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Cafe Presentation

Transcript: The cafe interview Cafe Questions Questions/Answers 1. How do we make people order from our shop? By using persuasive advertisement. 2. Could you explain your advertisement? " We make posters of what we have in the cafe" and use social media like Instagram and Facebook. 3.How do we keep track of all our orders? Julia writes them down on a piece of paper and takes short notes 4.How do all your roles work in the cafe In the cafe they do the role that they are best at. 5.How do you make good prices for the food? if they work hard on making the food then they put a high price. they think of a percentage. 6. Do you have any sale? no not that many. 7. Do you have any rule for how high the prices can go or how low? "No". 8. Are there any disadvantageous with the cafe? Yes when you work with other people it can be hard to communicate with. 9. Do you like working in the cafe? Yes, Julia likes working in the cafe and it's a very fun job she thinks you can be so creative. 10. Are there any benefits in the cafe? yes, being able to bake witch Julia thinks is very fun. How the answers impact the sandwich shop How the questions impact the sandwich shop In the cafe the people do the roles that they are best at and the ones that they like doing the most. Julia's greatest skill is making the coffee so she does that. Maria's greatest skill is baking so she does that. at we are going to look out for... because it is related to our unit which is "how we organize ourselves "and that we can learn how to prepare food , how to run a business and how we buy ingredients. Reasons why we sell sandwiches Why do we sell sandwiches why we asked questions Why we asked questions We needed help to get a idea of working in a sandwich shop so we went to the cafe and got some information about how Julia works their. We need inspiration with advertisement to make people order from our shop. advertisement is when you make a poster or a video about anything. Advertisement advertisement

Cafe Presentation

Transcript: MU Café Present By: Cedrick Kazadi, Thelma Urey Quartney Bradley and Brandon Caban Welcome to The Ship Wreck Introduction The NAACP of Millersville university will like to give recognition to the people who able to make this possible that which allows student to make the changes they want see in the community. Now let's get started NEW MU HOT SPOT Other Names: The Cannon The Plank The Trap The Brig The Explosion The Galley, Upper Deck and Anchor The Wreck is destruction of normalities Horrifically extraordinary atmosphere with a twist PROJECT OVERVIEW Interior Theme: The aftermath of a shipwreck Painted cracks on the walls and furniture wood textures throughout pictures and wall decorations tilted barrel shaped bar stools and cups Make versatile seating window bar seating for singles movable doubles tables for group gatherings storage for games available to everyone to use A stage area for possible performances and game nights Lock boxes where orders can be held for mobile pickups Exterior Pavement expansion Tall fence lined with lights outdoor games available like corn-hole Space heaters for cooler nights Multiple seating options from benches to hammocks Try to implement the exterior more than it has been PRODUCTS & SERVICES Food Drinks Cold brew detox tea - detox Advertisement Drink Kale drink sweetened with almond milk - Vegan And More Gluten Free option Croissant Breakfast Sandwich Pescatarian option Avocado Salmon toast Rye breed Cold smoke Salmon Regular Bacon egg and cheese Sausage egg and cheese grilled cheese pesto sauce BLT Chicken sandwich hangover meal And More Business Structure Business Structure Work Hours: 4 hours shift Monday - 8-4 Tuesday -8-4 Wednesday - 8-4 Thursday - 8-4 Friday - 8 - 1:30am Saturday - close Sunday 10-10 Student manager - $15 Student supervisor - $13 Kitchen staff / Chief - $13 Cashiers - $12 Busser - $12 Apron - Wreck logo Hair Net / hat Logo on mask Community Involvement Point of interest This cafe will serve the community by be useful for the community Having later hours and events will get the community involved with the Wreck Cafe quickly because of the lack of late night options Millersville already offers. The Wreck Cafe will capitalize on "young and restless" niche market mostly all college students fall under. Make the cafe useable for events By the school By organization Birthdays (Upon approval) Host weekly events for student the body. Late night hours to accommodate procrastinating students Marketing Marketing strategy Create a first impression that will excite the community! SWOT SWOT Weakness: Lack of demanded for food Not enough seating Lack of options Strength: Location Theme Community involvement SWOT SWOT Opportunities: Bring better meal solutions Serve the community Benefit the students Threats: Lack of advertising School push back on creative design School push back on food served Lacks of space for food? Awareness, Exposure and Repetition A.E.R Awareness: Perception Email Blast Signage Announcement of winners Music Exposure: Revelation Quality seating Quality service Quality Food Interpersonal staff to bridge community GAMES! Repetition: Consistency Email Blast New Info Quality over Quantity Games Different games Same & Different days Additional Advertising: Community Involvement More Marauder Vote Week Vote for game Vote for Specialty drink Organization Advertisement Allow to organization to use the cafe for events Specialty drink fundraiser Specialty food fundraiser Finances Finances Furniture/ Renovations-$28,000 Inside- $18,000 Outside- $10,000 Branding-$3,000 Advertisement Employees-$9,000 Training Uniforms Positions/Wages Conclusion We are grateful to be given this opportunity to give back to our campus. We plan on making an environment not only that brings in income, but improves quality of campus life for all students

