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Heart Broken...

Transcript: Heart Broken... According to The Weight of the Nation, every twenty-five seconds someone in this country has a heart attack. It is ranked as the number one cause of death for both men and women. More people die from heart-related problems than cancer. AIDS, respiratory disease, or even accidents. Being obese or overweight places you at a higher risk of developing heart disease and stroke. Increased body size causes the heart to pump harder, which causes the arteries to narrow with elevated cholesterol, inevitably, blood pressure to begin to climb. Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Statistics show that sixty-nine percent of people suffering their first attack and seventy-four percent of stroke victims have high blood pressure . The most common contributors are being overweight, not engaging in enough physical activity, and eating a poor diet high in sodium. Conclusion When someone has high Levels of LDL, the "bad" cholesterol, it can stick to inflamed section of the artery walls and eventually build up into deposits called plaque. Backed up coronary arteries interrupts the blood supply to the heart muscle, causing a heart attack. Optimal cholesterol (less than 200mg/dL) Normal blood pressure (120/80 or lower) Not having diabetes Learn body mass index (BMI of less than 25) (mine is 24.4 I am 5'4 and I weigh 140 Not Smoking Physical activity (my opinion is thirty to sixty minutes a day at least five days a week.) Healthy diet (my opinion is being caution of your diet when you're shopping (going shopping hungry, always leads to getting all the foods... i have "taste" for. Clogged Pipes 7 Steps to a Healthy A High-Pressure Situation

Broken Heart

Transcript: Coronary Artery Disease By: Lane and Megan C. Artery Diseased Artery About ABOUT Buildup of plaque Can cause Myocardial Infarction Causes Causes Age Smoking History BP Diabetes Physical Inactivity Symptoms Symptoms Angina Shortness of Breath Heart Attack Solutions Solutions Change Lifestyle Cardiac Rehab Medications Lifestyle Change Lifestyle Diet Physical Activity Quit Smoking Reduce Stress Rehab Cardiac Rehab Exercise Programs Education Meds Medications Reduce Chances of Hear Attack Blood Pressure Blood Thinners Lower Cholesterol Sources Sources

Broken Heart

Transcript: On Valentine’s Day, he buoght me a chocolate rose, a peanut butter heart, and a huge teddy bear. I hadn’t had a Valentine in years. Carlos gave me hope. He made me feel like I wasn’t going to be alone my whole life. I thought we were going to last forever. I was wrong. Broken Heart My names Andrea. His names Carlos. I was so completely in love with him. We only dated for a month but it was the best month of my life. We started dating on January 27th. When we broke up, he was a total jerk. He said we were friends but I knew we weren’t. We stopped talking. I hated feeling this way about him. I started talking to other guys. They were sending me mixed signals, though. It's March 4th right now. I haven’t cried in a week. I want to really bad but I just keep it in. I don’t think I could ever be in a relationship again after him. I’m afraid to let anyone in. What if they all lose feelings? I go around school and act like everything is okay. My friends occasionally ask if I’m okay. I lie and tell them yes. Little do they know, I’m dying on the inside. He is constantly on my mind. I wish I still had him. I wish he still loved me. He broke up with me on February 25th. He told me he didn’t feel the same about us. He lost feelings. Every time I thought about it, I cried. I didn’t eat three meals a day anymore. It was a good day if I ate one. I guess I just let myself trust him. Something I swore I would never do after my last boyfriend. There was just something different about him. Something that made me want to trust him.

Broken Heart

Transcript: By:R.L Stine -Mellisa -Josie -Rachel -Erica -Luke -David Which part I liked the best Summary R.L Stine was born on October 8,1943 I think that Abby.L would love this book because she likes mystery and action and this book is alot of mystery because you need to figure out who is the killer and also there is action when the killer arrives you know it, because of the character your reading and you can see the killer fighting with your character and thats awesome. My favourite part was when David climed a tree and went through melisa's window to get in her house I really liked it because when I was reading I could feel what Mellisa was feeling all her emotions when she was scared she couldent move to close the window or scream and I could see and feel what she saw and felt. Who would enjoy this book About the author - - - - - - - - He lives in New York City with his wife Jane and his son. He is the head writer of the tv show ''Eureeka's castle seen on nickolodeon Broken hearts By:R.L Stine The book talkes about three sisters who went to a horse back riding place and rachel's horse was too fast she fell and was really injuredafter the incident she wasent herself after this but months after it was valentines day and josie was getting unusuall valentine cards which was written rymes about her death that she was going to die,and then it was mellisa who is next ?who will die ?find out in this book. He has two sibblings pam Stine and Bill Stine ________________________________ He made 208 books and more than two dozen best selling mysteries and thriller for young adults readers Broken Heart He has one kid Matthiew Stine he is 12 years old He is married to Jane Waldhorn Characters He is 72 years old he is born in Columbus,Ohio United States

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