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Bubble Map

Transcript: Necessary Not to be neglected Offended Resentful Outraged Exasperated Everyone felt the same feeling when they held each others hand n Calm Delaying Reminds Me of the Word: One-sided & Unilateral food Hinder Some Antonyms Definition Eagle is poised for attack Not wanting to do something Indignant The man was in an indignant mood Other people equally feel it Anger with reason Bubble Map Definition Synonyms No go=Hinder The snake was poised to attack the man who tried to hurt him. air Reminds me of the word: Encourage & Further Equal Poised Definition: Unnecessary & Nonessential Pleased Delighted Elated Delaying To stop or prevent something from happening Shared, felt, or shown equally by two Sentence Reminds me of: Definition Being angry over something Filled with resentment or anger Usually over someting: Unjust Unworthy Mean Nervous Tense Not-Freaking Out Antonyms Antonyms Synonyms Interrupt, Impede, Block, & Thwart Everyone is putting one piece together Reminds me of: Sentence example: Balanced Suspended Controlled Ready for action Reminds me of: Antonyms The man hindered from leaving his house to go shopping Essential & Crucial Definition Collected Self-Confident Ready Needed Synonyms Mutual Indispensable Sentence Makes me think of : Makes me think of: Absolutely Necessary Makes me think of : Minions poised to break into the billion dollar box office club Antonyms Example Synonyms Makes me think of Some Synonyms Two-sided, Joint, Shared,& Reciprocal Reminds me of the word: Water is an indispensable object to humans

Bubble Map

Transcript: Then somebody knocks on the door. It's mail!! #5 #6 #1 Mr. Hatch is sad and lonely at first. :( #3 Sign in Mr. Hatch goes back to being sad and lonely again. Summary #7 photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The mail man gives him a big box of chocolates that somebody else delivered, and he gets happy. #2 #4 Then, the town threw him a party. He went back to being happy and cheerful! :) Bubble Map Somebody Loves you, Mr. Hatch He shows his happiness to everybody with a new attitude! Then the mailman comes and tells him the sad news. He says that the box was not for him. =( Mr. Hatch is a sad and lonely man. He had the same old boring schedule every day. Then one day he got a package. It was a big box. He was surprised to have had such a big box delivered. Then when he opened it, it was another box shaped in a heart, filled with candy and chocolates. Then he realized it was Valentines Day. "I have a secret admirer!" said Mr. Hatch. Then he started jumping around. All day he was happy like never before. He said hi to everybody, and helped everybody. Then, the next day, the mail man came and said,"Do you remember the box I delivered to you?" "Yes." said Mr. Hatch. "I'm sorry for the confusion sir, but the box wasn't meant for you. Can I please have it back?" "Oh why yes." Then, he gave the box back, sad again. The next day, he was back to his lonely and quiet self. Everybody said hi to him, but he never answered back. So at the end of the day, everybody went to his house, and rung the bell. When Mr. Hatch came out, everybody yelled,"SURPRISE!!!" and Mr. Hatch smiled. After that, he went back to being happy and cheerful! THE END!

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