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Transcript: Book PowerPoint Period 6 The Shining The Shining By Stephen King 1. Introduction - Jack Torrance, his wife, and his son all move in to a haunted hotel. 2. Rising Action - The Overlook residents convinces Jack to kill his wife while he is drunk. 3. Climax - Jack couldn't resist to kill his wife, so he did it and went crazy. 4. Falling Action - The Overlook explodes, and Jack dies. 5. Resolution - Hallorann guides two women to safety from The Overlook. Plotline Plotline This is a Man vs. Man story. The manager of The Overlook, along with the workers there convinced Jack to kill his wife, which lead to more than just his wife's death. Conflict Conflict This story takes place at a hotel in the Colorado Rockies. This hotel is a fake one, and it has the name "The Overlook". Setting Setting Jack Torrance - An average man that ends up going crazy and doing horrible things to hurt people. Wendy Torrance - Jack's wife, she got murdered by Jack, after The Overlook convinced him to do it. Danny Torrance - The child of the two, has "the shining" which means he has psychic powers. Characters Characters Dick Hallorann - One of the people who had the "shining" powers. He shared this with his grandmother. Stuart Ullman - The Overlook's manager, warns people of "cabin fever" where someone killed their family and themselves. Horace Derwent - An accountant who owned The Overlook. Tony - Someone who is thought to be Danny at 15. Characters Characters The Shining is the story of a desperate family of 3, and their son has disturbing sightings in his psychic thoughts, and Jack's writings go nowhere, and The Overlook forces Jack to kill many people. Theme / Main Idea Theme / Main Idea My personal reaction to this story was that I love this story, and wish that I had seen the movie to see both representations of this story. Personal Reaction Personal Reaction 1. The Shining (May 23, 1980) There were no similar books. One similar movie. Similar Books/Movies Similar Books/Movies October 1st - October 5th: Periodic reading of the story. October 20th - October 22nd: Thinking about, and creating the presentation. October 30th - November 2nd: Rehearsal for presenting and then presenting. Timeline Timeline Stephen King was born in born on September 21st, 1947 in Portland, Maine. He married Tabitha King, and they are both authors. King's first professional story was The Glass Floor, then to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967. King's first novel was Carrie, and was accepted by publishing house "Doubleday". About Stephen King About Stephen King That's all? Thanks to my editor: They don't want their name said. That's all?


Transcript: Burned By: Ellen Hopkins Fiction, romantic Pattyn - As the main character, seventeen year old Pattyn goes to live with her aunt to escape the abusive household she is being raised in. Derek - Pattyn's first boyfriend Pattyn's Father - An alcoholic and abusing father, but also a strong Mormon. Jackie - Pattyn's younger sister, the second oldest, and the closest to Pattyn. Aunt Jeanette - Pattyn's understanding and forgiving aunt who Pattyn is sent to live with for the summer. Ethan - A boy who goes to UC Davis in Nevade, is introduced to Pattyn by her aunt. Kevin - Ethan's dad and Aunt J's close friend. Pattyn Von Stratten grew up as a strong Mormon in an abusive household with her alcoholic father. He believes that the only role women have in society is to bear children for their husband and carry on the family name. After having seven girls, Pattyn's mother finally becomes pregnant with a boy. Tired of living the way her parents want her to, Pattyn begins dating Derek behind their back. After being caught with him by her father, Derek breaks up with her for another girl. Out of rage, Pattyn punches the girl and breaks a window in the school library. To avoid a miscarriage from all of Pattyn's stress, Pattyn's mom and dad send her to live with her Aunt Jeanette for the summer. Pattyn grows fond of her Aunt J, and learns why her aunt is the way she is. One day, Aunt J introduces Pattyn to a boy named Ethan. Pattyn quickly begins to like him. Later, she learns that Aunt J and Ethan's father, Kevin, were high school sweethearts, until Aunt J's brother, Pattyn's dad, threatened him away with a shotgun. Pattyn's mom is usually beat by their father, except when she is pregnant. Pattyn is a stand in for her mother, except for not now that she is gone. She learns in a letter from home, that her father is now beating her younger sister, Jackie. The book kept me going, and I was surprised by everything that happened. It was not predictable to me. The free verse form made it a quick read, and gave it something unique to it. I didn't like how it ended. I was very confused about what happened and what she was doing. I would recommend this book to pretty much any girl. It is interesting and emotional. It would probably not interest most guys. I would give this book five out of five stars. Characters Plot Audience and Rating Strengths and Weaknesses Nevada Setting

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