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Catholic Mass Powerpoint Template

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Catholic Mass

Transcript: We are a family of 6. Husband: Vincent Myself: Rene One Girl Eden 10 years old Three Boys Vincent 8 years old Richard-5 years old Antonius-3 years old This photo is a true expression of who we are. My daughter always doing flips and cartwheels My one son always on his ipad or phone My other two younger boys always wrestling (best buds) Me, just wanting to make out with my husband. We attend a Assemblies of God church on a daily basis. We met at church. Was displayed on the right side for everyone to view. The screen had the hymns and songs. During the service, the screen flashed all the names that the service was dedicated to. For example my father-in-laws name flashed on the screen. Mass service for Father in law Once inside we sat on benches that looked like this.. Initial Atmosphere was happy. I noticed no one spoke to one another as they were entering the church. It was very quiet. Prior to entering the service, we were greeted by an elderly women ushering us into the sanctuary and handed us a piece of paper. The piece of paper was some type of weekly announcement. The announcement had my father-in laws name along with other names. The priest than spoke about the partaking of the communion and stated some form of prayer. Every time the Priest would stop talking, the congregation would say "Lord hear my prayer". Prior to entering the sanctuary My mother-in-law and sister-in-law touched some form of liquid in a statue outside the sanctuary and than did the sign of the cross on themselves. The Musicians and the people sang songs utilizing a hymn book in behind the bench in front of us. Projector Screen $1.25 Assemblies of God Monday, December 2016 Quick History: My mother in law is Catholic and my father in law is Pentecostal, they were married for 43 years until he passed away. They had two daughters and one son. Traditions that I took note of continued... Catholic The whole congregation said a prayer that everyone already knew. I googled later to see what everyone was repeating; as this was done very fast. Everyone than sat down. Holy Family Church Experience Communion consist of eating the bread and drinking the wine. The bread was not a real bread but more shaped like a cookie. It did not have any specific taste to it. The wine was real wine. I am not a wine drinker so I can not describe how it tasted. It didn't taste bad The priest than begun to talk about the lord's supper and ask for us to come take communion. My church does this also. I noticed not everyone partakes in it. You can chose to participate or not. Ushers directed us when to go. After each person took communion they returned to their seats and kneel down and begun to pray. Rivas Family Pentecostal Where are all different Religious beliefs but come together to support each other. The musicians begun to play a song and everyone stood up. The priest came in from the back along with 2 other men/deacons. We all stayed standing up. One man was in front of the priest carrying a cross and I don't remember if the other had something in there hand. Priest than blessed/prayed for the service. Traditions that I took note of: Vol XCIII, No. 311 Priest than shared the word from the Bible. Over all Experience: It was great. I loved how everyone was so friendly and loving to us. The Priest greeted us on our way out. I enjoyed that my children could attend the whole service with me. NEWSPAPER HEADLINE When the Priest was done. We all stood up and than said another prayer. The service lasted 1 hour exactly. Family Affair we all attended

Catholic Mass

Transcript: Implications as a future teacher Walk-in, sign of Cross w/ Holy Water and genuflect Sing Church Hymns, then the Priest walks in w/ servers and holds up the Gospel Readings from Old and New Testaments and the the Gospel Alternate between songs and readings Homily: Priest depiction of the Gospel Only Catholics can receive Communion at a Catholic Church How Did I Feel? Very solemn Alternating between songs and readings/scripture People dressed however they want Communion for only the Catholics I could not go up for Communion and had to sit and be stared at by people going up receiving Communion Why a Catholic Mass? Excluded when I was not allowed to receive Communion Confused because I did not know the order of the mass or the words to the prayers Unique because my church does some things different in our service than the Catholic mass What I expected to happen What Happened Connection to Multicultural Education I felt least comfortable when.. When the Priest gave the homily because it was similar to what we do in my church I am Methodist, my step-father is the Cantor at St. Francis Cabrini Church Girlfriend is Catholic To look at Christianity from a different angle Catholic Mass Make sure to include everyone Try to understand that not everyone is on the same learning level, some do not know the system of as well Be understanding of mistakes by the minority because this is not their primary setting I felt most comfortable when... Very friendly environment Everyone formally dressed Communion for all Music, then scripture, then done Description As an outsider looking in, it can be frustrating to not know what the majority is doing Minorities feel excluded and inferior Minorities feel dumb because they do not know what to do


