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Car Rental

Transcript: Goal To become the largest distributor of car rental in Brunei. Mission We will ensure a stress-free car rental service experience by providing superior services that cater to our customer’s individual needs. Keys To Success: Good customer service and value. Affordable rental prices. Reaching the target market. Integrity in serving our customers. COMPANY SUMMARY Location: Bandar Seri Begawan. Kuala Belait. Facilities: Main Office Building. Parking Area (Pool Transport). Small Workshop. Start-Up Expenses PRODUCT/SERVICE Our company provides: Self Driven Car Rental (Kereta Sewa Pandu Sendiri, KSPS). General Use. Dedicated. TARGET MARKET TARGET MARKET Local Tourist Main Target Private sector is like an organization such as Brunei Shell Petroleum Company and Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas. Public sector is a government sector such as serve the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and other ministries or departments. MARKETING MIX: PRICE • Competition pricing- Setting a price in comparison with competitors. Really a firm has three options and these are to price lower, price the same or price higher. • Psychological pricing- The seller here will consider the psychology of price and the positioning of price within the market place. • Service Line pricing- Pricing different services within the same service range at different price points. Payment Hourly charges Daily Monthly Contract by annual Option • Full tank. • Empty tank. Extra PROMOTION: It’s about advertising or how we establish our product / service to the public to attract customer. Types of Advertising: Newspapers Radio announcements Posters Web pages Yellow pages Other Types of Advertising: Personal selling Sales / service strategy Package Collaborating with hotels and travel agency. Event SWOT STRENGTHS ICT has embedded the best car rental practices. Software integrates with various booking centers. Rental locations are operating via on-line. Our brand is known worldwide. Clients recognize our cars as the best leisure. Clients love how our employees take care of them. Vehicles are new, periodically maintained. The most trained and joyful employees. Processes well documented driving operations. WEAKNESSES THREATS New competitors arriving. Increasing thefts of cars. Chaotic traffic. Competitors offering price 10% cheaper than ours. Increasing fuel prices. CONCLUSION Conclusion This give us the ideas of setting up the business in car rental. Although this business is considered as a high risk business in Brunei, but because of its popularity of transporting people, this business is important to the nation and society. The type of services is very important in this business, so the Public and Private sectors can be served with these services. Chauffer driven. Afiq•Muz•Ecam Maintenance and cost of repair Very capital intensive operation. Hard to get tender either Public and Private sector. CAR RENTAL BUSINESS Chauffeur Driven Car Rental. Pricing Strategies

