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Transcript: The Cote de Beaune It is located in the communes of Aloxe-Corton, Pernand-Vergelesses and Ladoix-Serrigny Volnay wine is produced in the commune of Volnay in Côte de Beaune of Burgundy, and in some vineyards in the commune of Meursault. The Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) Volnay is only used for red wine. There are no Grand Cru vineyards within Volnay, but several highly regarded Premier Cru vineyards. The AOC was created in 1937. Monthelie is a another underrated wine. They are hard to find and produce lovely, fresh and rustic wines of character. Several top producers like Comte Lafon and J. F. Coche Dury make wines here. Located just above Volnay and Meursault in a beautiful valley, this AOC was created in the 1930s. Before the wines were probably sold as the famous neighbors. There are no Grand Crus in Auxey-Duresses and just a handful of premier crus for red wines. Chassagne-Montrachet is an old Gallo-Roman market town which was called Cassaneas or Cassania Before 1000 A.D the village was know for the Clos St Jean owned by Saint-Jean-le-Grand Abbaye which had been founded by Brunehaut in 589 AD. BIG JUICY Le Charlemagne The North Monthelie Puligny-Montrachet Les Bressandes This village produces excellent wines that are underrated and undervalued. Blagny Village, Premier Cru and Savigny-les-Beaunes-Cote-de-Beaune (No Grand Cru) Les Pougets Genevrières Le Porusot Les Bouchères Les Gouttes d’Or Les Ravelles Top Premier Crus (22 total) Aux Serpentieres, Clos de la Batailleres, Aux Fourneaux, Les Narbantons, Les Jarrones, Aux Vergelesses, Les Laviers, Les Marconnetets Le Corton There are 50 climats in Chassagne-Montrachet classified as Premier Cru vineyards Grapes Top Premier Crus Meursault Pommard Chassagne-Montrachet Savigny-les-Beaunes Les Arvelets, Les Bertins, Les Boucherottes, La Chanière, Les Chanlins-Bas, Les Chaponnières, Les Charmots, Clos Blanc, Clos de la Comaraine, Le Clos Micault, Les Combes-Dessus, Les Croix Noires, Les Fremiers, Les Jarolières, En Largillière, Les Rugiens-Bas, Les Rugiens-Haut, Les Grands-Épenots, Les Petits-Épenots, Clos des Épeneaux, La Platière, Les Poutures, Les Pézerolles, Les Saucilles, La Refène, Derrière Saint-Jean, Clos de Verger. Pierre Guillemot Montrachet Corton Charlemagne White only It is said by some that the name Pommard derives from a temple to Pomona – the Roman goddess of fruits and gardens . Pommard is sandwiched between the appellations of Beaune to the north and Volnay to the south. This is a "sweet spot" for Pinot Noir. The lower lying vineyards have deeper soils of ancient alluvium. At the mid-slope are the well-drained clay-limestone soils that mark and provide the characteristic muscularity of Pommard. Towards the top are Jurassic (Oxfordian) marls and brown soil. In places the brown is turned to red by the presence of iron – often assumed to provide a little more rusticity and gaminess to the wines. 85% Red 15% White Savigny-les-Beaune Pernand-Vergelesses Morgeot En Remilly Les Chaumes Clos Saint Jean La Boudriotte Les Embazees En Cailleret Les Vergers Les Chaumets Pernand-Vergelesses There are 27 climats within the Pommard AOC that are classified as Premier Cru vineyards, which stretch in a wide band through the commune, located on both sides of the village itself and west (uphill) from the D973 road Meursault Le Clos de Roi Most northely appelation of Cote de Beaune Chorey Auxey-Duresses Notable Climats: With 437ha. of vineyards dedicated to Villages wine or Premier Cru, Meursault has the largest area permitted to be planted in white wine in the Cote-d'Or. Primarily, the soil throughout most of Meursault is perfectly suited to the production of chardonnay; it is a mixture of marl and chalk, that when combined with a largely east or southeast exposure creates healthy grapes that are full of character. Another factor correlates to geology, though in a very different way. Meursault's high water table allows its residents to carve deep, cold cellars "perfect for the production of wine" into the chalky, stony soil. The most southerly village appelation of the Cote d'Or. Good value Red and some White. Village and Premier Crus. Clos de Tavannes, Les Gravieres, La Maladiere and La Comme Dessus are best Clos des Ducs Clos de la Cave des Ducs Clos de la Chapelle Clos du Château des Ducs Clos de la Rougeotte Clos de la Barre Clos de la Bousse d’Or Mitans Monthelie Aloxe-Corton Beaune Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Aligote Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Liebault There are 17 climats in Puligny-Montrachet classified as Premier Cru vineyards, located both to the south of the village, in the Chassagne-Montrachet direction, and to the north, in the Meursault direction Corton only grand cru for White and Red in Cotes de Beaune 30 climats classified as Premiers Crus. Some of the best. The Nine climats for Premier Cru are all on the southfacing slope Climat du Val Clos du Val Les Bréterins La Chapelle Reugne Les Duresses Bas d es Duresses Les Grands Champs Les


