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Transcript: sun yixian's powerpoint: By Alejandro munoz name sun yixian powerpoint created by: Alejandro munoz sun yixians early life sun yixians early life sun yat-sen was born on 12th of november ,1886.His birthplace was the village of cuiheng,xiangshan county, guandong province.He had a cultural backround of hakka and cantonese.after finishing primary education,he moved to honolulu,where he lived comfortable life of modest wealth supported by his elder brother sun mei. political ideology political ideology sun yi xian/ sun yat sen's chief legacy resides in his devoloping a political philosophy known as the three principles of the people: nationalism democracy, and the peoples livelihood. these principles include the principle of democracy, nationalism and welfare. The principles retained a place in the rhetoric of both the kuomintang and the chinese communist party with completely different interpretations. key events in his career key events in his career one of the most important key event, or legacy he left behind was that of his political philosophy, wich was known as the three principles of the people. those principles included democracy peoples livelihood, and nationilism. the first most major event in his career was that being reffered to as the founding father of the republic of china, and their first president. this occured in 1912. his legacy sun yixian's legacy sun yixian's legacy is that he was instrumental in getting chinese support for the uprisings and revolutions from sources outside of the country.

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Transcript: MATH on Track!! NEW Academic Fit: NYU 3.04 Average Cost (includes, federal state and institutional aid) Comment 3: 89 GOOD SCHOOL GOOD LOCATION AND AMAZING LIVING ARANGMENTS SALES MANAGERS Predicted ACT: Academic Review Self-control ALL IN ALL I BELIEVE THAT I AM ON TRACK TO A GOOD POST SECONDARY JOURNEY!!!!!! 11 BABYSITTING What Does a Sales Manager do? Overview Sophomore Year well rounded, Stylish, Unique A Natural Born Leader, But Not Always Positively. GPA= MOM She has helped me work on my teamwork and interpersonal skills. And Receive My Maters Degree Behavior Review A sales manager is someone who is responsible for leading and guiding a team of sales people in an organization. Financial Fit: (NYU) 30 RESPONSIBILITY, LEADERSHIP N Y U JOSEPH LIETNER MAKING PROGRESS Teamwork, Grit ,Leadership 10th Grade Am I a Fit?? 83 3.7 Skill: Freshman Year 5 25 HISTORY % begin repaying debt within 3 years FRIENDS TROY BROWN COOK Tardies Glimpse of My Life (Insert Name of school) 4 Graduate High School 79 3 Analysis Off Track My Biggest Cheerleaders Are... Questions Outside of the Classroom Career Cluster : Marketing , Sales Service LITERATURE INCREASE MY GPA BY 3 POINTS Directions: In each box explain how you are going to continue to explore your career further in high school. Make sure to delete these directions when you finish. Career Pathway Exploration Post Secondary Institution Deep Dive 81 10th Grade Summer PRACTICE AND MASTER DIFFICULT MATH SKILLS AND SEEK HELP WHEN NEEDED Am I a Fit? Thank You GET A SUMMER JOB WORKING IN RETAIL TO IMPROVE MY INTERPERSONAL SKILL Career Pathway Exploration Develop Computer Skills How am I Going to Get There? 12th Grade Career Exploration responsibility Average ACT Skills That I Have Learned Would Be Grit, Hard Work And Determination OFF Track!! Career Options Average GPA: Sales Manager My Network on track!! Almost Always Cooperates w/ What is Asked. Making Progress $15,420 DANIELLE CROCKER Comment 1: 91% Comment 2: 1 ON track!! Road to My Career My Mentor! 3.0 Go To A College That Has My Major In Business Current GPA: Comment 4: 8 Grit FOCUS MORE DURING LITERATURE CLASSES AND SEEK HELP WHEN NEEDED Comment 5: Receive A Bachelors Degree Skills Skill: Responsibility Current High School Records Level 2 Mindset Skill MONEY Off Track Absences 22 Does Well Working w/ Others And Occasionally Gets Caught in Drama. 78 Preparedness Evaluation: FASHION As Of Now I Am Making Progress An I Am On Track To My Goals. Take SAT and ACT Prep Programs To Prepare Myself For The Actual Test. Skill: Teacher Feedback Preparedness Evaluation: Continuing to Explore 11th Grade My Academic Profile Student Lets Others Influence Choices Track 85 UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2018 Conclusion 11th Grade Summer Internship YORK Demerit Cards She has taught me how to working an office setting with other co-workers. N/A Sales Manager 9th Grade Analysis Career Pathway: Marketing Communications Personal Fit: FRIENDS Family Generally works through challenges How am I Going to Get There? Self-control Continue My Job And Focus On Saving Money Towards Tuition

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