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Transcript: Bracket Josh Palmer, Trinity Pryor, Jacob Fox Round 1 Round 1 Round 1 Game 1 Round 1 Game 2 Round 1 Game 3 Round 1 Game 8 Round 1 Game 7 Round 1 Game 4 Round 1 Game 5 Round 1 Game 6 Winner: Otto Von Bismarck Reason: The reason that I picked Otto Von Bismarck won this one is because, first of all, Hitler was a awful ruler. For example, the Holocaust, around 6 million jews were killed during this time. Another reason is that Otto Von Bismarck unified the german states into a powerful german empire. Adolf Hitler vs. Otto Von Bismarck Winner: Mao Zedong Reason: The reason that I did not choose Louis XIV was because he just implemented reforms, and it improved commerce and trade. Of course he did do more, but Zedong did many more empowering things. Such as uplifting the status in women, promoting education, raised life expectancy. He established the people’s republic of China, and helping it. He cared for his people, and that’s why he won. Louis XIV vs. Mao Zedong Winner: Nelson Mandela Reason: The reason that I picked Nelson Mandela over Vladimir Lenin is because for one Nelson became the national president of the ANC Youth League in 1950. Another reason is he co-founded the first black legal partnership in South Africa. The last reason is that He had a powerful presence and disarmed enemies with his smile. Nelson Mandela vs. Vladimir Lenin Winner: Mohandas Gandhi Reason: The reason that I picked Mohandas Gandhi is because although George Washington was a great leader and President, Gandhi was a little bit better in my opinion because he did many things such as winning the noble peace prize, fought against racial discrimination in South Africa. He also fought against social evils in society like uncountably. Mohandas Gandhi vs. George Washington Winner: Julius Caesar Reason: The reason I did not choose Genghis Khan is because although he did establish freedom religion, banned torture, outlawed slavery, and more. Caesar had led Rome in their war against the native tribes of Gaul. He proved his power in Rome, such as being the most greatest military commander in history. Genghis Khan vs. Julius Caesar Winner: Napoleon Bonaparte Reason: The reason I chose Napoleon Bonaparte over Alexander the great is because he had led the French to victory in the italian Campaign against the first Coalition. Another reason includes how he demonstrates exceptional military skills during the Siege of Toulon. He also won the battle of 13 Vendémiaire to end the threat to the Revolutionary Government. Napoleon Bonaparte vs. Alexander the Great Winner: Franklin D. Roosevelt Reason: The reason I chose Franklin D. Roosevelt over Winston Churchill is because he dramatically expanded the system of national parks and national forests. He also instituted major regulatory reforms related to finance, communications, labor, and had presided over the end of prohibition. He had served for being president the longest, and during his time of presidency the US social security system had been created. Franklin Delano Roosevelt vs. Winston Churchill Winner: Martin Luther Reason: The reason I did not choose Justinian is because although he unified law in order to organize the empire, and many more. I chose Martin Luther because he had made writings, and these writings had been responsible for fractionalizing the Catholic Church and sparking the Protestant Reformation. Another reason is that he translated the Bible from Hebrew/ancient greek to German language, in which, made the scriptures more accessible to the common men. Justinian vs. Martin Luther Round 2 Round 2 Round 2 Game 1 Winner: Mao Zedong Reason: The reason why I chose Mao Zedong over Otto Von Bismarck is because Zedong did inspiring things. As for leading his people on a long march, which took over four thousand miles to keep the Communist movement alive. He also led an event known as the Cultural Revolution, and he had compelled the people to believe that they had a right to revolt. Otto Von Bismarck vs. Mao Zedong Winner: Mohandas Gandhi Reason: The reason I did not choose Nelson Mandela is because of course, he did do many inspiring things like ending apartheid, he co-founded the first black legal partnership in South Africa, and many more. But Mohandas Gandhi, in my opinion, did more greater things. Such as fighting against racial discrimination in South Africa. Another is his Satyagraha campaign in South Africa, leading it to the 1914 Indian relief act. Nelson Mandela vs. Mohandas Gandhi Round 2 Game 2 Winner: Julius Caesar Reason: I chose Julius Caesar to win because I think he proved himself well. After all, I mean he is the most powerful man in the Roman republic. Though he got assassinated, he proved his worth of being one the greatest military commanders in history. Not only that though, he also led a war against the Native tribes, proving his hard work for his military skills. Julius Caesar vs. Napoleon Bonaparte Round 2 Game 3 Winner: Franklin D. Roosevelt Reason: I chose Round


Transcript: Christopher Columbus Ghengis Khan The Dutch Invasion Black Death Explorer for Spain 1451-1506 Enslaved native "indians" Was involved in child sex trafficking Refused to baptize people so he could enslave them Mutilated slaves that weren't productive enough 1095-1291 1.7 million killed in total Didn't allow people to practice their religon in their own holy land The Dutch Invasion Mao Zedong Maximilien Robespierre Adolf Hitler King of Belgium 1835-1909 Killed 8-10 million congolese people Mutilated workers Spanish Influenza Total Death Toll: 129,000-226,000 Most deaths occured in the first day Mostly civilian deaths Left terrible radiation afterwards Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Killed 75-200 million 1346-1353 Traveled along the Silk Road Killed 30-60% of Europe's population Joseph Stalin Ghengis Khan Hiroshima + Nagasaki Adolf Hitler Responsible for the Armenian Genocide Killed 1.5 million people Deported 1 million people Used WWII as a scapegoat for their murders Mao Zedong Christopher Columbus The Young Turks Khagan of the Mongol Empire 1162-1227 Killed 40,000,000+ people Connected trade throughout Asia Former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1878-1953 Killed 20 million (not including WWII deaths) Hiroshima + Nagasaki Infected 500 million people Killed an estimated 20-50 million people 1918-1919 AKA "Cortez the Killer" Spanish Conquistador 1485-1587 Killed 9-10 million(With his menand the smallpox they bought) Wiped out the Aztecs Genghis Khan French Politician 1758-1794 Opposed to the rule of King Louis XVI Killed 17,000 people in roughly 8 months (70 people a day) World War I ChristopherColumbus The Crusades Spanish Influenza 38 million casualities 1914-1918 Started with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Allied Powers vs. Central Powers Joseph Stalin Hernan Cortes Leader of the Nazi party 1889-1945 Killed 20,000,000 people Infamous Worldwide Responsible for WWII Former Chairman of the Communist Party of China 1893-1976 Killed 45 million in 4 years Killed 70 million+ total Former prime minister of Cambodia 1925-1998 Killed 1.5 million people AKA When the Dutch came to settle in South Africa Killed 18,600 Helped contribute to the spread of malaria Instated the racism that eventually caused apartheid Apartheid's Death Toll: 15,000-100,000 Christopher Columbus Spanish Influenza King Leopold II Mao Zedong Pol Pot The Worst Ever

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