Transcript: Thank You Castles, abbeys, villages and towns throughout Burgundy come alive with music, theatre, dance and song from June until October at over a hundred locations. The Owl's Trail is a beautiful scenery walk just don't be fooled by the fake beggar. Traditions Traditions i The famous Saint Vincent Tournante is the celebration of wine, a great spectacle of banners and flags. Landscape The red is Burgundy Tourist Attraction #3 The Marche aux Vins is a terrific winetasting experience Welcome to Burgundy! Burgundian dishes tend to be rich, full of flavour and a perfect match for the area's wine. Burgundy is located towards the east of France. Dijon is located towards the east of Burgundy. It has a population of 1 610 067. The Yonnes is a beautiful landscape to enjoy by car, boat, foot, bike, horseback or even on hot air balloons. Accomodation Burgundy is mostly hills , countryside and wineries. Dijon is here photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Tourist Attraction #2 Marc Meneau Maison Lameloise Beef is highly present on Burgundy menus because it is the home of the Charolais, this pure white cattle produce the best beef in France. Tourist Attraction #1 Burgundy Location The Notre Dame "This beautiful piece of history forms part of the tour around the magnificent medieval town of Dijon" There is no one Burgundian traditional clothing, there are several. The region is also strong on cheeses. Bugundy cooks use cheese as well as cream in their recipes. Often with mushrooms or ham. Gastronomical Delights Bibliography


Transcript: Charles the Bold 1467-1477 Philip the Bold 1364 -1404 Wine making was said to have started in the B.C. but due to it’s infancy it was not as popular as it is nowadays. Due to Burgundy’s location as an inland region shipping by boat was impossible so Burgundy Wine remained unknown to other countries and by the 14 century in the time of Avignon Papacy the wealthy in the church and the Monarchy in Burgundy came to define Burgundy Wine as an elegant taste and nicknamed it the “Wine of the kings.” Soonly creating ground rules guaranteeing the Burgundy quality Wine for themselves and their descendents. During the 1800’s French Wine became popular in other places around the world but because of Burgundy's location Burgundy Wine was still slowly shipping it’s wine to consumers outside of France. Burgundy Wine has been called Snob Wine as it is an expensive Wine seller that is mainly consumed by the rich, but it is said that the cost of Burgundy Wine is acceptable and understandable due to it’s magnificent taste. The Appellation Origine Control is a process that all winemakers under the authority of the AOC must follow and makes sure the Wine making terms are followed and carried out. Each Wine Bottle filled is thoroughly checked by the AOC and and every stage of production is done correctly. The area in which the grapes are picked is checked, finalising if the precise steps that are set out to make the wine is followed and other rules. Many people say that the AOC process is to confusing and difficult as it has to be done to every single bottle filled with Burgundy Wine and in 2012 statistics show that 199 million bottles were sold in 2012. Philip the good was born at Dijon on July 31 1396. Unexpectedly he inherited the title Duke of Burgundy after his father John the Fearless in 1419. Philip surrounded himself around the best advisors including Nicolas Rolin and was a good soldier. Nicolas Rolin designed and helped construct the Hospices De Beaune. Marriage was more of a Political decision it forces the process of claiming possession of land in the lower countries but after the murder of his father Henry V of England was being recognised as possible future King of France after the house of Burgundy sided with the English. After the sudden deaths of Henry V and Charles VI in 1422 the duke of Bedford became regent of Henry V and became ruler of England and France. In the 1423 the alliance