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Marble Sorter Presentation

Transcript: The Only remaining marbles are the red and clear the marbles travel on the conveyer until they reach the light sensor. The correct cup is then moved in front of the conveyor belt. Original Design Step One Marble Sorter The idea with the new design was to sort 5 different types of marbles mechanically This is done in 3 Steps: Original design consisted of all parts mounted on one vertical surface in theory it was supposed sort and weed out marbles as it traveled down the path Didn't work Having both motors running simultaneously without interfering with each other, was problamatic. Solution: A separate cortex for the other motor. The next step involves sorting the large pink marble. Because its significantly larger than both the clear and red marbles, a rail was made which the clear and red marbles fall through while the pink ones get caught. More Problems Redesign Step Two Problems The metal and plastic marbles are targeted here. A plate is placed with just enough room under it to allow metal and white marbles to pass underneath. they will go down a chute, and hit a metal flap The metal marble, which has more momentum, will push the plate and pass through. The plastic one wont. Step Three The motor is not precise, its slips a little when it stops. it needed to run really slow in order for the marble to actauly stop in front of the light sensor. The rubber gear, needed to move slow enough so that only one marble goes at a time. at a slow speed the motor does not have muc force. we needed a gear system to circumvent the gear from getting stuck.

Marble Presentation

Transcript: By Kaushal Suvarna Teacher: Mr Fryer Due date: Thursday 21 september Subject: Year 7 Economics Entrepeneurs: Learning From Success Introduction This presentation is about my entrepreneurial idea (an app that tells you where you can purchase the best marble and is of good quality) and it should give you an idea of why you should purchase this app. I hope you enjoy this presentation! Marble app Marble app My entrepeneurial idea is an app that tells you where you can purchase the best types of marble from India and get them to wherever you live and you don't have to pay any delivery charge. Also, some people can't install them so I will also hire employees and train them to intsall the marbles, so that in the future the business would expand (or maybe even make robots and train them to install the marbles). one type of marble you can get using this app LOCATIONS Where you purchase the marble from using the app? Perth, Australia Agra, India Imports to Australia and then imports to wherever you want to it to go to Benfits The benefits of using this app is that the marble is a very good quality and has many other feautres like it will look stunning if installed at customer's place. Also, if you clean and mantain your marble that you purchase, you don't have to purchase new marbles for about 20 years using the app. Our marble is a natural stone hence, which means it's highly resistant to cracks and scratches which makes it last for longer. Another thing is that if you drop something hot on marble when your cooking, nothing would happen to it (including liquid spills wouldn't harm marble). Another benefit is that you can choose assorted colours and hues of the marble when you purchase the marble. Another good deal we offer is that if break or damge marble by any chance you have 5 year warranty. Opportunity The problem that I'm trying to solve is that marble is extreemely rare and I want solve that by selling them in an app which would give me a lot of money. Also, not only would it make me happy by giving me money, it would also make customers happy because it's extreemely rare and I'm also selling it for a reasonable price (along with free delivery charge), you get a 5 year warranty and you can get the marble from from anywhere you live. The benefit of learning about entrepreneurship is that you can choose a pathway of business and can also maybe choose it as career. It can apply to you when you want to start your own business and it can apply to you in school when you choose business as your ATAR pathway in secondary years. This assignment has taught me about the challenges and the journey of an entrepreneur. The advice I would give to readers is, to be a successful entrepreneur you need to have a goal, and always have to focus on that goal. It benefits us because we will have aim and there for gain determination towards that particular goal. Conclusion Websites:,,, en-gbAU748&oq=How+has+microsoft+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j015.12005j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF -8, Dates used for all websites is: 7/09/17 Bibliography (FOR PART 1 AND PART 2) Bibliography (FOR PART 1 AND PART 2) Thank you for watching! Thank you for watching!

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