Car Rental

Transcript: Activities: Took a beautiful drive from Saskatoon to Regina and saw the very flat lands with rolling hills. Once I got to Regina and I saw the city. Kilometers Driven: 256 ($17.60) Accommodations: Super Eight Regina ($$68) Total Cost: $85.60 Activities: I had a great time driving from Toronto to Ottawa. I passed through the city and got a glimpse of the Canadian Parliament Buildings. i also passed through a dairy farm Kilometers Driven: 429 km (fuel: $25) Accommodations: A family friends house ($0) Total Cost: $25 Waterfront DAY 6 Canada's Biggest Big Nickel in Sudbury Captured Moments Map of the Day Winnipeg on the water Activities: Deciding to spend another day in Toronto I contiuned to explore the beautiful city and went up the CN Tower to see the views from the 6ix. I ended the day with a meal at ribfest. This day was definitely one fo the highlights of my trip. Kilometers Driven: 0 km Accommodations: The Rex ($89) Total Cost: $189 Saskatoon Waterfront DAY 7 DAY 13 The City of Saskatoon Thunder Bay Boat Tour City Hall Drive from Edmonton to Saskatoon Waterfront with Pan Pacific Hotel Captured Moments Captured Moments The skyline of Toronto Bautista's Home Run! Captured Moments Captured Moments Map of the Day Steam Clock in Gastown Winnipeg Skyline Activities: Thunder Bay was so beautiful. The water, the hills and the mountains were all gorgeous and I had a very relaxing day on a boat tour. Kilometers Driven: 0 km Accommodations: Super 8 Thunder Bay ($70) Total Cost: $120 DAY 12 Leaving Winnipeg The Rogers Center Waterfront Captured Moments Water Park in the Mall River View Winnipeg on the water Activities: Touring all around Edmonton, I went to a coal electricity generation factory. It was amazing to see how much coal we burn just for electricity. Then I went to the famous West Edmonton Mall, it even had a water park. My hotel was also in the mall where i spent the night. Kilometers Driven: 0 km Accommodations: West Edmonton Mall Hotel ($100) Total Cost: $100 Captured Moments Castle on the River Ottawa City Lights Activities: I toured around the city of Regina I walked all around the city. I walked along the river and saw the sask legislature it was suck a beautiful attraction. Kilometers Driven: 0 km Accommodations: Super 8 Regina ($68) Total Cost: $75 Outside the Aquarium Battleford Bridge, Saskatoon Sunset in Edmonton Map of the Day Mountains of Hope, BC Captured Moments Captured Moments The City of Winnipeg Toronto City Hall Captured Moments Inside the Sask Legislature Downtown Sudbury Entire Map of Journey More of the City Beautiful Fredericton Beautiful Toronto Water View More of this beautiful city Calendar of the Journey DAY 17 Stampede Grounds Thunder Bay Skyline Saskatoon Northern Lights DAY 8 Thunder Bay at Sunset Sask Legislature Activities: After spending another night with some more family friend I contiuned driving to Fredericton. This was another gorgeous drive into New Brunswick. Kilometers Driven: 656 km (fuel: $23.56) Accommodations: Nights Inn Fredericton ($55) Total Cost: $77.56 Captured Moments Captured Moments Captured Moments Captured Moments Fredericton Legislature Artifacts from the Western Development Museum Activities: As I continued driving, the scenery was beautiful and it was very mountainous. Heading to Banff National Park, there were some breathtaking views including the wildlife like deer and mountain goats. I continued to Calgary where I saw the city life at night and headed to rest at my hotel for the night. Kilometers Driven: 618 km (fuel: $47.38) Accommodation: Econolodge ($66) Total Cost: $113.38 Activities: My entire day was spent hiking around Fairbank Provincial Park and the city of Sudbury. Mainly filled with factories, this industrial town was very interesting to explore. Kilometers Driven: 0 km Accommodations: Pioneer Inn ($69) Total Cost: $69 Crossed from Pacific Daylight Time to Mountain Daylight Time DAY 21 Captured Moments DAY 1 Activities: A LOT of driving. I started in Vancouver and made my way from the urban city through the Okanagan Valley to the mountainous town of Kamloops, BC. i also saw a cool fresh water fishery Kilometers Driven: 354 km (fuel: $24.28) Accommodation: Best Continental Motel ($69) Total Cost: $93.24 Edmonton City Lights Kampaloops, BC Captured Moments Saint John, New Brunswick Activities: Took a beautiful drive from the rolling hills and vast plains of regina to the busy city of Winnipeg. I saw the beautiful city lights I crossed time zones and had to change my clock from mountain time to central time Kilometers Driven: 575 km (fuel: $38) Accommodations: Hansen ($67) Total Cost: $105 Skyline at night, Quebec City Saskatoon Skyline DAY 11 The Calgary Tower Map of the Day Night Lights Map of the Day Calgary Skyline Downtown Regina Captured Moments West Edmonton Mall Toronto Sunset Calgary, Alberta The busy streets of Toronto Activities: Spent the day on a beautiful drive from Winnipeg to Thunder bay. The drive was picturesque and

Car Rental

Transcript: Car Rental Prepared On: 15.10.2017 Prepared By: Nourhan Fawzi The business process here will be discussing how SAP Business One will be able to apply Car Rental functions & steps through B1 software. The main elements involved here are cars, clients, drivers, requests, bookings and rental policies. By the use of B1, you will be able to have a well coordinated and connected business process to fully manage your Car Rental Company. B1 includes various capabilities showing how such processes can be consistenly and adequently implemented. Business Plan Business PRocess How It Works ? How it Works In order to know how the car rental system works, a backlog will be provided. A backlog provides the users involved in the system along with the functions they can do. Moreover, system capabilities will be explained in relevance to the business process topic. As a User, I can CRUD cars' master data along with its bookings history, maintenance history, defects and comments I can print cars' master data in a report format I can print cars' bookings history, maintenance history, defects and comments in a report format I can CRUD clients' master data along with its requests history, bookings history and comments I can print clients' master data in a report format I can print clients' requests history, bookings history and comments in a report format I can CRUD drivers' master data I can print drivers' master data in a report format I can print drivers' trips history and comments in a report format As a User, As a user, I can CRUD policies' master data I can print policies list in a report format I can CRUD requests I can print requests list by filtering pending ones, confirmed ones or all I can CRUD bookings I can print bookings list I can view payments list I can CRUD voucher discounts for clients I can print vouchers to give to clients As a user, As a system, I can send requests' confirmation messages/emails to clients I can send rental offers and deals every now and then to special clients I can send alerts to users and clients when a booking starting and ending date approaches I can send alerts to users when a car maintenance time approaches I can send alerts to users when a car license renewal date approaches I can display statistics for any master data records in the form of graphical charts or reports As a system, Entities Relationship diagram Entity Relationship diagram Entites and Relationships Involved Diagram Diagram Demo Screens Demo Screens Master Data Screens Master Data Screens Examples: Request Form Booking Form Payment Form Policy Form Cars Master Data Screen Cars Master Data Screen Clients Master Data Screen Clients Master Data Screen Reports ScreenS Reports ScreenS Examples: Annual Consumption Reports Monthly Reports Filtering Capability Reports Car Master Data Reports Client Master Data Reports Requests List Car Rental History Example Car Rental History Example Car Price Plans Example Car Price Plans Example Request Summary Example Request Summary Example Car Master Data Example Car Master Data Example Car Rental Business Process in SAP Business One Conclusion