Transcript: Liturgical Actions There are many liturgical actions used throughout the mass, some of these are: The Consecration, bowing, blessing, symbols, oil and white garments. Part 2: Liturgy of the Word In this part of the Mass, two readings from the old testament are read and the Gospel is read from the New Testament. The priest then gives a homely welcome, which is a reflection on the readings of that day. The Liturgy of the Word is an opportunity for Catholics to hear the word of God and for them to learn something. Catholicism was the most dominant religion on the continent by the time the Renasissance began in the Mid 14th Century. Until the Renaissance most European's followed the teachings of Catholicism strictly. Many people had little exposure to any form of education beyond this and science was not a well understood concept. Very little of what the church taught people about life was challenged. Meagan Johnson Bowing In the Mass, bowing is an action of respect or reverence. The priest and anyone approaching the alter will bow before proceeding as a sign that they are respecting the holiness of it. Part 4: Concluding Rite The last part of the Mass consists of the Final Blessing and the Dismissal. This part of the Mass sends the Catholics out into the world to live out what was celebrated in the Mass. Sacrifice During the Mass, Catholics are reminded of Jesus' sacrifice. They are reminded that Jesus sacrified his life, that they may have eternal life. The Meaning of The Mass and The Themes of the Eucharist The purpose of the mass is for Catholics to gather together to listen tho the word of God, to give thanks and to remind them to take Christ with thme to spread the Good News to everyone they encounter in their lives. Thanksgiving the word "Eucharist" means thanksgiving. the whole act is a way of giving thanks to God. Catholics give thanks to God for the gift of Jesus his son and for the gift of eternal life given to them. Works Cited Meal Mass in itself is a meal, it is a means for Catholics to gather together CATHOLIC MASS Fire Fire is a symbol in the Catholic Church, In the old testament, fire was a symbol of God's presence. Fire is also a symbol of purification and transformation, which is why a candle is lit at baptism. Christi Camper Part 3: Liturgy of The Eucharist The Liturgy of the Eucharist is the central part of the Mass. The bread and the wine are blessed by the priest, then Eucharist prayers are prayed and the Communion Rite is read. Then everyone receives communion. Oil Oil is the symbol of anointment. In the old testament, anointment was a sign that you had been picked for a specific mission. Today this means that as anointed Catholics, they have been picked out to live out the Gospel in their own lives. The Mass is ancirent Catholic tradition which dates back to the early Christians, The very first Mass was performed by Jesus, at the Last Supper on Holy Thursday The Consecration During the Mass the priest lifts the bread in the air to symbolize that the bread has been transformed into the body of Christ. He then does the same with the chalice of wine to represent the blood, which was shed by Christ. Part I: Introduction Rites At the start of the Mass the Priest enters and welcomes the congregation. The penintitial act, gloria and collect are then recited. The Introductory Rites bring them together, they are reminded that even though they are individual people that they are gathered as one community together Blessing At the end if Mass the priest will bless the people gathered in the name of the trinity by doing the sign of the Cross. The people will then also do the sign of the cross. Other Names For Mass Liturgy Breaking of Bread Eucahrist Assembly Memorial of The Lord's Passion and Resurrection Holy Sacarfice Holy and Divine Liturgy Holy Communion Memorial The Memorial is a major theme of Catholicism. It is an act of remembering Jesus' life, death and ressurection. Presence During Mass Catholics experience the real presence of Christ. They experience that because the Host is transformed into the body of Christ during the mass and when they eat the body of Christ, they believe they truly have Christ within. Herzig, tama, et al. Knowledge and religion in Early Modern Europe: Studies in Honor Of Michael Heyd. Boston, Brill, 2013. eBook Collection (EBSCO host). Web. 27 Feb 2018 Bishop, Philip E., Adventures in The American Spirit, 3rd edition, New Jersey, Prentice Hall, 2002 White Garments White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness. When white garments are worn, like during baptism, it is a symbol of being cleansed of sin.

Catholic Mass

Transcript: This is a picture of the bread and wine (The body of Christ) that the individual receives during the Eucharist What is the meaning of life??? I believe we should all try and be the best person we can be, and that is what the meaning of life is. To try and be the best we can be in every aspect. What is the difference between the Old Mass and the New Mass? Why did it change? Old Mass Decorations The meaning a catholic receives through the scriptures are just like the meaning a gangster gets through his raps. This is a picture of part of Tony Acaster's family getting married in the St Joseph Cathedral in England The two images above portray how we are all becoming way to busy in our lives New Mass Decorations These are the Ten Commandments, the 10 rules that help us understand how to live in the ways of God Overall, through going to a Catholic Mass, whether it is the Old or the New, the individual is going to learn the overall meaning of life, which is to try and be the best person they can be in every aspect. It is a beautiful church but there aren't many decorations that had to be organized before hand Even Snoopy questions the meaning of life! It’s through the learning of all the scriptures You are what you eat Catholic Mass Hi! My name's Tony Acaster! = Eucharist is the Re-enactment of the last supper

The Catholic Mass

Transcript: 1. Gather 2. Proclaim 3. Break Bread 4. Send Forth 1. Gather 2. Proclaim 3. Break Bread 4. Send Forth Greet one another Standing as sign of unity Singing Opening prayer The Catholic Mass Proclaim! Homily or faculty reflection Intercessions Lord, hear our prayer Gospel Priest: The Gospel of Jesus Christ All: Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ Receiving Communion Reading Responses The Catholic Mass Story from the Old Testament Psalm Letter from New Testament Story from Gospel Story from today (homily) Our prayers for today Final Blessing Sending Forth Song Break Bread Old Testament, Letters from New Testament Reader: The Word of the Lord All: Thanks be to God Parts of the Catholic Mass The Lord's Prayer Reading Responses Sign of the Cross Receiving Communion The Catholic Mass 1. Gather 2. Proclaim 3. Break Bread 4. Send Forth Priest: The Lord be with you. All: And with your spirit. 3 Choices 1. Step forward to one bread minister & one cup minister. 2. Walk to the blessing minister to receive a blessing. 3. Walk slowly and respectfully past the ministers & return slowly to your row. The Catholic Mass Offer gifts of bread & wine Prayer over the gifts Pray the Lord's Prayer Communion procession The Catholic Mass 1. Gather 2. Proclaim 3. Break Bread 4. Send Forth Gather In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. In the Catholic tradition, the priest says another prayer here... For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are Yours, now and forever. Amen.

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