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Business strategy presentation

Transcript: In the past decade the UK economy has shifted from a 'Service Economy' to a 'Experience Economy'. Commodities-----Goods---------------Service-------------Experience Commoditized Commoditized E-Ticketing. Sustainability. Competitive strategies LAUNCH - organisations deliver modified or new products (or services) to existing markets. Ticket touts have been a constant concern to any company for driving up prices. The Festival market is growing. In-direct competition, e.g. hot tub cinema, pop-up events and tough mudders. CONSOLIDATION Boston Matrix for a Large Venue in London Beverland et al (2001) Company Analysis Conception - Launch - Growth -Consolidation - Decline - Revival Trends that affect the Eventim Apollo The growth of the Live Music Sector Bruce Springsteen was one of the earliest opponents of the merger, warning that it would create "a near-monopoly situation" (Allen, 2010) Primarily focused on property development. Venues total £171 million, which is 7% of total profit. The company has an aim to have Olympia as a standalone venue by 2015. Plans have been submitted for a hotel on site, and to re-instate and enhance entrances to Olympia. Strategy is to make Olympia a leader in the exhibiton business. Key Players Hucker, 2014, p. 105. 8.1 million + The threat of new entrants The impetus from artist to focus more on their live shows Joint Ventures Online Ticketing partnerships The types of entertainment on offer Has no public funding. Turnover is invested in to venue improvement and promoting the Arts and Sciences. 6 Honorary fellows of the Royal Albert Hall and other supporters such as Westminster Council, The Band Trust,Cirque du Soleil and Sharegift. Public can also donate money and support the hall by volunteering. AEG Live How Have The UK's Banking Markets Changed Over The Past 10 Years? Business Trends Declining sales in recorded music. Venue Improvement. Online ticketing services. Increased number of sponsors. Diversification of performances. Increased use of social media platforms. 'Historic' artists re-forming. Increased profits in condiments sales, driven by higher focus Market Development involves offering existing products to new markets Adapted from Joseph Pine, 2004. Age and Wealth Distribution Companies compete both directly and within a sector.. Offering live music as well other performances and events. E-Tickets. Performance. Architectural Innovation Consumers may believe that promoters are increasing prices due to greed, this is not neccessarily the case with artist demanding higher booking fees. AEG own the largest venues in London, nearly eliminating competition. Prior this was Live nation. The reduction in CD sales due to pirate downloads has meant that venue tours, as well as festivals, has become one of the most important revenue streams. Porter's 5 forces Home of UK culture SWOT Analysis for Live Nation Why has the industry grown? Acquisitions Retaliation From Competitors Legal Constraints Commodities are fungible, goods are tangible, services intangible, and experiences are memorable. (Gilmore et al, 1999, Pp. 11-12). UK Live Music What is our chosen sector? DECLINE Trends of the Live Music Sector - involves offers of existing products to new markets (Hucker, 2014, Pp. 5) Change in target market REVIVAL The Jockeying among current contestants Capital City Consumer Trends Spectacularisation of events. Technology Music Tourism Diversity of acts Environmental sustainability New Government Legislation Live nation is the largest music promoter in the UK and divides the type of venues by size. (Hucker, 2014, pp. 41-42) Music Tourism How trends affect the O2 Arena GROWTH Office for Fair Trading Product life cycle vs Event Life cycle SWOT Analysis of the Live Music Venues Ticket sales for 2011. Future opportunities and risks Defining the industry sector a monopolised market? The Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences CONCEPTION Advanced technology In 2010 the Justice Department approved the merger of Ticketmaster and Live nation after a year long investigation. Live nation is the largest presenter of live music and entertainment events. AEG is second. The threat of substitute products or services The live music sector is valued at £1,190 million and expected to rise to £1,435 million by 2018. - Implies increasing share of current markets with current product range Allen, K and Wearden, G. (2009). 'Competition Commission opposes Ticketmast and Live Nation merger.' Guardian. 8th Oct. [Electronic version] Accessed 19/03/2014. AEG. (2012). AEG 1 Earth - 2012 Sustainability report. [Online] Available at: (Accessed on 19/03/2014) Competition Comission. (2013) AEG/Wembley Arena - Live Nation: Initial comments to the Competition Commission. [Online] Available at: (Acessed on 19/03/2014).