Rental Car

Transcript: Sault Ste. Marie Flight: Vancouver-Toronto July, in Calgary is home to the Calgary Stampede. An annual fair known nationwide. Cost: $40 Camp the night at "Pancake Bay Provincial Park". A camp ground near Sault Ste. Marie abundant in large circular shallow lakes. Cost: $20 Food: Cooked meal on a fire. Total Cost: Rental Car $1,606.76 Gas $440.1 Meals $175 Entertainment:$139 Total: $2,360 Total Cost Trip Length: 4,456km Dodge Grand Caravan holds a total of 75.6L of gas per tank, and burns 7.3L of gas every 100km. A total of 326 L of gas of will be used for the trip. Price of gas=$1.35/L Total cost of gas: $440.1 Calgary Cross Canada Roadtrip Enterprise: Grand Caravan 1 day: $80.20 1 Week: $399.00 Drop Charge: $936.31 Vehicle License: $6.40 HST: $184.85 Total: $1,606.76 Thunder Bay WestJet offers a direct flight from Vancouver to Toronto for $562, while Air Canada offers the same flight for $592. Rental Car Visiting "Science North", a science museum i frequently visited with my family as a child. Cost: $32 Restaurant: Pizza One Hotel: Belmont Inn. Cost: $54 Visit Kakabeka Falls, a local waterfall in the Thunder Bay area. Cost: $0 Restaurant: Mr.Chinese Restaurant Hotel: Old Country Motel. Cost: $58 Visit the Yvette Moore Art Gallery. An art gallery that displays early Canadian artwork. Cost: $0 Restaurant: The Mad Greek Hotel: Travelodge. Cost: $76 Moose Jaw Sudbury Winnipeg Kamloops Visit the "Assiniboine Park Zoo". Cost: $17 Restaurant: Eat at the local McDonald's Hotel: Howard Johnson Express Inn. Cost: $58 Visit "Kamloops Wildlife Reserve Park". This is an animal sanctuary which exhibits wildlife found in the BC area, and also provides a habitat for local endangered species. Cost:$30 Restaurant: Sanbiki Japanese Kitchen Hotel: Howard Johnson Inn. Cost:$48

Car Rental

Transcript: SWOT 2011 revenue of US$22.4 billion 2011 fleet size of approx. 1.76 million – revenue of US$1060 per vehicle per month Annual growth 2007-12 was -0.3% Ehi is the second largest in market share with 7% Ehi has acquired financing from investment companies such as Goldman Sachs Group totaling 165 Million USD in 2011 alone A substantial investment from Enterprise in Q2 of 15% sees Ehi financed for the future. Overall rating: +1 India Company SWOT Car Rental Sales – 2.39 billion USD Market Breakdown by Category Business: 1,201.75USD Leisure: 991.148 USD Insurance Replacement: 208.093 USD Industry dominated by 3 companies Sixt AG has 31.8% of German market share. Europcar: 27.1 Avis: 13.4 Projected growth of 1% exceeding 2.5 billion USD in 2015 Trends Market highly saturated Consolidation phase Country Overview Industry Overview Ehi: +2 High enough growth potential to risk the difficulty for foreign investment A foothold in the Chinse market No international company has been able to compete An established car sharing market Low labour costs Outlook positive for consolidation - Recent international financing to support growth Germany Sunrise Industry Worth approx 400 million USD 10% of the market is branded (regulated) 21 regulated firms Regulated car rental growth of 14% pa Car Rental Market GLOBAL CAR RENTAL INDUSTRY Ehi Car Service SWOT Analysis China Annual revenue US$14.1 billion – approx. 63% of total market revenue Ranked 15th on Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies Parent company of 8 affiliated rental brands Enterprise Holdings Industry Overview Carzonrent accounts for 17% of the regulated car rental market sector A subsidiary company of the global car rental giant Hertz Biggest competitor is Mercury Car rental, owned by Avis Leading the market in web business integration China Industry Overview Enterprise & Sixt: +1 Safe blue chip investments Periodically slow and steady growth Securitised through the countries developed legal structure. Saturated markets Carzonrent: +0 Presents high growth prospects Unregulated market dominance Operates a fleet of more than 7,600 vehicles In 383 locations in 48 cities across China eHi is China’s main car service distributor for “self drive service and chauffeur drive service” The company has received a number of prestigious awards. Followed the Hertz model Now following the Zipcar model of car sharing eHi has the broadest geographical coverage and vehicle model selection, as well as the most comprehensive services in China. USA SWOT Company Overview Our Investment Decision Revenue in EUR million - 1,538.22 Largest fleet size in Germany - 47,000 vehicles 2nd in number of transactions (GER) to Europcar 1st in German average sales per transactions Strong profit development Rating +2 Market size is 4 billion USD Growth for 2011 was 62% Highly fragmented; only 6,000 of the 40,000 car rental companies are officially registered The leading company has 11% market share. Company Overview

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