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Brand Presentation Template For Product Purchasing

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Purchasing Presentation

Transcript: Purchasing Presentation #'s, A - C: Amanda Vazquez D - J: Melinda Chavez K - Q: Angela Aguilar R - Z: Melissa Griffith The Basics 2023 Travel Request Basics All Travel Requests must go through Concur All communications pertaining to TR funds requests/Amex GO should be directed to Travel All funds loaded to AmEx Go card must be for employee Travel, not Meeting Expenses or non-travel related needs. Pay By Check Forms must be completed and sent to PurchasingTravel, who will forward to Accounts Payable to process. If an add-on is needed, create a new TR and reference the original TR number, letting us know to add the additional funds Itemized Expense Reimbursement Reports (IERR) and Monthly Mileage Reimbursements must be submitted through Concur for Accounts Payable to process. Reload Requests Email once your Travel Request has been fully "Approved" or "Pending On-Line Booking" Approved TR's Traveler's Name TR Number Requesting a New AmEx Go Card Send requests to PurchasingTravel@rccd Include: New AmEx Go Card • Traveler’s Name: • Traveler’s Email: • Traveler’s Cell Phone Number: • Approved TR Number: • Main Campus: The Traveler will be notified by their cashier's office when the physical card is available for pick-up. Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards Mobile App: Select Help on Home Screen Select Contact American Express Call (800) 279-6069 Report your card lost or stolen and confirm/dispute transactions. Lost or Stolen Once this step has been completed, contact to request Replacement Card and report any fraudulent charges. Creating a Requisition Create A Requisition Things to consider for ALL reqs: -Verify Vendor is in Galaxy: If not, connect with the vendor to see if they would accept PO's and get them set up as a vendor. -Leave 'Bill To Location' as the Auto-generated District office address. -Do not write the same information in the Item name and description. -Do not duplicate notes in the internal and external side. The Internal Notes tab is intended for info you wish to communicate to approvers, Budget, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable. The External Notes tab is intended for information you wish to communicate to the vendor and will print on the PO. Ex: Quote, Reference, or Account Numbers. Modify Purchasing Requisition For Regular "P-" Purchase Orders Regular PO's New: -Include itemization as shown on the quote For Increases: -Indicate the reason for the add on. Ex: item price increase, updated quote,etc. -Title the item name as "Add On to P####" when adding onto a P-PO acting as an Open/B-PO. -If using "Copy From" feature, be sure that Notes are not duplicated and info is updated such as FY, etc. For Decreases: -Send request to Accounts Payable with Purchasing cc'd Open PO's Modify Open Purchase Requisition For Open "B-" Purchase Orders New: -If you are unsure if the vendor accepts open PO's, confirm with them before creating the req. -Include at least one Authorized Purchaser. * Amazon has a maximum limit of one. -Complete the Open PO Note in external notes of the req. Modify Purchase Requisition For Open "P-" Purchase Orders WHY do we have "P" type Open PO's? For use of maintanence/services throughout the fiscal year. -External Notes should indicate that it's for use during the fiscal year and have the Open PO note completed. Increases and Decreases: are not automated. Purchasing can ensure insurance is still current and bid limits are not being exceeded as add on requests come in for "P" type Open PO's. Increases and Decreases: Are automated in Galaxy & increase will immediately reflect on B-PO once the req is fully approved. BUT: For vendors like Office Depot & Amazon Purchasing needs to be notified so we can manually add the funds to your online account Modify Purchase Requisition For Contract "C-" Purchase Orders C-type PO's are required for any purchases that include an agreement/contract from the vendor with it's own terms and conditions and/or requires signature. An A-type requisition should be created and noted on the Contract Transmittal Form. The most up to date copies of the Contract Transmittal forms can be found in ASUG - Adobe Sign User's Group Teams. If contract spans more than one fiscal year indicate it is a Multi. Yr. P.R. Contract PO's When checking the Approvals status of a Requisition Requisition Approvals Comments from F&T Analyst or Budget: Comments from Purchasing: View Purchase Requisition: Status Purchasing's Internal Notes What do they MEAN? Internal Notes Tab Common Abbreviations: COI: Certificate of Insurance ICC:Independent Contractor Checklist VF: Vendor Form The Purchasing Specialist that is working on the req will often include their initials at the end of an update/note: AA: Angela Aguilar MC: Melinda Chavez MLG: Melissa Griffith AV: Amanda Vazquez What is Purchasing Looking for? Purchasing Review FOR ALL REQUISITIONS: Purchases between $10,000-$109,300: -3 Written Quotes must be provided: -One

