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Transcript: Breaks law into subject areas for specific research "Filter your Results" --> "Court Opinions" Further limit results by Jurisdiction Circuit States Courts Topics And others Secondary Materials Locating by Keyword Search Searching in EDGAR Westlaw Bloomberg Practice Centers Tab Westlaw Three ways to find cases in Bloomberg Go Bar Search and Browse Tab "Court Opinions" under "Getting Started" What is Bloomberg Law? What you can expect to find: After your search, click on secondary materials Example: Books & Treatises Filter by Publisher or Title Compilation of 2,500+ reporters covering various topic areas Tax & Accounting, Labor & Employment, Intellectual Property, Banking, Health, Human Resources, Environment, etc. Court Opinions on Bloomberg Can be filtered by category or topic to find a reporter for your search Sources can be printed and emailed directly from the document Topics contain treatises, law journal articles, and practice materials Bloomberg BNA Series System used to access court dockets Public Access to Court Electronic Records Docket is everything presented to the court except briefs Exhibits, evidence, summons, complaint, response, etc. Marijuana Medical marijuana Health law Employment Regulation Recreational marijuana Meredith Barnes Jackson Brannon Cullen Munz Sarah Steinberg Headnotes Citator Search Alerts Practice Centers Patents Deal Maker/Deal Maker Analysis PACER and Court Docket searches United States Code Bloomberg BNA EDGAR Secondary Sources are located on the left side Yields all content in Bloomberg Use quotation marks Bloomberg limits results Use filtering after search Step 4: Finding and Updating Cases How is Bloomberg Different? Patents Deal Maker and Deal Maker Analysis Research the legality of marijuana when opening a small business Practice Centers and Practice Areas Has full US Code without annotations Each reporter has their own website Same basic functions, with some variations FILTER EARLY My Folder United States Code Hypothetical Filtering Results News and Law Reports Tab Step 3: Statutory Research Searching the Reporters The Reporters Right side of page on opinion Link to BCite indicators directly underneath analysis Tabs across top of opinion, like "Table of Authorities" Some different tabs, like "Direct History" or "Case Analysis" Step 1: Generate Research Terms Lexis Go Bar "Citation Search" Link to Public Law Search and Browse Tab Step 5: BCite "Search & Browse" Tab Legislative Link Table of Contents Keywords in search box Using the "Go Bar" Select the "All Legal Content" tab Can also use Boolean search Connectors and terms explained under "Keywords" search bar Step 2: Consult Secondary Sources PACER Publishes the US Code without annotations Just the text for US and State Codes Find companies your looking for with various identifiers Filter results Filing type, date, exhibit, etc. Search alerts for updating Reporter does not effect opinion Star Pagination system Lexis What is EDGAR? Apple was sued for false advertising over the Siri feature. The claim asserts that the advertisements show the feature working better than it does in reality. You have been asked to use Bloomberg in order to advise Apple What steps would you take? Search Alerts Using the Go Bar Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval Records for filings of publicly traded companies Managed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Reporters & databases are listed in alphabetical order Using the Research Process More efficient than Go Bar Fewer, more on point results Further limit results with drop down menu NOTE: No headnotes in most cases Allows user to build contracts and clauses Can view examples of certain clauses Great place to update Gather newer information about a field Locating by Citation Legal Research Service Business Focused Variations from Westlaw and Lexis


Transcript: [LOW] Immediate coverage of news: 2,300 professionals and experts in 72 countries collect, compile, formulate and analyze market facts and form the Bloomberg information network, Journalists get the news at the first time Five Forces Analysis Political Core competence Richest group High income Business tradition More educated Mobile app: free app to raise awareness and expand influence Premium app: encourage more people to use the Bloomberg Professional since the financial data would be easier to access Motto: to inform the readers of every market and financial fluctuation at any cost; services are never hindered even facing natural disaster and political instability Industry-leading customer service teams, available 24/7 in 160 countries to provide immediate responses and professional solution Value Chain: Analyze how to add value to raw material Media [Relatively High] Conclusion ` Economical Bloomberg Professional Both are the market share leaders in the global market data/ analysis space Promotion --> B2B, reputation Operation Inbound logistic Bloomberg tracks over 28,000 public companies-quarterlies, annuals, and semi-annuals. Operation capability of being able to show the connection 15 analyst from the Intel sales side, they can see the relationship and connection