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Transcript: Anatomy Back Nutrition is a very important when it comes to muscle building and losing fat -Carbohydrates -Protein -Fats Training many people have to misconception of when i eat fat i get fat, this is not true you need to consume a bit fat but not as much as carbohydrates after all 1 fat is 9 calrories while protein and carbs are 4 calories a gram 1.What is bodybuilding ? 2.Why bodybuilding ? 3.Training 4.Anatomy 5.Nutrition Anatomy Front Bodybuilding Why Bodybuilding ? Bodybuilding is sculpting the muscles in the body with the goal to adding more mass in certain muscle group with the vision of competition or personal satisfaction. -A big misconception that people have with bodybuilding is that they think its a freaky sport and when you are a bodybuilder you have to be about 110kg with 7% body fat witch is not true because anybody who like to be in shape and try to chance his body to a personal goal is a bodybuilder to me Fats Saturated and trans fat are the unhealthy fats these fats can be found in fries,chocolates,cheese,butter bacon,palm oil, coconut oil Topics we are going to discuss Protein Nutrition people bodybuilding because of -Lifestyle health chance -insecure about them self's -substitute to other sports -personal goals for example losing fat Monday - Chest & Triceps Tuesday - Back & Biceps Wednesday - Restday Thursday - Legs & Calfs Friday - Shoulders & Triceps Saturday - Restday Sunday - Biceps abs Carbohydrates are the most important fuel for our body because its energy and we have different types of carbohydrates like simple and complex carbohydrates our body will digest simple carbohydrates quicker than complex carbohydrates that's why sportsman consume sports drinks like AA drink for direct energy. Complex carbs can be found in brown rice,whole bread, and brinta Protein is a essential when i comes to repairing muscle tissue and building more muscle the recommendation is 2 gram protein per body weight for all people. For bodybuilders or athletes its optimal to take 3 to 5 grams of protein per bodyweight Carbohydrates Unsaturated fats are the good fats these fats will keep your testosterone balanced and can help you burn more fat and will lower the risk of heart diseases What is bodybuilding ? We have 3 types of fats -Saturated fat -Trans fat -Unsaturated fat we have 3 different macro's in food that we eat there are many methods of training most people are training each body part once a week while other like to train it twice a week. here are some examples of a weekly bodybuilding routine


Transcript: 4-6 Weeks Out Oatmeal Brown rice Wheat bread Wheat noodles Sweet potatoes Fruit Goal: Come in with least amount of subcutaneous water Load sodium starting at 15 days out and gradually reduce, then slowly load again on last day Carbs slightly deplete through the week Last leg workout Saturday before, last workout/cardio is Wednesday or Thursday Practice posing in free time Start applying pro tan or self tanner of choice 1-2 days out Auxiliary Lifts Chest Flys Cable Cross Incline press Lat pulls Back Extensions Lawnmower pulls Arnold Press Lateral Raise Rear flys Contest prep Best sources of Protein 8-12 Weeks Out Offseason nutrition 5-6 months prior to main competition try competing in local shows Figure out a BF% ideal for the main show Calculate how long it will take to get to that BF% from your current body state Tighten up diet Begin shaving Put together posing routine Practice holding poses for longer times MORE CARDIO!!!!! A test run of the final week at this time may help figure out how to peak when it counts Base around core lifts! Squats Deadlifts Bench/Dumbbell Press Dips Weighted pull ups Military Press Rows Weight lifting! Nutritional excellence! Practice! Final Week Skull crushers Kick backs Rope Extensions Preacher curls Dumbbell curls Hammer curls Lunges Quad extensions Hamstring curls Weight Training Jeremy Garcia Best sources of carbs Slowly transition from a caloric surplus to maintenance levels and eventually a caloric deficit Concentrate on cutting carbs and some fats Maintain protein intake Maintain workout routine Once at caloric deficit, refeeds start to be implemented into diet Start taking measurements every 2-4 weeks and weight every week or 2 Adjust diet depending on progress and ultimate goal All kinds of nuts Natural Peanut butter Fish oils Flax oils Olive oils Bodybuilding Best sources of FATS Goal: Decrease body fat while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible 1-2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight 120 grams of carbs per day Extra carbs can substitute protein deficit 15-20% of calories from fat Lean beef Chicken breast Tuna Egg white Cottage cheese What do you need to do to become the next Mr. Olympia? Contest Nutrition (Cutting Phase) Goal: Gain lean muscle mass with minimal fat gain 2-3 grams of protein per pound of body weight 15-25% calories from fat Begin posing, practice first holding poses then slowly start working on mandatories Start tanning early, especially if you have fair skin Its time for CARDIO!! CONTEST DAY! Take drug test Prejudging begins in the morning Consists of symmetry round, mandatories, and a routine Break from mid afternoon-early evening Night show consists of: -Routine -Pose Down -Class placements -Overall comparison -Crowning of overall champion Contest diet

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Transcript: What should we do? Body development Summary Reactions of people involved Recommendations Employees Employers Introducing the idea of principlism Improve quality of life Improving Preventative Healthcare Improve physical well-being Improving Healthy living in the Workplace What if we take a more direct approach? employing activities volunteers and/or occupational therapists Improving the education system Reactions of the people involved Benefits of healthy diet Overall recommendation Recommendations Effects of taking a direct approach Green prescription initiative Thank you! Balanced diet and physical activity Improve social situation provide cultural competency training cultural festivities Physical well-being Quality of life vs prolonging life Ethnic equality ----> social equality Social support Immune system Government School Parents Education system 1) Balanced diet and physical activity 2) Effect of education system 3) Key role of parents Ethical Implications Healthy living in Schools Active lifestyles at the workplace Support for the elderly skeletal condition Recommendations Improve ethnic equality Improving social well-being in elderly health care Recommendation Improving healthy eating and active living in schools Summary Recommendations Preventative Healthcare in New Zealand Physical well-being already gets significant attention Education parents Green initiative Cultural diversity, Quality of life Educating staff on social well-being Hiring palliative care physicians Hiring psychologist and social workers A programme based on the green prescription initiative Government actions Direct approach - Principlism Reactions of people involved Medical staff Elderly patients and relatives Government Recommendations more directive approach in: educating school children on healthy eating/active living improving active lifestyle in the workplace improving social well-being in the elderly healthcare by using principlism and taking into account people's autonomy Influence of school

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