job. 2 - They should have more schools for kids to learn and become prepared for job oppitunities. This could help the kids in the future to get a job and be prepared doing it. 3 -They should also get a better living standard. Living standard will increase the life expectancy in Central America. Safer homes could help keep the citizensliving there healthier. Editing By:Reed YEAH! Central America Technical Let's Get sort of Having a better living standard would be the first step in improving the life quality of central America. Building safer homes is crutail for a country . When central America experienced the flood in November 2011 ,Canada through the Canadian international development agency offered 2 million dollars to help build and repair homes in central America. If central America had better living conditions It could lead to a lot more citizens being able to go to school . which leads to the next point. Kids need to get a good education when they are young to go further in the future. Canada has many organizations for volunteers to build schools in central America for these kids . So by having better living standards to lead to schools, kids get the education they need and more job opportunities will be opened . If more job opportunities are opened then there will be more variety of careers people can chose from to make a living. Brenden Olivia Reed Christina

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