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Transcript: Root Project Carrot Christian, Caley, Bobbie, & Paige History History Common Name: Carrot Scientific Name: Daucus Carota Subsp. Sativus Originated in central Asia (Iran/Afghanistan) Used to cure many illneses by the Greeks and Romans (purple Carrot) 13th century the European Carrot was being grown in gardens (France/Germany) Images History Continued More 1609- Carrot was introduced to North America 17th century the orange carrot was developed by dutch farmers Post WWI American soilders brought home carrot seeds During WWII England was incouraged by the government to grow carrots In 2010, 33.5 Million tons were produced worldwide Environmental Conditions Environmetal Conditions Cool season crop well-draining, loose, sandy soil (pH 5.5-7.0) Require full sun Optimum temp 61-74 degrees fahrenheit. Freezing temps can damage roots Require plenty of moisture/organic matter Images Images Economic Impact Economic Impact 2021- Global Production value: $8 Billion Importnt source of income for farmers Used in the production of processed foods, Juices, purees, baby food (increases value and marketability) Impact on trade- leads to competition between producers for market share nutritonal value- lower healthcare costs Pests/Diseases Pests/Diseases Aphids Carrot Rust Flies Cutworms Leafhoppers Root-Knot Nematodes Wireworms Cottony Rot Images Map Traits Traits Biennial semi-hardy Dicot Purple, red, white, yellow, orange 8-12in leaves above ground concial taproot below ground small (2mm) white,red, purple flowers Foliage can reach 150cm Root grows between 5-50cm long Root grows 5cm in diameter Images Agriculture Agriculture Agricultural uses: cash crop in many countries (U.S., China, Russia) Rotational crop, helps improve soil/prevent soil borne diseases source of nutrition for livestock natural supliment, improve the health of animals Images Agriculture More Food Uses: Salads, soups, stews, casseroles Eaten raw/roasted/steamed/boiled Commonly used in baked goods Medicinal Uses Medicinal Properties Contains Vitamin C , K and Potassium (plus other minerals/ dietary fibers) Lower cancer risk Regulate blood preasure Reduce heart disease boost brain health Images Works Cited Works Cited “Carrot.” Carrot | Diseases and Pests, Description, Uses, Propagation, “Carrots.” Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, “Growing Carrots in a Home Garden.” Growing Carrots in a Home Garden University of Maryland Extension, “History of Carrots.” Carrot History - Origin and History of Carrots,

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