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Career Roadmap

Transcript: Learning is the most important thing you can do for your career! evaluate yourself when doing projects squad goals- have a support group to bounce ideas off of and ask questions Learn about yourself and present that information is a way that makes people want to hire you Set up your own website, easiest way for employers to find out about you Don't put things in your portfolio that don't showcase your skills Have an active voice in your community Take regular inspection of your digital mirror- Google yourself and ask others what they think of you based on the information you put out online Step Nine Series by Developer Tea Self-evaluate your job, when is it time to make a career shift. Don't limit your vision, you can do anything! Look for a company you will mesh well with Step Four Interviewing Internships Step Two Step Five Step Three Cross Train Do Your Job Better Than Anyone Else Learn a new language or the supporting system of your base language. If you use PHP learn about Apache. Learning a new language will help you understand another language. Learn about what your coworkers do Have variety outside of work, do something other than programming Have a hobby that you can develop skill at. In a normal week what does your time go to? What can you cut to invest in your career? Make room in your day to learn your skill Make a space to do this work Stick to this budget for 2-3 months then reevaluate Step Six Step Seven Go in with questions ready Why do you want to work here? Present confidence that you can add value to this company Believe in yourself Think of the interview as practice Step One Career Road map Picking a Base Language Become irreplaceable What are your key objectives? Continue to work towards those objectives DON'T DO BUSY WORK! Become a source of information, not a vault Empower others by giving them knowledge Develop your expertise Always be thinking about growth Going Public Look for companies you would want to work for Gets your foot in the door, think about it as an extended interview Share your goals with your boss Low-stakes environment, you have room to fail Practical experiences Personal relationships Create so much value that the company doesn't want you to leave Get feedback and exceed their expectations Don't wait for permission to do great things Replace Yourself You need a primary programming language to become an expert in. You will still learn many languages. Different languages do different jobs, learn the strengths and weaknesses. Pick 3 and write a simple code in each. Pick something that can be applied to a wide range of scenarios. Pick a language the market finds stable. Pick one you enjoy writing with. The marker of your success is by the success of those you lead. Help them but don't carry them Encourage collective values and individual values Strong sense of care and empathy for those around you. Take your job seriously. Self-sacrifice respect humility honesty Great leaders take a lot of time to replace themselves Create a Time Budget Step Eight Learning about Companies & Skill Set Development

Career Roadmap

Transcript: 2021 This will be the year that I graduate from college with my degree. After I graduate, I will be prepared to seek entry-level employment in positions such as modeler, storyboard artist, animation artist, 3-D illustrator, digital artist, FX artist, video postproduction artist, broadcast graphics designer, and game designer. I felt that in pursuing this career in the gaming indstry, which is a constant growing and changing industry, I will get the opportunity to make a career with my art talents and enjoy all the fun challenges that I will encounter throughout my career. GOAL! Throughout my senior year, I will be taking IB Art 2. It is an advanced art class that will give me an advantage needed when I apply to college. I plan to graduate from Humble Higschool in May. I also plan to Attend the Art Institute of Houston, in Fall for my Bachelors degree of Fine Arts in the Game Art & Design program. 2017 During the summer after my Junior year, I plan to take the SAT and work on my art portfolio for my application to the Art Institute in Houston. I will also apply to the scholarships that the school has offered, they normally require you to create a slideshow containing artworks that you have created. I will then apply as an Animation artist for Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City, California. I would focus on creating the background scene designs for the games that I will get to work with. 2016 Animation Artist Roadmap 2021 After I have graduate, I will take a 3-6 month internship in Austin TX for Arkane Studios as a Design Intern. The internship will allow me to grasp more knowledge on how video games are made, as well as provide me with experience needed for job applications. I would rather pursue internships after I graduated from college because it would allow me more time to focus on the job rather than distract me from my studies. Mariana Armendariz

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