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Boy Scout Presentation Template

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boy scout project

Transcript: The highest position is a eagle scout but i takes a long time to get to that position. Some of the eagle scouts are Governors,Presidents,Policemen, and more important people. They say the have been changed of how they used to be because of boy scouts. what they do ? by: Adiel Navarro 1-2 p Mrs.walsdorfb reference page 1. 2. how they help boy scouts of America who are the boyscout ? teach how to survive in the wild Cub Scout Derbies Blue and Gold Banquets and many more things more thing's. how to become a eagle scout? why were boy scouts organization made they help by teaching life lessons and life skills for surviving in the wilderness. 1.they Help the natural world by........ ◾Pick up litter around the neighborhood. ◾Clean up trash by a stream. ◾Plant seedlings or flowers. ◾Recycle glass, paper, aluminum, or plastic. 2.they also Help the community by........ ◾Collect food for food banks. ◾Make cards for a care center. ◾Clean up a church parking lot. ◾Shovel snow or rake leaves for seniors. Mr.Baden-Powell's idea was that boys should organize themselves into small natural groups of six or seven under a boy leader—the patrol and patrol leader. by doing this it would be helping To earn the rank, a Boy Scout must, 1.Progress through the ranks 2.Earn 21 merit badges 3.Serve six months in a troop leadership position. 4.Plan, develop, and give leadership to a service project for any religious organization or any school or community video page what is the highest position in boy scout? organization The boy scouts organization teaches the boys about good citizenship, chivalrous behavior,and skill in different outdoor activities. there motto is ”Be Prepared.” boy scouts of America

Radioactive boy scout

Transcript: is it possible for the nuclear reactor to work? created 1000 times more radiation than background radiation wasted US$60000 to clean up the radioactive waste aftermaths of the 'experiments He needs 720689655 (720 billions) smoke detectors, quite a lot An average smoke detector for domestic use contains about 0.29 micrograms of Am-241 The critical mass for a bare 241Am sphere is about 209 kg Bibliography experiment with radioactive materials affect to himself the original target was to collect all the elements he went further than anyone expected, try to collect Americium and Thorium experiments were done in his mother's shed, without much safety precaution built a 'nuclear reactor' with Americium in smoke detector gather Thorium from Coleman style gas lanterns radium 226 from antique luminous clocks background information despite the apparently small dosage of Americium's radiation, his face was ruined by the extreme radiation exposure atomic energy merit badge Radioactive boy scout -David Hahn born in 1976 joined the boyscout when he was 17 his father encouraged him to join the boyscout because he was "aimless", said his father

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