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Card Game Powerpoint Template

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card game

Transcript: PICK Brainstroming A problem-solving technique that helps a group generate creative options. A technique whereby people share ideas in writing, without meeting face to face; also known as absentee brainstorming. Delphi technique Affinity technique A method of generating and organizing ideas by using Post-it notes; group members write each idea on a note and then sort the ideas into common categories. Creativity The generation, application, combination, and extension of new ideas. Silent brainstorming A period of individual brainstorming that occurs before group members share their ideas with the group; integral to the nominal-group technique; also may be used as part of traditional brainstorming. Random-word technique A method used to enhance creative brainstorming in which one person says a random word to stimulate the development of new ideas. Nominal-group technique A problem-solving brainstorming method in which members work individually on ideas, rank suggested solutions, and then report their findings for group discussion. Invention The process of developing new ideas. Electronic brainstorming A method of generating creative ideas using computers; group members write out their own ideas, which are then displayed to all other members. A creative process of putting new ideas into action; innovation includes idea generation, feasibility analysis, reality testing, and implementation of the idea. Innovation Stinking thinking Thoughts that limit a person’s, group’s, or organization’s possibilities. FREE POINT GOOD JOB..!! Pick Again

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