Purchasing Presentation

Transcript: Mills of Choice Plate Kaiser, Alcoa, Constellium, Aleris and Amag Considerations: Lead Time, Availability, Pricing Applicable Adders: FMS, DMS & Width MMS 149 – We prefer to buy this material (2124)from Alcoa so we can get the FMS specs at little to no cost, which serves more of our customer base. *Constellium does not offer the FMS spec., but they do offer the MMS spec: Kaiser $0.17 adder; Alcoa only allows 9 specs on there certifications - We order: AMS QQA;FMS 3002;FMS 3008:AMS 4101;AMS STD;BSS;GAMPS;ASTM B – AMS STD counts as two specs, We choose the FMS and recert. The MMS recert fee is $.05/lb, on test report - we typically just ask for the recertification in lieu of carrying duplicate inventory. Forgings Weber, APP, American Hand Forging, Premco Considerations: Lead Time, Availability, Pricing Applicable Adders: Stocking Program, Cut to Size Bar Kaiser Considerations: Mill Minimum, Dual Inventory Applicable Adders: Depot, Processing, ex. USI - Heat Treat BTS is a weight based system, it is very hard to readily determine what the needs truly are without looking at each item individually. Plate: Implementing a “theoretical” cut logic program, as an option on the Inventory Usage Report. Something that would look at the following: 3) Stocking Lead Time – Compare Committed – Width/length vs. Piece Count vs. Current Stock The Power of Purchasing * Plate mill placement is based on Mill/Pricing/Specs/Lead Time 5) Eliminate rem weight if stocking size is less than width/length - 40.0 x 48.0 i.e. Committed: 48.5 x 144.5 – 3 each - Current Stock = 3 each * Determine if material in Stock vs. On Order vs. Committed will meet the needs * Determine : Replacement needs 2) Send a flag to purchasing that special size might be required. 4) Send a Flag that ALL full plates have been sold – reorder. * Plate & Forgings are reviewed based more on the Inventory Purchasing Procedures Usage – By Product Available (size/dates) - History ( customer/size) Purchasing Tools Purchasing Enhancements Bar of the customer and our established stocking program. 1) Within Mill Lead Time – Compare Committed - Width/Length vs. Piece Count vs. Due Date i.e. Committed: 18.0 w x 19.0 L - 16 each – Preferred purchase size = 54.75 x 154.0 – vs. Current/Incoming Inventory   * Enter information into Enquiry – Create Purchase Order & Email to mill. * Review Inventory Usage: Considering - On Hand – Committed (size- dates)- Plate and Forgings  * Mill Return Enquiry: Review each line – “does mill min meet and/or exceed, inventory needs?” * Send Purchase Enquiry to Mill * Compare inventory usage to Stock Summary However, do to lead time and pricing issues we will send out stocking purchase enquiry’s to fill in our inventory. The placements will again be based on Mill/Pricing/Specs/Lead Time. * Review: Sales Item Booking pull each item up review for Movement, Committed, Stock: Inventory Usage – <neg> On Hand;Review – Sales Requests Product Code –UP707% - Time Frame –beginning/ending date – or by WEEKS (12 weeks Mill lead time) * Forgings – Will be placed primarily with Weber, based on our Stocking agreement. Sales Item Bookings o Allows me to see every item that has had movement within the requested time frame and/or by requested product line. Inventory Usage o Allows me to see the MTD/YTD usage by item, within the requested range. Committed/ Available/On Hand; Zero On Hand; product line. Sales request/advice o Sales send requests, advises when material low, none available, customer quoting activity E & O Summary o I use this report during a product review. Reason #1 to determine if material would be better suited in another branch. #2 to determine if material should be considered for scraping out of the system.

Purchasing Presentation

Transcript: Whole Wheat All Purpose High Gluten (Bread Flour) Low Gluten (Cake Flour) Unbleached Bleached Self-rising 25 lb = $40.50 50 lb = $55.50 made by grinding the entire wheat kernel--including the bran and germ Purchasing Specs gluten provides structure used for cakes and other delicate baked goods that require low gluten content flour mill located in Lancaster, PA the germ is high in fat, and can become rancid; does not keep as well as white flour 100% Organic Daisy Whole Wheat Bread Flour Nicole Sheets usually purchased in 25 or 50 pound bags the balance of strength and tenderness makes it suitable for a variety of baked goods used for yeast breads, hard crusted breads Gluten A fine powder obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a grain; primarily wheat. Gluten Free Flours 25 lb = $35.75 Cake Flour Bread Flour Whole Wheat Flour 50 lb = $55.50 made from soft wheat; low-gluten; soft, smooth texture; pure white color All Purpose Flour 50 lb = $49.50 when combined with water and mixed into a dough, they form an elastic substance called gluten ideal for the everyday baker Wheat Flour Daisy 100% Organic Flour made from a combination of soft and hard wheat; medium-gluten FLOUR used in bread making; strengthened with white flour made from hard wheat; high-gluten; slightly coarse texture; creamy white color 100% Organic Daisy Bread Flour approximately 80% of the proteins in flour are called glutenin and gliadin 100% Organic Daisy All Purpose Flour 25 lb = $40.50 Nuts Soy Rice Beans Corn Coconut Hemp Peas Potato Teff

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