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Boeing Company Background Presentation

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Boeing Company

Transcript: How many aircraft did Airbus manufacture with subsidies they allegedly received for the European Union? a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 Security and Defense Industry Driven by innovation - 787 Dreamliner Manufactures 7 commercial aircraft Derives large portion of revenue from segment The Boeing Company What does FAA stand for? a) Federal Aviation Administration b) Federal Aviation Association c) Federal Aviation of America What percentage of Boeing's revenue is generated by the commercial aircraft segment? a) 40% b) 50% c) 60% Industry Trends Q6 Q7 World's largest aerospace company Competes in multiple industries Supply chain essential to success Political Trends - Commercial Aircraft Industry Boeing was recently contracted to manufacture 12 satellites for the U.S. government; what will they be used for? a) telecommunication b) GPS c) tracking and relay Boeing sells outdated equipment to foreign allies Causes debate among politicians possible danger could reveal U.S. military secrets How much does a Boeing 787 cost? a) $48 million b) $105 million c) $157 million Q9 FAA FAR regulations emissions noise restrictions manufacturing regulations Use of illegal subsidies Commercial Aircraft Industry Q4 Boeing is the 2nd largest competitor Manufacture strike and surveillance aircraft U.S. Gov't is largest customer Q8 Company Introduction Which company is the largest security & defense contractor? a) Lockheed Martin b) Northrop Grumman c) Bombardier Political Trends - Military What special U.S. government aircraft does Boeing manufacture? Q1 Q3 Matt Eberly, Kelsey McDermott, Ray Mucci, Matt Wells Which country is the leading importer of military equipment? a) India b) Australia c) South Korea Q5 Which political figure is a leading proponent of selling military equipment to foreign governments? a) Secretary of State John Kerry b) Department of Defense head Chuck Hagel c) President Barack Obama Q10 Airline companies that fly Boeing's 787 with lithium battery are able to reduce fuel costs by what percentage? a) 20% b) 35% c) 15% Q2

Boeing Company

Transcript: 1.The company's history 4 huge Boeing sites send 0 hazardous waste Multiple ISO-approved large sites (over a dozen) Boeing's water use improved by 28%/absolute revenue and by 48%/final revenue One of the largest aircraft manufacturers by revenue. Boeing shows their quarterly reports from 2005-2011 Retirement benefits such as a pension plan and a retirement savings plan Boeing offers dividends to registered shareholders of Boeing stocks (NYSE:BA) By: David S. Boeing has served as a major partner in space exploration Quick Facts Boeing's carbon emissions improved by 13%/absolute revenue and 28%/final revenue W.James McNerney - Chairman, Board Director and CEO. Currently makes aircraft, for transportation and military and defense purposes. Also space exploration supplies 3.It's transparency Thank you for listening! Building cleaner factories More Facts Agenda All of this information is to date from 2002 to 2010 Algae-based biofuel A wellness program Employee Benefits Lower Duwamish Waterway, Seattle Boeing's energy conservation improved 15%/absolute revenue and by 30%/final revenue Reducing waste and hazardous chemicals Boeing offers Medical, Dental, Accidental Death and Dismembrement (AD & D) short-term or long-term Cleaning up past practices 2.It's CSR initiatives Founded in 1916 by William E. Boeing in Seattle. Boeing's facilities use only renewable energy sources Encourages biking to work More CSR Initiatives Transparency Boeing offers education in Technology, Math, Engineering and Science Brief History Reducing the carbon footprint Boeing offers weekly vacations Boeing contributes more than $1 billion US each week to the U.S. economy Boeing Airlines CSR initiatives Whether they had any social audits or environmental audits is unknown 4.It's Benefits, Wellness and Support Programs

Boeing Company

Transcript: To maintain the students at the company and having goals to work with the company Boeing must be more willing to create a more diverse database for future employees. Also to continue to be modern in the technology field to make it more known so that the younger generation can know about the company. They have to be constant with being attentive to people of diversity.So recruiting from HBCU's to get people who are academically able is very necessary. Boeing Engineering Case Study Boeing is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells satellites, rockets, and airplanes. Boeing is the largest Global Aircraft. Boeing is the largest exporter in the United States by the Dollar Bill Divided into 5 primary divisions One being the Boeing commercial Airplanes Another being Boeing defense, Space and Security Also, engineering Operations & Technology Boeing Capital Than finally Boeing Shared Service Group The problem with most engineering companies and Boeing is the lack of diversity within their companies. Especially black women, they do not get as much opportunity as woman of no color at all. Also, not recruiting young black women. History Of The Company Founded after the maiden flight Seaplanes where built with the assistance of George Conrad Westervelt, a U.S Navy engineer. Boeing and Westervelt decided to build the B&W seaplane after having flown in a Curtiss aircraft. To attract a more young and diverse, they need to work on creating a more desirable place to work. The newer generation is more into technology, with that being said they should create a recruiting process that revolves around the social media. Boeing also can create a mentorship program for the younger generation. Especially partnering with HBCU's to attract the diverse students. To start creating a more desirable place to work due to the diversity, and being modern. Where to recruit ? Why is this a good place to work? Tajmonet McIntyre To recruit these diverse students attending colleges at HBCU's. Also, expressing more in what they want more of because before Boeing knows it the students will be coming to them. Since Boeing is creating the company to be a more desirable place to work the students will come to them. How to attract them? Problem Statistics For every 10 women in the company 1 out of every 10 are colored. Only 2% of Boeing are actually black women Nearly 80% of the employees are recruited by PWI'S 2,575,000 white women are working in the stem field as of today 238,000 African American women are in the Stem field as of today How to maintain them?

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