between Burgundy and France became sealed when the Duke of Bedford married Philip's sister Anne. for the next decade Philip focused on obtaining land from the North lands to add to his extensive possessions. During the weeks after Henry V and Charles VI Joan of arc convinced Charles of Valois to let her charge troops against the English to drive them out of France and their French allies she believed that God have given her a voice to do what she did she did she had almost convinced Philip to turn against the English but in 1430 Philips troops handed her over to the English armies where she was burned on the stake. Over the years philip had gained power titling him the most influential man in Europe, he had controlled areas in the low countries, Italy and Germany. Philip died in june 15 1467 in Bruges. Dijon Mustard Côte de Beaune is the Southern half of Côte d’Or. Côte d’Or is located in the heart of Burgundy which also means "Golden Slope." Côte de Beaune has a population of 23,000 and is mainly known as the capital of the wine region. It has become the centre of the Burgundy wine trade in the 21st century which produces white wine and red. Beaune is not only a famous wine producing town it has a Hospital Foundation dated all the way back to the 15th century called the Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune. Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune was one of France’s first dedicated medical facilities and was founded by Chancellor Nicolas Rolin and his wife Guigone de Salins who provided the poor and sick with shelter and food which opened in 1443. Around 1443 many people especially in Burgundy and Beaune were suffering or affected by the Hundred Years war. Hôtel-Dieu is a more traditional name for almshouse which means a house founded by charity which provides for the poor but spirital treatment was just as important as bodily care as the nuns who took care of the patients devoted their lives to an active religious vocation. Hôtel-Dieu de Beaune also has a variety of stunning and complex buldings there is a hall called the Great Hall of the Poor which once contained 28 four-poster beds and usally in the medival age each bed had 4-5 patients. The hospice treated everyone from infants and pregnant women to the elderly and everything from injuries to the plague even though nuns of the had pleaded for more complex treatments because the institutions was not provided with much funding they could only provide those in need with the basics and spirital treatment. Beaune’s Hôtel-Dieu was run on a daily basis by hospitalier sisters for over six hundred years, functioning


Transcript: The region was divided between the Duchy of Burgundy (to the west) and the County of Burgundy (to the east) The region is split into four different departments (counties). To the north the Yonne, the west with the Nievre, to the east is the Côte d'Or and finally in the south the Saône et Loire. Burgundy is also a cheese territory with the famous types: époisses, saint-florentin, brillat-savarin,chaource. The two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Burgundy were reunited in 937 and absorbed into the Holy Roman Empire under Conrad II in 1032, as the Kingdom of Arles. Geography Fondue bourguignonne The name comes from the Burgundians, an ancient Germanic people originating in Bornholm who settled in the area during the early Middle Ages. During the Hundred Years' War, King John II of France gave the duchy to his youngest son, Philip the Bold History. Carlos Paola Sergio Burgundy is a paradise for hikers, fishers and lovers of outdoor activities. The forests are essentially composed of: oak, beech and resinous trees. Food. The heart of the Burgundy is the Morvan regional nature park, with its natural environment and wonderful views. It includes granite mountain range, wild landscapes, fir trees,river ways,wooded hills, and lakes. Burgundy has good reputation for its vineyards. The Burgundy region produces both white wines and red wines from a variety of grapes. There are number of culinary specialities in Burgundy. Gougère, Oeufs en Meurette, Jambon persillé, les escargots, le coq au vin, Bœuf bourguignon, Fondue bourguignonne, Bresse chicken, Charolais beef, accompagned of mustard. Burgundy takes up only six percent of the total area in France. In 1477, at the battle of Nancy during the Burgundian Wars, the last duke Charles the Bold was killed in battle, and the Duchy was annexed by France. Burgundy

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