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Candle Light Powerpoint Template

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Candle Light Of Hope

Transcript: PROJECT PLANNING Candle Light of Hope (CLOH) is a group created to fulfil the requirements for HDB1012: MPU4 Community Engagement Project (CEP). CEP is a project-based activity that are based on knowledge, skills, morals, value, patriotism and towering personality. CLOH consists of 4 supervisors & 30 committees (20 boys & 10 girls). CLOH will be organizing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project at Kampung Luat, Lenggong, Perak. PROJECT PLANNING # PROJECT BACKGROUND To raise the awareness of helping the poor community. To create bond and build respect between students and the community. To enable students to explore and acquire new skill, interests and knowledges. To produce well-rounded graduates who are creative and innovative with the potential to become leaders of industry and the nation. PROJECT PLANNING # OBJECTIVES High Committee(HICOM) : Monitor the progress of all departments Promotion and Publication(PNP) : Designing poster, banner and promoting the pre-event and main event Public Relation(PR) : Responsible for communication between the organizer and villagers of Kampung Luat Ceremony and Protocol(CNP) : Organizing the activity during the event Logistic(LOG) : Ensure goods and manpower supply is sufficient Business and Sponsorship(BNS) : Generating funds for this event PROJECT PLANNING # TASK ALLOCATION FOR EACH DEPARTMENT PROJECT PLANNING # PROJECT PLANNING OF DEPARTMENT PROJECT PLANNING # PROPOSED BUDGET EXECUTION OF PROJECT EXECUTION OF PROJECT #ORGANIZATIONAL CHART EXECUTION OF PROJECT # SUPERVISORS Dr Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim bin Abdullah (Main Supervisor) Dr Zulqarnain bin Abu Bakar Abu Bakar Sedeq Abdul Jamak Dr Muhammad Umar Draz EXECUTION OF PROJECT # High Committees (HICOM) Project Manager : Muhammad Latifi Amir Bin Zainal Akmar Asst. Project Manager : Puteri Shahirah Nazihah Bt Salihan Secretary 1 : Mohammad Haziq bin Muhamad Dun Secretary 2 : Nurul Ain binti Mohd Hanapiah Treasurer : Intan Syafiqal Binti Rosni Department Supervisor : Dr Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim bin Abdullah EXECUTION OF PROJECT # Logistic (LOG) Head of Department : Muhammad Farhan Najmi bin Suzuki @ Aslam Asst. Head of Department : Nurul Ainina bt. Mohd Anas Committees : Huang Yong Huat Awaluddin bin Alimudin Abdul Rahman bin Mohamad Zamberi Department Supervisor : Dr Muhammad Ridhuan Tony Lim bin Abdullah EXECUTION OF PROJECT # Business and Sponsorship (BNS) Head of Department : Muhammad Khairul Muzammil Bin Abdul Kahar Asst. Head of Department : Muhammad Zakwan Fikri b. Mohd Hasnan Committees : Amar bin Ahmad Muhammad Kasyful Azhim Bin Mohamad Rosli Muhammad Amirul Asyraf bin Roslan Department Supervisor : Dr Zulqarnain bin Abu Bakar EXECUTION OF PROJECT # Public Relation (PR) Head of Department : Mohd Al Imran Bin Ros Asst. Head of Department : Nurulsyazana binti Onn Committees : Muhammad Fikri bin Ahmad Fauzi Ahmad Aminudin Ferdaus b Abdullah Mohamad Izzulqhair Bin Mohd Faris Department Supervisor : Abu Bakar Sedeq Abdul Jamak EXECUTION OF PROJECT # Ceremony and Protocol (CNP) Head of Department : Afza Adlina Binti Ab Halim Asst. Head of Department : Nur Alia bt Ahmad Saifi Committees : Izzian Khalilah bt Zakaria Muhammad Farid Hisyam Bin Anuar Mohamad Aslam Bin Zakaria Department Supervisor : Abu Bakar Sedeq Abdul Jamak EXECUTION OF PROJECT # Promotion and Publication (PNP) Head of Department : Muhammad Alif Haikal Bin Mohd Radzuan Asst. Head of Department : Syaza binti Zaid Committees : Muhammad Hafiz Bin Zubir Abdul Rahim B Abdul Razak Aida Syafiqah binti Abdul Manaf Department Supervisor : Dr Muhammad Umar Draz TEAM MEMBERS' PARTICIPATION TEAM MEMBERS' PARTICIPITATION General Meetings Participitation in event Department Meetings with supervisor Department Meetings PROBLEM SOLVING PROBLEM SOLVING MONTAGE MONTAGE

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