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Build Your Own Bumperf

Transcript: The conclusion is that inertia is a main cause in a car accident that could kill. Inertia can be easier to survive with the help of a seat belt and the crumple zone of a car well extend the stopping time and keep you in your seat and not through the windsheild Newton's 3rd Law of Motion Cumple Zones Newton's 1st Law of Motion Newton's 1st Law of Motion states that, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force Newton's 3rd Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction Bumpers Conclusion Seat belts are meant to hold back the driver in the event of an accident so inertia doesn't send the driver out of his seat and through the air Sources Newtons 2nd Law of Motion states that: The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object. (x3) Crumble zones are zones found in cars that are meant to cumple in and accident for a softer impact of the driver and the passengers Our Car Results Build Your Own Bumper By: Brandon Manning Newtons 2nd Law of Motion Our bumper held up well when it collided with the soda can and the egg was completely in tact with no signs of damage. We glued cotton balls onto a toilet paper roll stuffed with foam. Seat belts Bumpers are meant to reduce the damage of the motor vehicle and reduce the damage of the passenger

Build Your Own

Transcript: At "Build Your Own CupCakery", you will be provided with supplies to customize and decorate your own CupCake every business day! If you are in a hurry there will be select pre-styled choices made fresh every day in our bakery that you can take in our unique To-Go Box. If you have enough time to sit down for a bit, you can relax in our cafe area which provides you with a selection of drinks which include but are not limited to Hot Cocoa, Cappuccino, Frappaccino, Mochas, and much more! Our intention at Build Your Own CupCakery is to provide our customers, young and old, with a delicious one-of-a-kind desert whenever they are in the mood to stop by. We also offer our service to business meetings, birthday parties, and many other social endeavors that may come up. My team and I have begun this business in my personal kitchen and have been increasing profit income steadily for a year at about 3% each month. We know that it is the perfect time to expand into a local venue where we can be more accesible to our customers and have more room to keep increasing our sales and production percentage. In our pursuit of expanding our business we also know we will be needing some monetary help from an outside source. This money would be used to buy new, bigger ovens to be able to bake our cupcakes at a more efficient pace. Some of the equipment we will need, includes: 1 "Bakers Pride GDCOG2 Double Full Size Gas Convection Oven"- $5,760.00 2 "Avantco MX20 Gear Driven 20 Qt Planetary Mixer" - $899.00 2 "Refrigerated Display Case, 36", Curved Glass Front" - $2,027.80 each 1 "Hoshizaki Commercial Series CR2B-FS Refrigerator" -$2,765.00 For this machinery we will need a 15,000 dollar loan. We already have the money for where the CupCakery will be located. Small CupCake Base: $1.50 Med. CupCake Base: $2.50 Large CupCake Base: $3.50 Frosting & Decoration Costs May Vary. Drinks May Vary. Premade CupCakes are Medium Sized and sell for $5.00 each. Build Your Own Yummm <3 Pre-made Examples Cupcakery .. U Baseball Fans to Environmental Enthusiasts

Build Your Own Circuit

Transcript: What Did We Make? Well, class our Table - fan is eco friendly because we used recyclable materials (E.g Bottle cap). okay... this is not that eco - friendly. they're is a battery, a battery. It may not have turned out as "eco friendly" as we hoped... but we will explain how we can improve our eco - friendliness level; to keep our environment healthy! The "Next Step"! Thanks For Watching!! ;) :) :D By: Milena Renna & Jamya Chapman We made a table - fan. This is a fan, that sits on a table or desk and turns in a clockwise position circulating cool air for the user. Build Your Own Circuit How Long It Took Materials That We Used! Hello... class, and Mrs. Kurnik. Today we will be show casing our science project, and letting you know what, how, and why we made what we made. We will also tell you How it's eco - friendly... and so much more! - We used a Tupperware (as the base) - A DC motor (to spin the fan part) - A bottle cap (as the fan part) - Two AA batteries (as a power source) - A "potentiometer" (to control the speed of the fan) - Wires (to connect the circuit) - A battery holder (to hold the batteries) - A Pencil (as the stem of the fan) Also some other tools that we used are... - A soldering iron - A silicone gun Introduction This table fan took us completely 3 days (With gathering supplies & Dried glue etc...) to assemble this table - fan. How Is It Eco - Friendly? we believe the next step to making our circuit "more eco - friendly" is to find a better power source that benefits the environment & not "hurt" the environment any more. but not only the environment, but our habits & selves.

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