between information. Outbound logistic Show the relationship and connections to all the subscribers, which will drive the subscriber’s thinking and help it make decision. Selling information B2B (Business to Business) Bloomberg terminal involves much more staff contributes up to 85% profit for the company. A terminal - $20,000 a year 315,000 subscriptions around the world $7.9 billion in revenue last year Bloomberg media owns more global influence Privately held Financial software, data, and media company Headquarter: Manhattan, New York City Sales offices in 10 major cities across North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim 1981-Now Founder: Michael Bloomberg One company should maintain and keep its core comprtence. Technological Value Chain Analysis Maintain the status Social media ---Stock twits King of business and financial news for two decades Approach 100 million homes Social Service Outbound logistic Bloomberg Media Interconnected departments all over the world FX Trader (improving) Internal communication system Collecting information USP Huge capital operation Advanced technology supports Strong networks Bargaining power of Suppliers If someone can harness the power of the professional financial community that is not currently locked into a Bloomberg Terminal, that would post the biggest threat to Bloomberg Freer media environment Bloomberg as NY Mayor China market barrier John Hopkins University Harvard University (Master of Business Administration, 1966) Salomon Brothers, Wall Street, 1966-1973 $10 million severance – Innovative Market Systems, 1981 Bloomberg L.P., 1987 Slow loading speed No legitimate analysis Only news and quotes work smoothly Speed of the news publication Instant Bloomberg: chat application that comes with a Bloomberg terminal Bloomberg Media, act local Provide various editions according to region Provide special edition periodically Build up more Bloomberg local channels Operation Analyst team and information database, charts and financial software 4 Ps Shifting its coverage to more business news instead of just high finance Operation Simple and straight report system and strict censorship Weakness Inbound Logistic Bloomberg News No additional cost, around-the-clock coverage of the world's governments, corporations, industries and all financial markets Bloomberg Professional (via Terminal) Core business, the world's fastest growing real-time financial information network, which links together leading financial professionals Communication system and the dominance in message realm. Inbound Logistic Competitive rivalry within an industry How does Kerry use Bloomberg terminal Think Global,Act Local market shares: 30.82% 29.48% Strength: quickly and accurately delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology Over 15,000 employees in 192 locations Structure: Bloomberg Terminal & Bloomberg Media Terminal [Relatively Low] Asian market gap Economic globalization Financial crisis Product --> accurate and instant infomation Price strategy --> competition based Place --> exclusive distribution, mobile app Bloomberg Magazine Bloomberg Forum Bloomberg TV Bloomberg Press Bloomberg Websites single terminal/ $24,000 a year/two-year contract two or more terminals/$20,000 a year/two-year contract Bloomberg & Bloomberg L.P. Professional service, the terminal Requirements Threats of new entrants Inbound Logistic Combining media resources to build an ‘Asian Bloomberg’ Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage Life and Long-Term Disability Coverage Retirement Savings Plans Employee Assistance Plans Free organic snacks, fresh fruit, coffee, tea and beverages (available 24/7) Travel Insurance and Medical Benefits Abroad One


Transcript: Bloomberg was founded in 1981. Initially it was Innovative Market Systems , but later turned to "Bloomberg" in 1985. Provider of information services and financial analytical tools. It holds one-third of the market share Headquartered in NewYork with more than 10,000 Employees. Presence in 160 countries with 135 offices across the world. Recorded Revenues of $6,100 million during the 2008 financial year. Bloomberg Terminal The company offers its Bloomberg professional financial services under the brand name 'Bloomberg terminal'. The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer system that enables financial professionals to access the Bloomberg Professional service through which users can monitor and analyze real-time financial market data movements and place trades. The Bloomberg Terminal is Bloombergs core money generating product Terminal Architecture i) Client-Server Architecture ii) Bloomberg Anywhere iii) Wireless Application SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths i)Strong Media Conglomerate ii)Dominant Market Position iii)Strong Customer Base Weakness i)Declining TV and Radio Operations ii)Lack of Flexible Pricing iii)Lack of Scale in newspaper segment Oppurtunities i)Increase in Broadband Usage ii)Partnership with Numerix iii)Strategic Acquisitions Threats i)Competitive Risks ii)US Economic Slowdown iii)US Economic Slowdown Bloomberg philanthropy Tobacco Is Now the World’s Leading Single Agent of Death Key Partners Bloomberg's Contribution: August 2006 - $125 million over two years July 2008 - Additional $250 million over four years Bloomberg


