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News Broadcast

Transcript: Now that you are informed on the history here are the name of the plates African, Antarctic, Australian, cocos, Eurasian, Indian, Mazzca, North American, Pacific, and South America plate Background Info To give you a some history on plate tectonics this how it all started 225 million years ago earths land was all connected in one landmass called Pangaea 240 million years ago pieces began to spread 137 million years ago the future Europe and Australia present. Plate movements Continental- continental is where two continental plates collide and the crust pushes up and buckles upwards and sideways this forms mountains like the Himalayas. The next is oceanic- continental this is when the two plates encounter and since oceanic is more massive it will subducted under the continental this formed Andes mountains but can cause Volcanoes to erupt and can also cause earthquakes. The last one is oceanic-oceanic which when two converge and one is subducted under the other and a deep oceanic trench is formed the Mariana trench was formed but this also cause underwater Volcanoes to form Names of Plates where this occurs There are different ways that the plate move here are the ways the first one is Hypothetical boundaries exists in in areas between south and central America. Collision zone exists at the Indo-Australian plate, arabian plate, Caribbean plate, and pacific plate its where plates run into each other and collide. subduction zone occurs at the pacific plate, cocos plate Caribbean plate and some more this is where and oceanic plates goes under a continental plate. The last divergent boundaries this occurs in the middle of the Atlantic and it where plates move away from each other What to Do Plates can cause good things that don't harm people but can also cause bad things that can harm people. Convergence are the cause of the good and bad things the convergences are continental- continental, Oceanic Continental, and oceanic-oceanic If an earthquake where to occur here are some things to do. First protect your head with a helmet or cushion and hide in a safe place like under a table, running outside could be dangerous you are safer under the table. To make sure you don`t become trapped open the doors and windows to prevent being trapped. After the earthquake be cautious of things that could have fallen and broke during the earthquake. Here`s what do if Volcanoes erupt during the volcanoe you need to follow the evacuation order issued by authority, if you are in side close everything and put machinery away if outdoors find shelter, roll into a ball to protect your head. To know what to do before and after do further research. That`s a wrap for today thank you for listening and have a great day. What the convergences form This is very important to listen to this is where the disasters occur if this affects you make sure you keep listening to know what to do if this were to happen. The area that are mainly affected by volcanoes are Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Mexico, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Italy, El Salvador and Kenya. Places mainly affected by earthquakes are china, south and central America, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia Plate Tectonics News Broadcast What plates are causing

Broadcast News

Transcript: Sports Hair/make up artist Just "read" the news All about fame & fortune -Jorge Ramos Salary Schedule Location Opportunity for growth Work on Holidays Crime, hard stories Public criticism Limited jobs The more people watching TVs, the bigger the DMA Best. Job. Ever. Things to consider: Me!!!! Multimedia Journalist: Bachelor's Degree Internships/Experience Contacts!!!!!! HARD WORK Set a goal Produce show National news Graphics Deliver the news Improvise, break stories as needed Research the story Video available? Contacts, interviews Real example, localize the story - does the public care about this? Who? Direction, most important info Internships, experience What are your strongest skills? What are your interests? What makes you happy? "My only advice is, follow your dream and do whatever you like to do the most. I chose journalism because I wanted to be in the places where history was being made." DMA - Designated Market Area Common Misconceptions: Newsroom Team Producer Assignment Editor Videographer Director Audio Graphics Floor Director/Cameras Meteorologist LIGHTS, CAMERA........ "Geographic areas in which local television viewing is measured by The Nielsen Company." Anchor Generate story ideas Interviews Shoot video Write stories Edit Post to web Stand ups Live shots Dream Job Reporter Telling the Story Jenna Siffringer Anchor/Producer & MMJ LIMA #187 Strict deadlines Work isn't canceled for bad weather! Broadcast News Anchor: Anchor/MMJ How do you get into tv news? NYC #1

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