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Buyers Presentation Template

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Buyers Presentation

Transcript: WE HELP PEOPLE BUY HOUSES WHO AM I? ABOUT Born and raised in Plymouth Meeting Studied accounting at West Chester University and obtained a Master in Taxation from Philadelphia University CPA for the last 8 years & former PwC Employee Avid Real Estate Investor with 4 Properties in South Philly SO YOU WANT TO BUY A HOUSE? We don't just buy and sell houses. We are here to make this journey the best possible experience for you. NOW WHAT? We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships that enable us to help you make an informed decision. Our services are unparalleled, so much so, we know you're going to refer us to all of your family and friends. OUR SERVICE TO YOU Our Service to you Your goal, is our goal! Our clients receive exceptional guidance through navigating a real estate transaction including, but not limited to, those listed below. Initial Buyers Consultation Financing options Customize your listing search to be delivered directly to your inbox Accompany you on all showings Pricing and Contract Negotiations Road map to Closing Seamless transaction coordination TRUST THE PROCESS YOUR MOTIVATION Tell me about yourself What is your motivation for buying a property? What is your current employment situation? Have you saved for a down payment and closing cost? Seller's Assist WHAT IS SELLER'S ASSIST? A $10,000 Seller Assist on a $300,000 purchase WHY? CONS: Save $ for a rainy day You don't have the funds up front To reach a new % down threshold Historically low interest rates Seller has to agree Property has to appraise for higher value Reduces your purchasing power Nets the seller $290,000 Requires appraisal on $300,000 Reduces what you need to bring to closing by $10,000 You pay an extra $75-90/month to finance the closing cost Get That Money FINANCING FHA Loans ( Government Insured Loans) Conventional (Privately Insured Loans) VA LOANS & CRA LOANS 3.5% down and up to 6% Seller Assist Monthly Mortgage Insurance Premium (For life of the loan) Standard rates and premiums regardless of credit FHA 203(k) Renovation loan option 3% & 5% down payment options and up to 3% Seller Assist 10% & 20% down payment with up to 6% Seller Assist Monthly Mortgage Insurance only for less than 20% down* *Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium Credit based pricing Closing Costs CLOSING COST Transfer Tax (2.139% of sales price in Philadelphia & 1% outside) Hazard Insurance/Escrow Tax Reimbursement & Escrow Title Insurance/Endorsements (based on sales price) Lender fees/Appraisal (up to $1,500 is reasonable) Pre-paid interest (per diem to the end of month) Deed & Mortgage Recording fees ($400-500) Notary Fee ($25-60) Inspection Fees ($300-600) Condo fee/capitalization fee (condos only) Flat Fee Commission/admin fee ($375) THE ONE ONCE WE FIND THE ONE Once we find that perfect house We'll research comparable properties to ensure you're paying a fair price We'll provide the seller with a copy of your Pre-approval & BFI Once under contract our transaction coordinator will reach out to you with the next steps NEGOTIATION NEGOTIATION Terms to negotiate: Price Settlement Date Earnest Deposits Financing* Inspections* Deadlines Inclusions *Contingencies allow you to get out of the contract and your earnest deposits back. CONTACT TO CLOSE CONTRACT TO CLOSE On The Clock Day 1: The day after both parties sign the Agreement Of Sale Day 5: Initial Deposit due Day 10: Home Inspections take place You research/obtain a insurance policy Day 15: 2nd Deposit due Day 30: Mortgage Contingency Give landlord notice Call Utility Companies Make moving arrangements Our promise is to over communicate to you throughout this process! QUESTIONS NEXT STEPS ? Contact Information: Jared Bourjolly 610.772.0805