Transcript: Bloomberg L.P. AS Research Solution BLOOMBERG OVERVIEW AND HISTORY KEYBOARD NAVIGATION MARKET ENTRY NEWS, STATISTICS AND RESEARCH RESOURCES AND HELP Impactful News Use TOP to display top headlines and stories from around the world so that you can keep on top of global market moving stories that may impact your portfolio. Use READ to display the most popular news articles and to identify the companies, topics, and people generating the most news interest so that you can stay apprised of the headlines and news subjects that are drawing the most readers worldwide. What moved the market: Bloomberg offers sophisticated charting with direct access into our news as well as Technical analysis studies. Draw trend lines, measure % change and click on the news button and any portion of the chart to get color on what moved the market! Keyboard Navigation Alerts: create price limit alerts and news alerts that notify you of moves in the market as they happen. You can receive visual and/or audible alerts on securities in your worksheets, indices, lists, and portfolios if a security's value falls below or rises above your specified limits.. Build Custom Models The API offers clients the ability to bring Bloomberg data into their Excel spreadsheet or proprietary applications so you can integrate Bloomberg into your reports and applications to help you in the investment process. Unique to Bloomberg. Key function identified by color Decision-making tools to help formulate trading Strategies and Increase Profits! Don’t miss the news that moves markets or the information that matters to you .. The Economy in Real-time There are multiple market statistic solutions on Bloomberg. The real-time monitor below helps you capture the numbers as they hit the market so that you can track how current and upcoming economic releases are going to affect your short and long term portfolio strategies and research recommendations. GLOBAL COMMUNICATION • Over 40 million messages are sent across The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service every day. • Over 100 underwriters & 2,000 Corporations use Bloomberg Roadshows to market multimedia presentations directly to the world's top investment managers. ALL THE NEWS IN THE WORLD • Over 1,800 BLOOMBERG NEWS® employees publish more than 5,000 stories a day. • Search over 2200 news categories & subjects from over 250 leading news wires. • Radio/TV and nearly 208,000 archived multimedia reports with key newsmakers. • Nearly 13,000 live breaking news events have been broadcast on LIVE <GO>. • Nearly 10,000 video clips have been added since beginning of 2004. REALTIME PRICES & CONTRIBUTIONS • Over 240 exchange feeds from more than 100 countries. • Over 6,500 price & research contribution screens. BLOOMBERG PEOPLE • Over 1.5 million People Profiles available. ELNUR IBRAHIMOV Industry: Financial services, Mass media, Technology Founded: October 1, 1981. Founder: Michael Bloomberg Headquarters: New York City, USA Revenue US$ 8.3 billion (2013) MARKET ENTRY THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION! FREE TRAINING & SUPPORT • Over 8,000 employees in more than 100 offices support our clients globally. • Our global help desk operates 24 hours a day in over 30 different languages. ANALYTICS & DATA • Over 14,000 analytical & data screens. • Over 4.6 million Fixed Income securities. • Over 375,000 Equities from more than 130 countries. • Over 8 million Company Filings • Over 55,000 Loans & 105,000 Mutual Funds. • Over 25,000 Currency Rates. • Over 116,000 Commodities and Energy datapoints tracked. • Over 300,000 Indices and Economic statistics. • Over 250,000 Corporate Actions, including 110,000 Mergers & Acquisitions. • Over 31,000 Fundamentals, and much, much more. • Over 5 million US Federal and State Court opinions from Bloomberg LAW NEWS, STATISTICS & RESEARCH BLOOMBERG OVERVIEW AND HISTORY Help When You Need It Hit the HELP key twice to gain instant access to Bloomberg’s Help Desk.. Yellow = Market Sector Green = Action Red = Log on/off Quickly Access the Inside Market Our Expanded Quote offers consolidated research on a specific stock or the entire market. It allows you to easily see if this stock is leading the pack or just keeping pace. Each of the portions of the page can be maximized for further analysis to our most popular equity functions so that you can gauge your entry or exit point in the market. AGENDA The Economy Historically Another Market Statistic solution of storing economic statistics as historical indices allows you to draw conclusions about economic trends that may affect your opinion on interest rates and how economic conditions will impact your future strategy. Quickly view economic statistics for a country or related to a particular industry that affects your specialization or the companies you invest in or are recommending. Online Symbol Guide: Just simply type in the name of the company and hit the green <HELP> key to drill down to all issues on the equity, debt, money market side of the business. Type in a

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