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One World Class Pre-Launch Party July 20, 2010

Transcript: What makes us . . . Different? Unique? Memorable? Who is UMassOnline? Busy Parents Lifelong Learners Undergrads Working Professionals We are a leader in the distance education industry We reach beyond the traditional service area We are the gateway for worldwide students We are providing access to a quality education We are a ‘thread’ that weaves together diverse populations We are millions of minds working together We are innovative, unique, successful and proud We make a difference in the lives of many We represent limitless possibilities We are one brand unified We are. One World Class UMassOnline Telling Our Story Branding Branding Guidelines Logos: Official logo, Formal Logo, Informal Logo Collateral OWC Stationery (LH, OE, Lbls, BCs) Official Stationery (LH, OE) Folder Brochure Program Listing PDF Email signature Advertising Pandora Banners Pandora Audio US News Working Mother Magazine Communications Internal Enewsletter External Email News PowerPoint Template and Presentation PowerPoint Template Web Properties UMassOnline China UMassOnline Blog One World Class Video SEM Landing Pages But, before we go Thanks... Som Seng Dina Kovar Ed Dunn Patti Flannagan Jen Hernandez Amy Thompson Anna Carter Li Feng Ken Udas Stefanie Henderson Sterling Hager and... So many faculty, students and friends (and families!) who helped along the way. Let's take a tour Unique? Different Memorable?

Brand New

Transcript: JWA had never changed their template... A new website An identity helps to manage the perception of a company and differentiates it from competitors We know the difference between the two... Engineer Writing CONSISTENCY Brand Three Phase Project Phase 1... The company has maintained it's distinctive color scheme of The reason was... The mix of light and dark green & orange... but it helps.... Rolled out over several months... Advanced Lean Email Newsletter The size of Phase 2 doubled... The colors themselves weren't the problem green & yellow through years of change JWA's 2011 Re-design Phase 1 A New Brand World knowing how vs. knowing that Design a website praxis & techne Corporations build their brand on their name, reputation and character It only had a 13% open rate... Now design another A mainstay of any brand identity is the look and feel of the website New John Deere maintains the iconic image of the leaping deer JWA Brand Identity with a 23% open rate and 100% sales engagement with the Amazon sales link John Deere Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi BRAND RECOGNITION Study Trip Email Brand Identity Phase 3 BRANDS Re-designing a brand... New Template Information Architecture Distinct Coca-Cola lettering Red and white coloring Shape of the Coca-Cola bottle JWA Consulting Just changing the font and logo doesn't make a brand identity Betty Marketing materials showcasing brand unity Brands and branding build off a customers emotional connection to a brand Constraints Joan Wellman & Associates logos... pathos... ethos... Sometimes it's best to take it slow... Final Design Plaid... or Template Phase 2 Scott Bedbury The executive team decided I should design a companion site for Darin's new book Advanced Lean in Healthcare Brands and Branding Sidetracked by Joan's Request Allowed me to work with salience The arrangement on the page was Advanced Lean Healthcare BRANDING Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty -- Alina Wheeler PowerPoint template Word Template Document Standards Deliverables

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