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Business Plan Proposal Powerpoint Template

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business plan proposal

Transcript: PRODUCT AND SERVICES marketing and sales strategies the legal structure is partnership the key management of our company is marketing our products are designed and sold through cheap price for acquiring the ultimate customer the after services are getting good feedback from our customers we draft mail to customers when our new designs are made our entire organization works for customer satisfaction resume we, the seller of spectacles, specrack, have been at predominant place over 3 years in the market. the name specs rack mean(rack is filled with spectacles), we made the rack available to the prospective customers from 2013. the customer choice is our preference, with dynamic change of our product. we cover the choice of entire family like, trendsetter and old people. from the last two years we have shoot our profit margin to 60%. our business philosophy is (make it, but not ruin). business plan proposal executive summary pp irony this is one of our sample marketing strategy broucher proprietor, md.umar dhanush kumar.k for ex, our business provides free service on damage of the frame once for a month. then say a single service for a single damage or 12 services for a single year appendix first of all,we have a direct channel of distribution. there is no intermediary. sales are made through, a proper sales discount and trade discount. we market through the following, rebate. sales promotion. free sample product. prizes. awareness programs. prices are determined by the quality of the product first, we have to attract customer,then to make average profit. which sounds best for the prospective consumer??? the second one, because 12 service for single year but both are the same but quoting is different specsrack "through the frames" sample marketing strategy #15,2nd street , bazari street colony newtown, vanyambadi-635752

Business Plan Proposal

Transcript: -Operation Manager: Manage products. An advisor designed for customers who booked exclusively. Ensure that the operating assistant to sew designs by results from clients. 4.0 Management Plan 4.1 Vision, Mission and Objective Vision: Our company's vision is to become one of the tote bag suppliers in Malaysia and improve the quality of every product that we produce to a higher level. Mission: a) Maximize the profitability of the company. - Long-term mission of our company is to maximize the profitability of the company in ensuring that the company remains intact and built successful. More production and more profitable in terms of the type of tote bag that is more exclusive and luxurious. b) Open more boutiques branches throughout Malaysia within 10-15 years to ensure that we become a brand of tote bags that are well-known. - In order to ensure our company brand tote bag remains intact, the opening of new branches is important that our products can be known and easily available in the market. Branches will be opened must be strategic and be the focus of the public and there are many facilities in the vicinity. c) Increase the number of workers and the services provided. - We are planning to increase the number of our existing employees to ensure the smooth working more effectively and smoothly. In addition, save more time and then be able to produce products with much more. 6.0 Marketing Plan 6.2 Target Market Target markets for Canvas.Co are for permanent resident Shah Alam area and Banting. In addition, Canvas.Co also focuses on public sector workers and private sector around Shah Alam and public or private university students near and around Shah Alam. Besides, we also targets people who live around Klang Valley and Banting. 6.3 Market Size Based on analysis conducted in the surrounding area, there are approximately 40,000 people living in the area listed below. Therefore, our company is targeting gross expectation of 70% of the total population of 40,000 people will buy or book tote bag at Canvas.Co for the target of RM250 a month. This brings the total or gross income for a month is Canvas.Co of 5 million or more. Target areas of Canvas.Co are: • Kampung Banting Lawas • Taman WinsPark • Sekolah Agama Lawas • Seri Mutiara Apartment • Pudu Sentral • The Store • Jubilee Court 6.0 Marketing Plan 6.5 Market Share The target market for this business is for the customers in the adolescent age of 15 years and above. We cannot identify our market share away. However, we have taken 15% of the total population aged 15 years to 35 years who live or work around areas that are listed. 1.0 INTRODUCTION 7.0 Operational Plan 7.4 The list of basic material quantity and cost for a month -Operation Assistants: Assist in the promotion and sales of the bag manufacturing process. Sewing and cutting according to the invention are given. Ensure that all products sold to customers are in good condition and quality. CANVAS.CO Business Plan Proposal 4.5.1 Salaries The basic salary to all employees will be given in cash through an account under the contract of employment has been determined. Salaries will be included in the respective accounts on the date of the 25th day of each month. Any change in the amount of salary received by each employee is assigned by management. Salaries will be awarded according to qualifications and experience of each individual. 4.0 Management Plan 4.1 Vision, Mission and Objective Objective: a) Maintaining stability in the entry and exit of the company's money. - This is to ensure we have the flow in and out good money to avoid losses and can do business with confidence. Can prevent the loss of many such cancellations or even damage the fabric. b) At a reasonable price to the customer. - Assessment of the price plays an important role in a business. The price and quality of products offered must be in line to give customers satisfaction in buying. Therefore, we offer competitive prices as well as the best quality to our customers in ensuring their loyalty to our company. c) To achieve a predetermined monthly benefit. - The objective of our company is to achieve a predetermined monthly benefit in ensuring that our financial position remains strong and is at its best. Long-term planning can also be executed properly, thus making a profit to the company. 5.0 BACKGROUND OF THE PROPOSED PROJECT 1.4 Location of business Canvas.Co is located at the 2nd floor, No 18-C, Jalan Jubilee Perak 22/1, 40300 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Location of our business premises is a two-storey shop lot located close to residential areas and the focal point of the population. This area is the local economy which is equipped with all amenities such as telecommunications, roads, parking lots and other basic needs. 1.5 Date of commencement 24 February 2014 1.6 Factors in selecting the propose venture All designs of canvas bag are very different and not available in any other boutique lid. It is designed with precision stitching

Business Plan Powerpoint

Transcript: The goal of Satisfaction is to be opened worlwide and to be known by many so that our business will fluorish We will not do what we can't handle. We will make sure we can handle what we have now, before we take a step forward Our present goal is to have as many Satisfaction cafes opened up, so we can outreach to many We are aiming to open up in Florida, New York, Washington, and Texas Another goal is to open up branch businesses to help further expand the business (619) 777-7789 Company Description Czarina Ancayan 43% of people that live in Torrance, surveyed that they would not purchase tapioca beverages. Growth Plan Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM Friday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 6373 Diamond Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90241 Mission Statement Satisfaction Satisfaction is targeting children, teens, and adults. We plan on marketing, by always serving with a smile on our face. There's nothing better than seeing other people happy. Satisfaction Statistic Solution Satisfaction, a place where our customers and their needs are top priority. A place where we will share smiles, laughs, and happiness. We serve some of the best foods and drinks in town. Statistic 1. Advertise more to their appeal 2. Offer affordable and likable sales and deals 3. Give them free trials of food and beverage tasting, just to see if they may reconsider about their opinion Business Plan Powerpoint Target Marketing Satisfaction is a cafe viewed as a new hip hangout spot for all ages. We sell products of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages. Come and try our mouth-watering beverages with tapioca! Have special needs? We will not hesitate to meet those needs. We're called Satisfaction for a reason! Our customers will be so satisfied, that they will pass down a recommendationfrom friend to friend. Your day just got better. We deliver! Even at home, you will be satisfied of Satisfaction! CLOSED ON SUNDAYS

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