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Career Counselling

Transcript: -Jayesh Jariwala Asst. Professor, CGPIT, Uka Tarsadia University Career Awareness What after 12th ? Career Opportunities Career Opportunities - Courses available after 12th - Important websites - Admission process - Choose the best you can - Critical points to be consider. After 10th After 10th Diploma Engineering – 3 Years Army, Navy, Airforce – 3-4 Years Art Teacher – 2 Years ITI – 2 Years Railway Ticket Collector / Clerk Exam – 2 Years Diploma in Dance – 2 Years Certified Building Supervisor – 1 Year Diploma in Farm Management – 1 Year Medical Lab Technician – MLT – 2 Years Interior Designing – 2 Years After 12th Commerce After 12th Commerce - Graduation courses - Post graduation courses - Professional courses - others graduate - I graduate - I - B.Com. - Bachelor of Commerce - B.B.A. - Bachelor of Business Administration - B.C.A. - Bachelor of Computer Applications - B.Com. Synchronised to Chartered Accountancy - Integrated M.Com. Synchronised to Chartered Accountancy - B.B.M. - Bachelor of Business Management - B.B.S. - Bachelor of Business Studies - B.M.S. - Bachelor of Management Studies - Integrated Law course - General Graduation course + L.L.B. graduate - II graduate - II - B.H.M. - Bachelor of Hotel Management - B.E. - Bachelor of Economics - B.F.A. - Bachelor of Finance and Accounting - B.M.M. - Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Media - B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia - B.E.M. - Bachelor of Event Management - B.F.D. - Bachelor of Fashion Design - B.S.W. - Bachelor of Social Work - B.P.Ed. - Bachelor of Physical Education Post graduate Post graduate - Master of Commerce (M.Com) - Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Bachelor/Master of Law (LLB, LLM) - Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Professional Professional -Chartered Accountant (CA) -Company Secretary (CS) -Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) -Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) -Chartered Institute of Management -Accountants (CIMA) - Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) - Certified Public Accountant (CPA) - Actuarial Science - Custom Broker others others - B. Bank/ Insurance/ Probationary/ Development Officer - Ed/ M.Ed/ Ph.D - Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) - Indian Military/ Navy/ Air Force (All are available with science stream students too!) After 12th science After 12th science - Group ab - Group A - Group b Group AB Group AB PCMB = Physic, Chemistry, Maths, Biology B. Sc in Dairy Technology – 4 Years B Pharmacy – 4 Years B Tech Agriculture – 4 Years B Sc Bio Technology – 4 Years Group b Group b PCB = Physic, Chemistry, Biology BAMS – 4 Years B V Sc– 5 Years MBBS – 5+ Years BDS – 5 Years Paramedical – 3-4 years B Sc Nursing – 3-4 Years BMLT – 3 Years B Sc Home Science – 3 Years B Sc (Bolony, Micro Biology, Zology, Physice, Chemistry) – 3 Years Group A Group A CPM = Chemistry, Physic, Maths NDA – Navy, Army, Airforce – 3 Years B Arch – Diploma in Interior/Landscape Design – 5 Years B Planning & Design – 5 Years BE / B Tech – 4 Years Diploma to Degree – 3 years BCS / BCA – 3 Years Film & Television Diploma – FTII – 2 Years Hotel Management – 3-4 Years Engineering Branches Engineering Branches Websites Websites - Important source of information. - Authenticity of institute - Availability of desired courses at location - Ranking - Misc information - RBI/IRDA/SEBI/etc... important sites important sites More sites More sites Still more sites Still more sites Admission process Admission process Check your eligibility Prepare your documents Prepare your documents - SSC, HSC & GUJCET Mark-sheet - School Leaving Certificate - Aadhar Card - Passport Size Photographs - 02 - Income Certificate, Caste Certificate, - NCL : Non - creamy layer(if applicable) Buy Pin & Booklet Buy Pin & Booklet - Read News Paper for Booklet & PIN - Purchase PIN & Booklet from the XYZ Bank in given time duration. - Don’t share your password (PIN). - Register online at - Registeration For Commerce & Arts : refer individual university’s website Submit Document Submit Document - Submit photocopy of documents at Help Center only if you want to register for TFWS (Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme) or Reserve Category. - Don't get confused. - Never Ever counterfeit. Finalise college/branch Finalise college/branch - Read Branch – college selection booklet carefully. - Make a list of colleges & branches of your choice. - Take help of seniors & help centre. - Fill the choices carefully within time limit. - Take print of choice filling without fail. - Get print of the information letter and payment slip - Pay token tuition fees at designated XYZ bank or online. Reshuffle round Reshuffle round - Participate in reshuffle round if you need. - Look for better choices. - Be aware of admission process all the time even if you already began studying. Scholarships Scholarships - Several scholarships options are available from government, social institutions, donors, etc... - Learn about scholarships available and take advantage of it. MYSY MYSY - MYSY TFWS