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Transcript: STRENGTHS Combination of catalog protective products and custom molding capabilities is a differentiator Qualified vendor at most medical device manufacturers Brand recognition in the Design Engineering community Quality system that understands needs of medical customers Library of standard materials with supporting certifications increases customer’s confidence and expedites approval WEAKNESSES Lack of clear direction on types of opportunities to pursue Sales team’ technical sales capabilities Industrial manufacturing company trying to add Medical Capabilities (e.g. automation, cleanliness) organically, competing against specialized, existing Medical Molders Significant gaps in non-protective/functional catalog product offering Lack of Strategic sourcing to support Long quote turnaround on custom opportunities THREATS Updated costing on cannulas shows this is not profitable and we will likely lose all of this revenue ~$500K in addition to $550K already lost Long sales cycle and frequency of product development stalls/cancellations Decline in number of new product introductions due to FDA (recalls and slower 510k/PMA) Low cost off shore sources for functional products Directives to move away from vinyl OPPORTUNITIES Promote Extrusion capabilities to support orthopedic and other packaging Traditional and Specialized materials Focus on Custom, Manufactured Silicone Poor market perception of Qosina due to pricing Show how things would improve Pro Conclusion Con SWOT EXAMPLE Describe the next steps Describe the desired state Get your audience excited Idea 2 Pro Pro Con Con Refer back to the pros and cons Idea 1 How problems can be resolved Pro Describe the idea you think is best Strategy Recommendation What if we do nothing? Medical Segment Dashboard Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Explain how it will help Con


Transcript: NET PROFITS to make the children have fun while learning LET'S TALK ABOUT I make at least X10 on each of our investments. A summer school MOTHER-TONGUE TEACHERS Business @ GOBETTI-VOLTA PLAN NAME and address: Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope An investor will have to check your competitive environment before investing. Do not hide it from competitors. SWOT WHO WE NAME: HAPPY KIDS Strapline: Happy Kids learn English in the summer Elevator Pitch: An innovative summer school for young children using the facilities of Gobetti-Volta, especially the new pool. Send letters,emails, texts to parents I MARKET I HAPPY Strengths: Need for an English summer school in the area Weaknesses: Recruiting expert mother-tongue teachers with innovative, dynamic, energetic teaching skills Opportunities: Possibility of using existing facilities Threats: Some outdoor activities could not be safe for young children ELIZABETH PAULS COMPETITION FINANCIAL Fees I SUMMARY I to set up a summer school of English for young children to use the facilities of Gobetti-Volta A summer school of English for young children ANALYSIS U.S.P summary ARE " I IRENE SIMPS PRODUCT MANAGER to adopt the "splash and speak" approach Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope I for young children Arrange free open week at Gobetti-Volta, with prizes aims MARKETING HAPPY EVERY WEEK DAY I radio advertisements, local TV commercials 15% outdoor activities in English ELEVATOR Sponsors of children's items DEVELOPER STRATEGY Business I Competitor analysis: Humpty Dumpty school (Fiesole) Jack and Jill Summer school (Settignano) The Witch and the Wizard (Sorgane) happy kids I Enter here the history of your fundraising, what you plan to lift today, and under what conditions. I I KIDS 15% I EXPLAIN YOUR STRATEGY KIDS Batnae municipium in Anthemusia conditum Macedonum manu priscorum ab Euphrate flumine brevi spatio disparatur, refertum mercatoribus opulentis, ubi annua sollemnitate prope WELCOME OUR BUSINESS 70% Happy Kids @ Gobetti-Volta, Bagno a Ripoli during the summer Business RESEARCH MARKETING MANAGER NEEDS PITCH Leo SMITH Personal Savings H APPY KIDS LEARN ENGLISH YOUR FINANCIAL have fun and learn English I Great demand for English Residential area with lots of young children Few opportunities for parents to find interesting activities for children in summer Possibility of using Gobetti-Volta grounds and pool A minimum of 25 children paying fees for the various clubs, including : traditional tuition, fun&games, speak&splash, lunch & laughter. Other special treats in the pool: snakes &ladders , hide 'n seek, treasure hunt " TEMPLATE BY CONTENT BY JEREMIE BERREBI

Business Strategy Presentation

Transcript: What is the relationship-base governance? How rule-based and relationship-base governance systems affect ethical behavior -Christian Waldo This is a basic, but powerful governance system. the rule-base rely on public rules, formal laws and government regulations to encourage or facilitate the economic exchange or economic transactions, which are in a publicity order. What is the Rule-base governance system? Countries like United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Finland and Hong Kong, offer a very transparent business climate However, countries not very developed, lack of transparency due to the local and non-verifiable nature of information. This type of nations create high entry barrier for newcomers to an Industry. Therefore, decisions are based on CEO than market share data. Developed nations are rule-based governance, which is based on accounting, auditing, ratings, system, legal cases and codes to provide and monitor this information. The goal of the rule-base is to make the transactions transparent in help to reduce the temptation to behave, illegal or unethical. The relationship-base governance is the one that relies on private guidelines, informal relationships and norms of reciprocity. Usually its apply to local economy, developing countries or not very developed with a limited relation. Thank you In conclusion the rule-based governance is the best option to any one, since the legal concept is practiced, on the other hand the relationship-based governance are bad for the economies of the world, there is more common interest and not in the society or the spirit to grow or globalized. In Relationship-based governance the culture of the country or founder are strongly affected to the corporate culture of business ethics in other words, what is "fair" depends on a family member. Relationship-based countries for example are: Indonesia, Venezuela, China, Nigeria, India, Egypt and Russia; where is practice an unclear legal system.

