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Ccna Template For Presentation On Culture Of Health

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Transcript: CCNA Who? the state of Florida and state agencies political subdivisions municipalities school districts and boards When? Professional Services on a project, when the construction cost exceeds $325,000 Planning or Studies, when the fee exceeds $35,000 For What? professional services provided by: Engineers Architects Landscape Architects Surveyors Why CCNA? Most qualified firm gets selected Fair, open competition Prevents abuse of low-bid system Andres Navarro History 1972 - The Brooks Act -US federal law that requires that the Government to select engineering and architecture firms based upon their qualifications and competency rather than bid price. 1973- CCNA passed by the Florida Legislature (Florida Statute 287.055) Proposed costs in selection process defining “best value selection” redefining definition of “continuing contracts” Outcome SB 246 – defeated by vote January 2012 HB 155 – failed Proposed Reform To CCNA Legislation HB 155 & SB 246 Sources What (CCNA) Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act public procurement method for the acquisition of professional engineering, architectural, landscape architectural, surveying and mapping services. Why Select Based on Qualifications? Engineering / Architectural services are unique long term savings Public Safety


Transcript: Use internet for answers. Ask around and finally connect with a few CCNA's After reading the book I choose my exam strategy for CCNA. This book is my missing GPS Now I know It has been written by two double CCIE's who have already written a highly successful guidebook on CCIE Absolute frustration now and the book tells me: Hundreds of free: Tutorials Videos Study notes CCNA Test Scheduled I have so many questions Now I can think of moving ahead in my Career I am confused need to find CCNA friends for advice. I can see that this is realistic. This is real advice that I was looking for. Reading online content and watching videos makes me realize: Content not in the right order Leaves me with many more questions How to prepare for CCNA? How much time will it take to be a CCNA? What resources will you need to complete CCNA? Step by Step study approach for 1 or 2 exams. What to do if I don't pass ? How much time to spend reading and how much time doing labs. I start reading the non-technical guidebook I am CCNA certified I am reading not learning CCNA seems achievable but I don't know where to start? Search for Training resources I have multiple options I know I can be a CCNA. I wish someone could guide me. I need my CCNA GPS. I am more puzzled than when I started. The book tells me the secrets of how to prepare my resume and how to improve my interview skills. These subtle but useful tips will help me be successful. After many hours of Internet searching: I will do a detailed Internet search. Your CCNA Exam Success Strategy The non-technical guidebook for Routing and Switching Is CCNA the right choice? How do I study for CCNA? How much time to be a CCNA? How much money is needed? Success Finally!!! If I pass the first time great, if not I know what and how to learn from the first instance. I keep studying and following the timeline in the book What to study? When to study? How long to study? the best part is Based on my timeline, I can see when I will be a CCNA. CCNA achievement time varies from 1 and 12 months Weekly study hours vary from 5 to 20 hours Money spent varies from $200 to $5500 Study resources vary from self study to CCNA bootcamp One hour of searching gets overwhelming results but I am not sure: if this information is correct if this information is current I keep trying harder and in about two months I feel that my precious hard earned money spent on books and a laptop for lab simulation has been a big waste. I cannot be successful like this. I am stuck in Maze and need a CCNA GPS. I can improve myself for the next attempt. What do I do now? I am thinking of career in networking and want to start with CCNA. What do I have to do ? I am glad someone told me about this new book Success!!! I am not afraid of working hard, I need a step by step approach to CCNA. Instructor led classes. Online classes. Video on demand classes. Training Books It has been a month now and each question that I find an answer for on the internet raises more questions in my mind I know when I am falling behind and recovering is easy. Time to start Studying!! Timeline tells me how much time I need to read and how much time spend on Labs. 5. Which reading resources should I invest in? Cisco press , Third party books, Notes on the internet, Downloadable content 6. Which study options to use? Live Instructor led class Online class Video on demand class Self paced study A mix of the above is being used. Talking to CCNA's makes me more confused

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