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Brand Presentation

Transcript: Company Vision To create an inspir... Company Vision To create an inspired vision of living built upon dreams and fantasy, born from creativity and modernism. The wishes and emotions of our customer is the formula of every principle and action we direct. We honour and uphold tradition of craftsmanship, yet strive to build upon with innovation. Customer Profile Customer Profile She the urban modern woman of the city, whether she is the professional, or the Gen Y girl haunting the Bars, Restaurants and events of the moment. She is a free-thinker, stylish, strong, curious, worldly, well travels, bold yet sophisticated and sensual. She doesn’t compromise on quality, she who knows exactly what she wants from her multi-faceted life as a woman. Opinion Leaders Opinion Leaders Evangelie Smyrniotaki Fashion Blogger Caroline Vreeland Singer Bella Hadid Model BRANDS LIKED BRANDS LIKED Tabitha Simmons Attico Alexandre Birman Aquazurra Saint Laurent Alexander Mcqueen Fendi Sock boot Givenchy Alexander Mcqueen Marco De Vincenzo Saint Laurent Giavito Rossi Francesco Russo Francesco Russo Monse Attico Alexandre Birman Attico Materials SS19 Materials SS19 Precious Metallics Suede Calf Skin PACKAGING PACKAGING Personalized Dust Bag Logo Tissue Paper Distribution Distribution Online Retailers (eg. net-a-porter, Moda Operadi, Farfetch) Trade shows Multibrand Stores and Showrooms. Department store distribution. Opening of brand flag ship stores. To build Brand dialog through Social Media, Press campaigns, look books & events. Fin Fin

Brand Presentation

Transcript: --------- ------------ --------------- Brand Presentation --------------- -------- --------- --------- by Shinichi Hirata Introduction The SNS Impact 373k+ Followers (Japan: 9,000+) 250k+ Likes 71k+ Followers History History Concept Timeline Bringing back the Classic Roadside Burger Stand High quality and casual atmosphere No coffee, just burgers, dogs, shakes and fries Timeline 1985 Danny Meyer opens Union Square Cafe, soon USHG is founded Summer, 2001 Danny Meyer and Randy Garutti open a seasonal hot dog car in MSP 2004 The first Shake Shack opens ! 2015 Shake Shack goes public Locations Locations U.S.A 80+ Stores (24 in NY) United Kingdom (7) Russia (3) Turkey (2) Saudi Arabia Kwait Oman Qatar UAE South Korea (3) Japan (3...but 4 soon) More than 130 stores and counting...! Mission Stand For Something Good シェイクシャックに関わる全ての方々や企業、地域がより良いものとなるために We are Boundless Hospitality We are a Team - We take care of Each Other We are Fine Casual - Inspired Food & Drink We are a Warm Community Gathering Place We are Accountable for Results Shack Pact We are Boundless Hospitality Virtous Cycle of Enlightened Hopsitality Hospitality vs. Service Hospitality: Emotional - Bilateral communication Service: Technical - One sided communication Hospitality Tips -Making Eye Contact/Smiling -Reading the Signs -ABCD (Always be connecting dots)* -Finding the YES -Charitable Assumption -Excellent Reflex NOW LET''S TRY THIS! “どんな商取引においても「相手をどんな気持ちにさせるか」は重要だ。(省略)「相手のために」か「相手に」か、その違いだ。 ”(6) “「人」がレストランに命を与えるのだ。店の成功は、どんな食材より、内装より、ワインの種類より、ロケーションより、「人」に左右される。”(104) -Enriching hospitality and actively growing themselves and the brand -Enforcing positive communication, respecting, trusting, relying each other We Are a Team 51%er -Committed to championship performance -"51%" to describe the emotional skills needed to thrive at the job/ "49%" to describe the technical skills needed for the job “私たちのスタッフは51%の情緒と49%の技能を持つ100wのきらめく電球であってほしい。 ”(106) 一番大切にすべきホスピタリティは、スタッフがお互いを思いやることだ。 (お客様が一番だなんて、そんなルールを誰が決めた?) (79) -Roots of Union Square Cafe and evolution of the Classic Roadside Burger Stand -Accepting only the consistent and best ingredients -Collaborating with the community and other businesses with parallel cultures We are Fine Casual Other Businesses/Good Neighbor Collaborations -Deep community investment -Warm and fun place for ALL guests Community Gathering Place “店はテーマパークではない。見物、近隣、それから市全体とも調和した存在でなければならない。” -Excellent Reflex & No shortcuts -Safety and cleanliness for growing the brand, business, and all team members We are Accountable for Results Conclusion We are Boundless Hospitality We are a Team - We take care of Each Other We are Fine Casual - Inspired Food & Drink We are a Warm Community Gathering Place We are Accountable for Results Shack Pact Conclusion: "Person" “In the end, what’s most meaningful is creating positive, uplifting outcomes for human experiences and human relationships. Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.” - Danny Meyer

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