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Transcript: Suggested by Brandenburger and Nalebuff (1996) Players Added Value Rules Tactics Scope An environment characterized by intense and rapid competitive moves in which competitors must move quickly to build advantages and erode advantages of their rival Rapid and dynamic competition characterized by unsustainable advantage Often seen in video games, software and mobile industry Firms today because of hyper competition face an increasing level of uncertainty The Value Net Implication of Strategic Group (Hitt,, 2011) Although all three models of car would later compete with each other in the market place, both companies benefited from one another's design and technology expertise, as well as saving money by sharing production costs. Concept 1. Cost-quality advantages Cost reduction Quality and price positioning 2. Timing and know-how advantages First Mover Advantages Innovation Imitation and Improvement 3. Strongholds from erecting entry barriers Building Entry Barriers Overcoming the Barriers 4. Deep pockets Use of legislative and judicial (courts) Rise of a Countervailing Power Third, the closer the strategic groups are in terms of their strategies, the greater is the likelihood of rivalry. BMW, Mercedes, Lexus Bargaining Power of Customers This is affected by the ability of your customers to find a different way of doing what you do – for example, the substitute of a land-line phone with a cellular phone . If substitution is easy and substitution is viable, then this weakens your power Potential factors: Buyer propensity to substitute Relative price performance of substitute Buyer switching cost Number of substitute products available in the market Bargaining Power of Customers The bargaining power of customers is also described as the market of outputs: the ability of customers to put the firm under pressure, which also affects the customer's sensitivity to price changes. Potential factors: High material cost Buyer switching costs relative to firm switching costs Availability of existing substitute products Buyer price sensitivity Porter's Five Forces Framework Conclusion Arenas of Hyper Competition Features Hyper-Competition First, firms offer similar product to similar customers and competitive rivalry becomes intense. The importance of this force is the number of competitors and their ability to threaten a company. Potential factors: Sustainable competitive advantage through innovation Level of advertising expense Low Ferrari Auston Martin Porsche Bargaining Power of Suppliers Threat of Substitutes Competitive Rivalry In 1991, Ford® and Volkswagen® worked together to produce a single car body that was used in the Volkswagen Sharan, Ford Galaxy and Seat®/VW Alhambra. Conclusion Bargaining Power of Suppliers Roman Phanju Roshna Prajapati Sagar Shrestha Sajjan Subedi Sanjaya Prajapati 3. Hyper-competition Speed up the dynamic strategic interactions among competitors Rolls-Royce Bentlay Second, strengths of five industry forces differ across strategic groups. 1. Porter’s five framework Threat of new entrants Threat of substitution Buyer’s power Bargaining power of supplier Competitive rivalry 4. Value net Map of competitive game, players in games and their relationship to each other Value can be created by cooperating with customers and suppliers Low Hyper-Competition Strategic Group Price Threat of Substitutes Product Range Term first used by Richard D’ Aveni in 1994 According to D’ Aveni: “ In hyper-competition the frequency, boldness and aggressiveness of dynamic movement by the players accelerates to create a condition of constant disequilibrium and change.” Term used to describe the realities of the competitive scenery Competitive Rivalry A Map of strategic Groups Within The World Auto-Mobile Industry PARTS Approach Threat of New Entrants 2. Strategic group Follow same strategy for competitive advantage Competition among inter strategic group is higher than competition with outer strategic group Strategic Group Ford Renault, Honda General Motors, VW Cheysler, Nissan, Toyata Concept Value Net Concept by Brandenburger and Nalebuff (1996) High The less money and time it costs for a competitor to enter a company's market and be an effective competitor, the more a company's position may be significantly weakened. The following factors can have an effect on how much of a threat new entrants may pose: Government policy Capital requirements Access to distribution channel Cost disadvantages independent of size Customer Loyalty to established brands Threat of New Entrants Difficult to sustain competitive advantage Continuous improvement of competitive advantage Market stability is threatened Add value to product to sustain market The fewer the supplier choices you have, and the more you need suppliers' help, the more powerful your suppliers are . This force addresses how easily suppliers can drive up the price of goods and services. The fewer number of suppliers, and the more a company depends upon a

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