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Business Continuity Presentation Template

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Business Continuity

Transcript: To avoid this, as a company and Managing Director, we must look more in depth at why we have started our business, what are we trying to achieve and how we can achieve what we have set out to. We will review our Points of Sale and compare ours to other businesses, mainly IT companies, to ensure we are getting noticed equally or more than our competitors. As a company, we must ensure that there is sufficient support for management, and there are checks and balances in place. For example, one thing which we now have is a Personal Assistant who is a great aid to the Managing Director and has helped with much of the planning. Another measure which we have put in place is a monthly check on how we operate. For example, we working to all of the Legal and Ethical rulings as well as the operational guidelines we have set ourselves. What do we do? Lack of POS We can ensure we have a site which can be easily located and identified, however, we will have more of a virtual presence which means that we do not have to worry as much about our location. The key to overcoming these problems are really simple and should be the building blocks of the business as they are just as important as the idea, in order for the business to operate. Like any project, if we lack in planning, the whole project is useless. This was proved by the Chaos Report, 1995. To ensure we have sufficient planning, we will ensure we have the correct criticisms and take on advice given to use from Business specialists. If Combuild was to fail in selling products, here are some of the things which we can do to ensure we continue to trade: • We can continue to upsell customers and draw them in with new deals and products • Reduce our services if they aren’t being taken out by customers • Look to fundraising by selling related products (which we may get products to promote an energy company for free) • Relocate/downsize Location We can overestimate what the costs will be and underestimate our profits, as well as use a Capital Calculator( ) to ensure we will be making a sizable profit. Insufficient Capital Starting a Business for the wrong reasons We will not need to worry about over expansion for at least the first six months, as we do not intend on expanding. However, we may look into outsourcing our work to developers across the country, if the price is relatively low cost. Business Continuity How do we avoid this? Poor Management Over expansion A business can fail for 7 reasons, due to some of the key steps being rushed or not done properly. This includes: 1. Starting a business for the wrong reasons 2. Poor Management 3. Insufficient Capital 4. Location 5. Lack of Planning 6. Over expansion 7. Lack of POS Business Continuity Lack of Planning

Business Continuity

Transcript: BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING AHEAD About MacFawn Restoration President: Joseph MacFawn Founded in 1989 MacFawn Enterprises, Inc. - 3 Divisions: Industrial Cleaning Restoration Disaster Recovery Professional Services Business Continuity Planning Educational Seminars Personnell Training Awareness Insurance and Claim Navigation Currently Servicing 9 States: New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, Texas DEFINING BUSINESS CONTINUITY Business continuity planning is defined as: a management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten a company, provides a framework for building resilience and develops the capability for an effective response to safeguard the interests of the stakeholders, reputation, brand and value creating activities. Business continuity is critical to organizational stability; by identifying the most critical aspects of business operations and stabilizing the veins in which they exist, business continuity planning will enable those critical operations to weather any storm. What is business continuity and why is it critical to operations? THE PROCESS Where to start and how to create fluidity & sustainability Business Continuity Planning UNDERSTANDING THE VALUE No one wants to talk about the possibility of a disaster or crisis happening to their business, so why should you? The Value of Business Continuity Planning When business continuity management plans in place, organizations are often afforded lower insurance premiums Stakeholders can rest assured that when (and if) a disaster strikes, the gears of their investments will continue to turn CONCLUSION & QUESTIONS Secure your facility. Secure your information. Information, knowledge, communication and planning are the keys to resilience! Is your organization resilient to change? Do you know what your employees/tenants must have in order to function? Are those resources available to them, their successors or you during an interruption? The time is NOW! CONTACT INFORMATION 24/7/365 Live Answer - 518.785.6719 or 877.MACFAWN Joe MacFawn - - 518.461.3107 Anna Shapiro - - 518.290.1650 Contact Information: Branch Locations: Albany, NY Buffalo, NY Philadelphia, PA Lehigh Acres, FL Tampa, FL

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