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Board Of Director Innovation Presentation Template

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Board Meeting - Presentation Template

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Transcript: Review team will assess each suggestion at fortnightly meetings If the suggestion is successful, a member of the review team is assigned alongside the custodian of the idea to implement the strategy. Rewards for outstanding ideas/ innovations will be rewarded at the discretion of the relevant Manager. Employees fill out an idea suggestion form & place them on the INNOVATION board 2. What is Innovation? YES INNOVATION BOARD INNOVATION Increases employee involvement in decision making and procedure development INNOVATION BOARD This will increase in productivity and performance of the organisation in quality, products, people, efficiency & cost INNOVATION BOARD review team YES Chaired by a manager Other team members are made up of employees from each department of Perth Racing Review team rotated periodically every 3 months Employees in all departments across all levels are invited to contribute an idea If a suggestion is accepted, the employee who submitted the idea will be made aware If a suggestion is rejected, the employee will be provided with the rationale behind the decision 4. Assess whether to accept or reject sample YES The process of translating an idea into a product or service that creates value An innovation can be BIG or small, brand new or transforming an existing idea It takes only 3 simple steps Assess whether suggestion reflects Perth Racing's vision & values Employee Suggestions board review forms sample On the reverse side of the suggestion form. of COST BENEFIT analysis as part of the reviewal process. Assessing how the suggestion reflects the organisations vision and values. Whether or not action is to be taken, priority of suggestion and employee reward. objective Forms are reviewed by a review team Employee Suggestions Conduct a cost benefit analysis review process IDEA 1. IDEA 2. CREATE 3. VALIDATE 1. Employee information, e.g. name, date, department, position. Description of suggestion. Breakdown of benefits, costs, labour, materials and other resources needed Breakdown of steps involved in implementing strategy. 3. INNOVATION BOARD suggestion forms implementation Presented by Jan Rowe

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