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Business Capstone Presentation Powerpoint Template

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Business PowerPoint Presentation

Transcript: Employer and Employee Relationships should be mutually respectful. The degree of closeness in these relationships will depend on both the employer and the employee. It is wise to avoid getting too close to employees, as doing so can cause the line between employer and employee to become blurred. The Relationship should be good between an employer and employee so it can set an example for the rest of the employees. When an employer hires a new employee, he is not just bringing a new member on to his workforce, he is also starting a new relationship Employer and Employee Relationships The employer and employee relationship is one that must develop over time. How? Employers can promote the building of relationships by speaking candidly with their employees about their lives, asking them about their families and learning about their interests. Similarly, employees can promote the building of this relationship by being open with their employer and sharing information about themselves and their lives. Business PowerPoint Presentation Shane Finnegan The employer could keep track of there employees progress and talk to them on how they are doing or how they can improve. Communication and co-operation will set a good working environment between the employer and the employee. Failure to do this can lead to a revolt..... What Is an Employer-Employee Relationship? I would like to thank you all for your patience if you have any questions please ask, as I am happy to answer! The End The Basics of an Employer and Employee Relationship. Building a Relationship.

Capstone PowerPoint

Transcript: In conclusion, i found out that my thesis satement was proven to be true and there is a way to siimultaniously utilize the services of both a Physical Therapist and a Personal Trainer on order for an individual to acheive top phsical form. The thesis statement for the PowerPoint serves to as if while there are similarities and differences between Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists, is there still a way for people to utilize the services of both occupations in order to acheive top physical fitness as an individual. While going through my research, I also found some differences between these two occupations and they include: Points of Curiosity Jorden Smith Carrer Analysais and Ultilization Exercise Science & Sport Medicine Are there smiilarities between Personal Trainers & Physical Therapists What are the differences between Personal Trainers & Physical Therapists How would these 2 occupations relate in the medical field Could both of these occupations work together in order to help individuals acheive top physical form Can the similarities and differences be cause for any disagreements in working together P R O P O S A L Jorden Smith Exercise Science & Sports Medicine Career Analysis & Utilization One being mostly private practices, and one being a public practice Personal Training only requires certification, Physicla Therapy requires licensure and certification Physical Therapy provides sertvices that primarily rehabilitates, Personal Training primarily strengthens or helps athletes Even though they have their differences and similarities in the field of sports medicine, the possible effective way to do this by having a persoal trainer and a physical therapist come together ad design for you a plan which will then be integrated into your exercise plan and physical fitness is gauranteed! The topic was selected for the purpose of comprehending the differences between Personal Trainers and Physical Therapsits and learning how to simultaniously use their services to acheive top physical form and performance. While going through my research process, i found that there are similarities between these two occupations that include: Implementing exercise programs for individuals Engaging in the consultation of individuals as well as the education of fitness for the person Referral of an individual to another fitness professional if need be Workikng in similar fields such as hospitals, private practices, sports and fitness facilities, and rehabilitation facilities

Business Capstone Presentation

Transcript: Invested heavily at the beginning Aimed to observe other companies spending Adjust our budget accordingly Focus more on low end & Traditional product Appropriate price based on Market Research Introduce our new product on Low end Company Future ,Goals And Direction Company Condition Labor Negotiation Introduction Not enough capacity for Ceder and Cake Bought capacity Demand will be high Contribution Margin Become lower Automation is priority, however, high spending on other departments Directors: Amanda Kyaw Ko Ko Zin Chien Yung, Tan Tony J Marketing Start from year 5, it looks better and better Significant improvement on sales forecast from year 6 onwards Balancing Long term investment with sort term obligations (debts repayment and interest) and adress cash flow issues Building enough production capacity Scaling back on R&D as the product positioning is good Emergency loan repayment Be more aware of market condition Addressed the issue of turnovers Market share Return of sales Cumulative profits High market share(above 30% in both traditional and low end) and desirable product because of investment in R&D combined with marketing Insufficient production capacity to meet market demands, resulted in poor contribution margin 4.9% in week 6 Existing short term debt and long term debt emergency loan Turnover rate of 13% Significant investment in TQM - trying to balance the demand of worker while try to minimize cost. - all company got strike because one of the companies pay the highest - enrichment program Business Capstone 301 Projected to generate the best quality of the products Introduce the new low end product in year 2 Its aims to get customer satisfaction and making profitable Product specifications are constantly updated Performance and sizes adjusted Marketing R & D Main focus on low end and traditional. Low end ideal age 7, had to develop was cut down. Effected sales for next few rounds. Traditional took to long to develop correctly, missed on sales and market shares. Adjust other product lines. Maximum share was issued in the first week as well as short term and long term debt to increase capital for growing company Share price will inevitably drop however it is not a major concern Overspending in some part of the organization lead to cash flow issues and emergency loans Total Quality Management (TQM) Finance Chester Pty Production Chester is a public company that manufacture electronic sensors Long term goal oriented (mission statement) Its a highly volatile business environment as technology rapidly changes Human Resource (HR) - 40 hours training hours - spend relatively high in recruitment - 2nd shift compliment is high - profit margin is cut - turnover rate is significant - overall positive productivity index - R&D Summary - Invest Maximum Amount in the 4th years - Invest Heavily cause emergency loan and diminishing return -Cumulative impact: - material cost reduction (11.27%) - labor cost reduction (13.66%) - reduction R&D cycles time (39.23%) -reduction admin cost (59.17%) - demand increase (13.28%) - It is questionable to invest so much in TQM in short term cycles.

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