career counselling

Transcript: AI & SOME FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION THE EVOLUTION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MAN VS AI POWER PLANT The DEEP SLEEP Morphius Neo-that One who was sleeping(a software engineer) on that power plant on the virtual world of computer(in real world no muscle has developed in his body at all) because he never awake in real world Realising the truth once oracle told to morphius that only one man in this matrix who is "Neo" who can fight with the Agents(Agent smith) WORD PADDING The Neuron Vs Neural Network CNN Car simulation WHY YOU'D LISTEN ME UNDERSTANDING WHY YOUR CAREER PATH NEED PROPER PLANNING measuring SENTIMENT How are YOU measuring your TALLENT?IS YOUR MARKS MATTER? WORD PADDING SENIOR SOFTWARE WIPRO ENGINEER & CLOUD NATIVE ARCHITECT Mannual FFILTERING ELITE MEDALIST STATISTICAL DATA ANALYSYS IIT KGP SENTIMENT ANALYSIS HAVING OVER 4.5+ RATINGS INTERACTION OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTOR CAREER IN COMPUTER SCIENCE CAREER in CS GOVT JOB DATA ENTRY OPERATOR IT ENGINEER ai/ml/DATA SCIEMNTIST SOFTWARE ENGINEER bUSINESS ANALYST QA/TEST ENGINEER SYSTEM ENGINEER SOFTWARE ENGINEER SOFTWARE ENGINEER FULLSTACK DEVELOPER FRONTEND DEVELOPER bACKEND DEVELOPER QA/TEST ENGINEER DEVOPS ENGINEER SECURITY ENGINEER SOLUTION ARCHITECT TRAINEE ENGINEER CYBER SECURITY ENGINEER SYSTEM ENGINEER DEVOPS CLOUD DATA SCIENTIST AI /ML& Robotics 3D animation & Video Editing 3D Design & Multi media & VFX others OTHER AREAS OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Genetics Computing Cognitive computing Deep Learning Quantum computing IOT IMAGE PROCESSING COMPUTER VISION DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING .......... TOP HIRING COMPANIES TOP HIRING COMPANIES IN INDIA BULK HIRED COMPANIES TOP PAYING COMPANIES  Tower Research: 38-51L(base 25-30L)  Atlasian: 50L(base around 13L)  Microsoft: 43.33L  Salesforce: 42L  Google: 38L (2.3cr in 2021)  Alphanso: 37L  Sprinklr: 35-45L(30L in 2021)  Uber: 33-35L(2.5cr in 2022)  Apple: 30-35L  D.E Shaw: 31L  Code Nation: 31L  Media.NET: 30L(15L for site reliability)  Flipkart: 28L  Mykarma: 27-32L  Intuit: 26-28L Amazon: 26L Morgan Stanly: 28L Adobe: 22L Urban Company: 22L Zomato: 20L+ Texas Instrument: 19.67L Qualcomm: 19L(25L in 2021) Cure.Fit: 27L Wallmart Labs: 18-20L(22L in 2021) Morgan Stanly: 18L MakeMyTrip: 18L VISA: 17L Samsung: 16.7L Mentor Graphics: 16.2 L Samsung R&D: 16L Nvidia: 16L TCS: 8L Infosys: 17L Wipro: 21L Mindtree: 15 ITC: 25L Texas Instrument: 19.67L Qualcomm: 19L(25L in 2021) Cure.Fit: 27L Wallmart Labs: 18-20L(22L in 2021) Morgan Stanly: 18L ........ COMPUTER ILLETRACY …but many schools still don’t teach computer science Even when students enjoy computer science and the arts the most SOME STATISTICS USEFUL FACTS #11 SOURCE OF NEW JOBS JOB OPPORTUNITY SUCCESS STORY THANK YOU ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE THINK A LEVEL UP SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY MORE EFFICIENT THAN US........