Buyers Presentation

Transcript: Product presentation Sustainable business model Google's content interest index National and international cooperation recognize the Colombian fair trade chain as an model of inclusive and sustainable business. At the same time, they value the nutritional properties of Quinoaseeds and the innovation of Quinoasure. @factoriaquinoa Natural Nutrition Last 3 times more than other nutritional complements: Use only 5 to 10gr for a fruit smoothie. superior to : is Quinoa Quinoa Nutrition Click the label to zoom Quinoa Gerente I+D Gerente Ventas Públicas Gerente Exportaciones Gerente General Gerente Ventas Directas Gerente Grandes Cuentas Distribuidores por Ciudad Equipo de Soporte Colombian fair trade chain: # 1 in nutrition and sustainability Based on searches done for a particular term, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time Based on searches done for a particular term, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time factoriaquinoa An Instant Quinoa with much more Consumers who value an ethical company. Consumers who value a healthy product for themselves and for the environment. Consumers who recognizes the small quinoa producer's community Factoria Quinoa through an efficient agroindustrial process and it's own equipment transforms the grain into a nourishment and feed concept A 5000 years andean indigenous sacred crop Arginine Cysteine Daizein and Genistein Aspartic acid Glutamic Acid Phenylalanine Linoleic acid (omega6) Histidine (3 times more the wheat) Isoleucine, leucine and valine Lysine Methionine Production Community 100% instant Quinoa world interest 100% Quinoa The numbers on the graph reflect how many searches have been done for a particular term, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time factoriaquinoa factoriaquinoa Transforming Community Quinoa Vs. Soy world interest Food & Recipes category Individuals and organizations that go beyond being Quinoasure distributors and recognize the added value in nutrition, health, sustainability and inclusive business. Individuals and organizations that accept the terms of negotiation, towards ensuring a fair price for the consumer's community and feedback to transforming community, in order to keep the Colombian fair trade chain. INNOVATION Interdisciplinary technicians and professionals committed to adding value to other communities in the colombian fair trade chain processes, such as: agro processing, graphic and web design, management, marketing, nutrition, cooking, sales, finance, logistics, legal support, export, etc. Follow us: Aminoacids Consumer's Community Soy Instant food and beverages world interest Imagine an Instant Quinoa INNOVATION Based on searches done for a particular term, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time Presentation '' The golden grain'' for the Incas in Peru ''Father's food'' for the Muiscas in Colombia Join the Quinoa's Colombian Fair Trade, which means sustainability, equity and peace Gerente Maquinaria Gerente Servicio al Cliente Gerente Logística Gerente Contable Gerente Mercadeo Has 82% of protein assimilation, over 68% assimilation of powder raw quinoa. Sustainable business model Gerente Producción Gerente Cooperación Gerente Nutrición Gerente Diseño Gerente Web 2.0 Vitamins Raw Natural Nutrition Health Quinoa producers who use an ecological model for growing quinoa. Producers who receive a fair margin above 40% on their investment every six months. Producers aware of their social and environmental responsibility for a better fed and healthier consumer. High biological protein (16 TO 20%) Contains all aminoacids, including essentials Factoria Quinoa introduces Versatility Chenopodium Quinoa Willd Click on the play button @factoriaquinoa factoria quinoa Quinoa main searches The best hypoallergenic food 100% natural Ideal for soft and semi-soft diets Based on searches done for a particular term, relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time Protein Carbohydrates Fiber calcium Iron Distribution Community It replaces: Flour Milk Butter and other thickeners in soup, creams and dips + Reduce time and cost of cooking using Instant Quinoa B1 B2 B3 B9 Taste, texture and smell enhanced Support Community "Quinoa has the balance of protein and nutrients closer to what would be the ideal food for the human being"

Buyers Presentation

Transcript: "I Strive to Make the Purchase of YOUR Home and all of the Associated Activities Free of Stress, Easy to Understand and, at Times, even Fun! My goal is to EXCEED your Expectations and Provide you with Exceptional Services throughout our Relationship." As a Home Buying Specialist My Goal is To Find You: 1. The BEST Home For Your Needs 2. Negotiate the LOWEST Price 3. Secure the BEST Financing 4. With the LEAST Amount of Hassle ... And all of this at NO COST to You! My Services Knowledge of Current Market: 1. Inventory 2. Seller Expectations 3. Offer Pricing Strategies 4. Negotiation Skills 5. Timing Things You Will Need to Provide for Pre-Approval 1. Social security number 2. Proof of employment. 3. Proof of income. 4. Tax documents. 5. Place of Residence. 6. Bank account information. 7. Credit information. THINGS TO DO IF YOU DECIDE TO VISIT NEW CONSTRUCTION AND OPEN HOUSES Closing and Recording 1. Member of National Association of Realtors 2. Access to Regional Multiple Listing System (RMLS) 3. Work with Builders 4. Work with FSBO 5. Relocation Preferred Agent The Benefits of Choosing Me Title Insurance Manisha's Premium Buyer Services Mission Statement If You Aren't Previewing With Me: 1. Tell the Salesperson that you are working with a Realtor 2. Give them my card 3. Put my contact info. in the registration form 4. Inform me about your visit I Will Write the Offer with You "I believe in making relationships for life. I will work hard for you and in return I just want your LOYALTY." PREVIEWING PROPERTIES Notary Service for life Digital Signatures Moving Truck ...and ALL of these absolutely FREE The Benefits of Choosing Me: Exclusive Representation The Benefits of Working with Me Some Additional Benefits.... Narrow Down the Area of Choice Submitted in Escrow Getting the Keys! &

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