cafe presentation

Transcript: Size: This napkin size is suitable because it’s small enough to put in your bag, and use. Effectiveness I do not think this sugar sachet is effective because there is nothing on there to show it is from a certain café. Kiran Dhesi Kiran Dhesi Purpose: The purpose of this image is to inform people that Starbucks is near and that they can get a fast Starbucks coffee .Because it is a drive thru it will have more people go there, as it shall not add too much time in their journey. Effectiveness: This advert is effective because when somebody see’s this they will want to go to Starbucks for a free coffee. Target audience: My target audience is to people who like the vintage, shabby chic style. I feel this shall be teenage girl through to older ladies. However I shall ensure that the Café and logo appeal to both sexes. Effectiveness: This billboard is effective because as soon as someone sees this they might want to have a coffee and because it is a drive-thru people will want to go their even more. It is also quick and convenient for drivers. Suitability: I think my advertisement is effective because if people see this they will want to go through this drive-thru and when people are tired whilst driving going to get a quick coffee will help. Audience: The audience of this sachet is all genders and of all ages included adults. Fair-trade brown sugar sachet Purpose: My purpose is to bring more people back into the vintage time and designs also my logo needs to attract attention and my logo needs to make people release what type of café I have. Size: The size of this billboard, has to big enough to see and read. But still it cant be to big to block the road. Suitability: I think this is suitable for its purpose because the aim is to advertise Costa and when people see this napkin, you will feel like drinking a costa. Purpose: The purpose of this napkin is to make people want to go to Costa café if they see this napkin outside of Costa. Effectiveness: This napkin is effective because when somebody sees this they will want a Costa coffee. Suitability: I do not think this is suitable for the purpose because there is no advertisements on the package and because of this, there is no way that the sugar sachets show the logos of company's. However the logo is clear and suitable for the size. Audience: The audience of this napkin are all people who drink coffee. Audience: The audience of this advert is anyone who drinks coffee but anyone can watch this because they will see it on national TV. Size: This advert has a good size because you can still read the writing. How the image has been made: This sugar sachet has been made to advertise fair-trade but this is not useful for the café because it does not symbolize the certain brand. How the image has been made: The image will aware people that if they go to Starbucks before 14th march this is when they receive a free latte and this will make more people go to Starbucks because they are fans of their coffee. Suitability: I think this advert is effective because more people will go to Starbucks and they will start to come more that will make Starbucks more money. Purpose: The purpose of this sugar sachet is that when a person needs sugar they can use one of these sachets. How the image has been made: The image has been made to catch peoples eyes so they will want to go to Starbucks and because the Starbucks cup is on the side of the board the people see this shows them that it is Starbucks. Kiran Dhesi Purpose: The purpose of this advert is to show that if you go to Starbucks before 14th march at noon you gat a free coffee. Source of computer graphics for my café project Name: Kiran Dhesi How the image has been made: This napkin is to get people to go to Costa when they see this napkin and they are advertising the café whilst using this napkin. Size: The sugar sachet is small enough for a person to use and keep with them and it is big enough for any logos on the sachet to be visible. Audience: The audience that will see this advertisement are going to be adults. The gender is targeted to be male and female, because its on a billboard, all ages can see this because they might be in a vehicle that passes this.