Career Counselling

Transcript: Unlocking Your Potential: Career Counseling with DPS Srinagar Learning Agreement 1 1.Importance of Career Counseling 2. Why Choose DPS Srinagar's Career Counseling? 3. What we Offer? 4. How to Get Started 5. Contact Info 2 The Importance of Career Counseling #1 What is career counseling and its significance #2 Scenario 1: Bill is confused about his career. Some of his friends are opting commerce and some are going for science. After consulting with parents Bill decides to choose science as it is very popular and has a wide variety of career options. Going on the conventional career path, he completes his engineering and the goes for MBA. After 3 years of working, Bill starts to lose interest. He starts getting depressed and he feels like the end of the world. Bill was the victim of his own choice. Scenario 2: Bill is confused about his career. Some of his friends are opting commerce and some are going for science. After consulting with parents Bill decides to go for career counselling. He gets complete clarity about his career. What career to choose and a complete roadmap ahead of that career path. He even gets a 32-page comprehensive report in which he gets to know his most suitable career path and the career path which he should avoid. Bill got to know his passion and is truly happy in life. #3 How does career counselling help?! 1. Helps to choose the right career 2. Helps eliminate career-related confusion 3. Provides expert guidance Why Choose DPS Srinagar's Career Counseling? 3 #1 1. Personalized approach to cater to your needs 2. Follow-up and Long-term Support 3. Affordable #2 Our Alumni in Top Universities and Colleges #3 Success Story #4 Strong network and industry connections What We Offer ? 4 #1 1) Equipping YOU with essential and unbiased knowledge, 2) Academic and career planning in advance #2 Giving YOU access to university options, #3 Admissions processes and timelines, #4 Guidance on financial planning, and scholarships #5 Skill Development Workshops #6 Resume Building #7 Other benefits: 1) Understanding Standardised Testing (SAT,ACT,TOEFL, IELTS), 2)The Write Stuff: Essays That College Admissions Can't Resist, Writing a compelling Statement of Purpose How to Get Started? 5 #1 Enrolling process I Google Form I Payment I Confirmation Mail 6 Contact Information - Ms. Syed Sumera Certified Career Counsellor Write to me on "Campus Manager" Mail: Contact: 7051533212 7

Career Counselling

Transcript: date Career Planning Start Why Now? I am too Young for this Try getting maximum responses Plan Pin this paper behind you Ask your friends to write on this about the qualities you have. Make sure you are not writing your name Do not see it until i tell you How Many Career or Job you can find? More than Careers 10,000 what suits you Profiles Holland’s Personality-Job Fit Theory Theory Now unclip and see your Sheet Action Plan Action Plan Assessment Assessment Who am I Life priorities Interests Preferences Aptitudes Skills Achievements Where are you going Where am i going Career Information Labor Market Information Career research Goal setting Connecting Classroom to World of Work How Do I Get There? How do i get there Skills to Develop Education / Training networking, resumes interviews Obstacles and strategies Tackle and then provide a quick answer for each of the following question Think about your past, present and future What do I like to do? What have I done before? What inspires me? What is important to me What don't I like to do? What do I want to do? Write down your Strength What makes you different from someone else? What are you good at? Now Answer these question also Do you like being around others or prefer being by yourself? What are my Values? How do others see me? Am I a risk taker? Or do avoid doing new things? What is my dream life style? What do I do in my spare time? Things you need to keep in mind while choosing a career Influence Influencers Influencers Influencers Influencers Influencers Influencers Influencers The world and society you live in includes many areas that influence decisions you make about your personal and career path. Examples: Locality - Where do you live? Is it near available work? Family - do you make decisions based on the people you live with? Government - are there political decisions that affect your plans? Select at least 3 different influences from the diagram on the previous page and write down examples of what they are in your life. Who or what impacts on your life and the choices you make? Identify them Employer World is a Village Out of the box Careers Well, We all dont know what is the extend we can go forward Read this thoroughly Compare it with the skills and passion you have. See What is matching The Magic Triangle If we make little changes, just one small change a day, we can make a difference. BIG List three things that are holding you back List three small changes you could make to move forward: Scholorships Scholarships JICA Asian productivity organization UGC The ASEAN Secretariat SAARC RGNIYD UNFPA UN Volunteer UNDP ILO Common wealth UNESCAP MEA more

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