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Boy Scouts of America

Transcript: Boy Scouts of America So why start Scouting (don't they just get made fun of?) You will get tangible results as well. -Recognition -Respect -Responsibilty Scouting allows you to learn valuable life skills. -Leadership -First Aid -How to be a model citizen Very few things look good on your resume as an adult that was accomplished in teenage years Becoming and Eagle Scout is one of those few things By: Taylor Willison Backround Information Tenderfoot You should look for a troop that is run in a fashion that caters to your intrests. Second Class Scouts are now familiar with the troop and play an active role in thier patrols. Some even hold leadership position. First Class Star Scout What is Venture Crew? Venture Crew, is a specail branch of scouting that is avainble to scouts that are 14 and older and are at least star scout. Activites include... Scouts will now be "running the show" you will be able to plan meetings and trips Scouts are now elligble to join the Venture Crew Merit badges become part of the scouts advancement requirements What is a Merit Badge? Merit Badges are awards your get for completeing requirements in a certain disipline that are outside of the general rank requirements. Life Scout Life Scout is the final step. You are expected to be a leader in your troop and a role model to younger scouts This is the final step. Most Scouts drop out here being known as "Life for Life" Eagle Scout You have now reached the highest rank in Boy Scouts You have 21 Merit Badges Over 30 Hours of service And Comleted your own service project Only 2/100 Scouts reach Eagle. Do you have what it takes? Eagle Scout Second Class Tenderfoot Star Scout Caving Backpacking SCUBA Canoe Trips White water rafting Life Scout Scouts now must have held leadership poisiton. They will have been on multiple camping trips and given at least 10 hours of community service First Class Your Fist steps of scouting require you to find a troop. Many troops focus on particular activites such as backpacking or camping. Rank

Boy Scouts of America

Transcript: ✳✱* What is the Charity's mission statement? - To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. How much money have they raised? - Varies per local troop, around 310 million dollars yearly. How many people have they helped? - More than 110 million people and their families. Conclusion I believe that my charity is a good choice because it strives for helping the youth prepare for the future ahead of them and have good morals. Traits that are very useful when someone is preparing for life outside of schooling. Purpose By: Alex Hill Specific Examples What are some significant events or milestones? - Over 2.7 million Cub Scouts have became Eagle Scouts. Over the years BSA has included large mandatory efforts to alert and help families with the threat of child abuse. Boy Scouts of America I am blessed by the help that Boy Scouts of America have given me and my family. Had it not been for them I fear that my boys would not have had very many friends or experiences growing up. I owe them the world. - Becky (Mother of Scouts) "Scouting helped me build upon my education. Without it I would have never strived for where I am now". - Chuck Smith (Awarded Eagle Scout Rank in 1959) When was it founded? - 1910 Who founded it? - Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, Ernest Thompson Seton, Daniel Carter Beard, William D. Boyce Where is it located? - 7125 Fall Creek Rd N, Indianapolis, IN 46256 History Section What are the general ways in which they help others? - They help children learn important life values and how to get far in life.

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