Cafe presentation

Transcript: Our theme colours are Purple, Blue and green. We chose these colours because they appeal to both genders and they look grown up. Working out the costs of the cafe was one of the hardest tasks of the project; because we had to do lots of excel charts to get accurate results out of it. This is what are basic costs and and start up costs for what we need to make are cafe good and up and running! In our english/Ict lessons we Did a servey and went around different years and gathered the results into a pie chart. These charts show what is popular for teenagers/young adults! All these charts show what people prefer to eat and drink, when they go to cafes and what is a inviting theme! Our charts show that people like all different types of food and that most people prefer juke box music. This will improve our cafe so we can get it to the standard people want! Costs. These are skills audits showing what we personally and our peers think our main skills are. As we are all good for different jobs and we needed to narrow them down! Our skills audits Pie Chart This is Jess’ audit… These are our advertisement posters. To promote our cafe we will also add advertisements on Facebook, Twitter and in other cafe windows. These are both common social nework sites that tennagers use, so they will see our adverts and our pages (sites). Whats so L'unique about our cafe? Our themes? What is it all about? Our cafe is Unique because Its a great chance for young adults to feel grown up also for them to get off the street causing trouble. In our cafe we will have music playing all of the time also every so often we will have local live bands coming in. Its so people have somewhere to hang out with there friends! We will charge around £5 for this so we can get a profit from it. Cafe l'unique Over the past 5 months we have been trying to set up our own youth cafes. To do this we were set lots of challenges for example trying to master our own finance, business plans, advertisement, surveys and presentations. We had 3 different lessons English ICE, Maths ICE and IT ICE. These sessions gave us a little taster of what we would be mastering in year 10&11 GCSE ICT. Advertisment By Olivia Cable,Katy Rumbelow and Jess Morris Pie Charts.

Cafe Presentation

Transcript: Jamaica Blue Cafe - Urban area in WA A random sample - Equal chance of being selected - Suitable for students A 10 survey question - Quantitative and Qualitative - Each question is linked to the research objectives 2 sections in the survey - The importance of service quality - Demographics Word-of-Mouth "Customer loyalty and attraction of new customers, positive word-of-mouth, employee satisfaction and commiment, reduced costs, and increase business performance" (Akbaba 2006). Q1. The average of customer service (4.72%) median 5, mode 5 4.63% of 19 males agree about customer service 4.76% of 41 females agree also Q4. The average of rate in customer service experience (4.48%), median 5, mode 5 Rank scale from 1 (very bad) to 5 (very good) - 5; total of 36 cases - 4; total of 18 cases - 3; total of 5 cases - 2; total of 1 case The age group 1st - 65 or older (19 out of 60) - 31.67% 2nd - 18 to 24 and 54 to 64 (12 out of 60) - 20% Genders Mele (19%) vs Female (41%) Work current situation Retired (19 out of 60) - 31.67% Other (work duties, mothers with kids) - 10% "The process of allowing consumers to share information and ideas that either direct buyers positively or negatively from particular goods, brands, and services" (Litvin, Ronald, & Bing 2008) Q3. Choices of coming to the cafe Been here before (46.67%) Convenient location (33.33%) Friends and Family & Other (6%) Social media (0%) To determine the level of satisfaction with service quality To determine the factors that influence service quality To determine the impact of service quality on word-of-mouth To determine how likely customers are to spread negative word-of-mouth about their experience The Effects of WOM, Customer Satisfaction, and Service Quality on Cafe Customers Results & Discussion The Impact of Service Quality on Word-of-Mouth (3 & 6) Q6. The average of customer returning is 4.42%, the median is 5, mode is 5 Customer Satisfaction To spread negative word-of-mouth about customers' experience (7) ✳✱* Involves products that influence customer to re-purchase and to encourage word-of-mouth recomendations (Pileliene, Almeida, & Grigaliunaite 2016) Presented by Kannika Afonso (32040911) ศระำพฟLiterature Review Research Objectives The Level of Satisfaction with Service Quality (1 & 4) Litvin, S. W., Goldsmith, R. E., & Pan, B. (2008). Electronic word-of-mouth in hospitality and tourism management. Tourism management, 29(3), 458-468. Pileliene, L., Almeida, N., & Grigaliunaite, V. (2016). Customer satisfaction in catering industry: Contrasts between Lithuania and Portugal. Encontros Científicos-Tourism & Management Studies, 12(1), 53-59. Akbaba, A. (2006). Measuring service quality in the hotel industry: A study in a business hotel in Turkey. International Journal of Hospitality Management,25(2), 170-192. Service Quality The average of recommedation is 4.18, median 4, mode 5 ฏำDemographics Method The Factors That Influence Service Quality (2 & 5) References The factors have impact on the return rank scale Return rank scale of 5 -> extremely likely (32 cases) Return rank scale of 4 -> likely (22 cases) Return rank scale of 3 -> neutral (5 cases) Return rank scale of 2 -> unlikely (1 cases) Q2 . Characteristics in good customer service Friendliness (53.33%) - 32 cases Politeness (25%) - 15 cases Helpfulness (11.67%) - 7 cases Other (10%) - 6 cases Q5. Like or dislike about the service Not applicable (60%) Positive (31.67%) - Efficiency, Quick service, Politeness, Petient Staff Negative (8.3%) - Trainee, Wi-Fi issue, Unfriendly & Unsmiling staff All surveys received the total of 60 cases - a response rate of 100% It is divided into 4 sections in relation to the research objectives

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