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Transcript: Welcome Ladies Staff Members Bro. KeiShawn Terrell Bro. Rickey Williams SWIM WEAR (10 points max.) History For some time, several of the Fraternity's five geographical regions have sponsored Miss Black and Gold Pageants as a part of their conventions. Since the early 1970's, there has been increasing support of these pageants on a national scale. The first national Miss Black and Gold Pageant was held during Alpha's 1976 General Convention in New York City. Miss Denise Smith, representing Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, was awarded the first crown. I. JUDGES INTERVIEW (25 points max.) In a 10-minute interview with each contestant, a panel of judges will look for perception, a sense of values, clarity of expression and concern and ability in human relations. Attire: Dress Chapter District- Lexington Regional- Toronto, Canada National- Las Vegas Before an audience, contestants will give their name, age, college/university, highest level of Alpha Phi Alpha they are representing (Chapter, District, Region), outline their achievements in school, social, civic, or community activities, plans for future and philosophy of life while projecting a good public speaking ability. The time limit for this event is one and one-half minutes (90 seconds). The Miss Black and Gold Pageant is an event whose primary purpose is to highlight and foster the inextricable connection between success and etiquette amongst young women. This pageant spotlights the young women's poise, self-confidence, communication skills, intelligence, and beauty. In all, the Miss Black and Gold Pageant encompasses true womanhood, success, and confidence. Academic excellence and scholarship are greatly stressed in the competition with the Fraternity providing the contestants with scholarships to assist with the financial obligations associated with post secondary studies. The Miss Black and Gold Pageant, under the sponsorship of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., is an outgrowth of the long tradition of Alpha Chapters’ designation of outstanding young ladies to serve as "Chapter Sweethearts." The Fraternity recognizes the valuable support rendered to it by the many friends of Alpha Phi Alpha - and this endeavor serves as one mechanism to applaud such support. Contact: History Continued September 18th, 2019 Form, figure, posture and carriage are considered in an overall evaluation of health and physical well being. Attire: One-piece swimsuit in good taste. Overview Under the current format with winners being selected at the chapter level, the district (state) level, the regional level, and then the national level, this will be the Fraternity's 30th annual Miss. Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant! AWARD The contestant's academic achievements will also be scored. The contestant should provide a college/university certified declaration of GPA for the previous semester, as well as cumulative GPA to date. CREATIVE AND PERFORMING ARTS (30 points max.) VI. SCHOLARSHIP (30 points max.) ACHIEVEMENTS & PROJECTION (10 points max.) This area of the competition usually involves having the contestant respond to a question on current events, issues of national concern, etc. Each is asked the same question. Scoring in this category is based on the contestant's grooming/appearance, grace, poise, posture and carriage along with coordination and composure. Also considered, is the contestant's ability to articulate, her wit, intelligence, imagination, and her ability to think on her feet. Further, her ability to speak with eloquence and magnetism when answering questions are strongly considered. This is a thirty (30) second time limit event. Attire: Evening gown. No gloves of any kind. No heels should exceed 3 inches and the toes are to be closed. Scoring and Criteria ORAL EXPRESSION, POISE AND APPEARANCE (30 points max.) MISS BLACK AND GOLD Scoring is based on originality, technical ability, appropriateness of selection and costume, and stage presence during vocal, instrumental, dramatic, acrobatic or gymnastic, or dance performance and cannot exceed three (3) minutes. Instrumentalists, other than a pianist must provide their own instruments and any labor changes connected with transporting such instruments. Contestants are responsible for providing talent props and any other equipment necessary for their performance. Attire: Performing talent attire should be the attire the contestant feels comfortable in and should be in good taste. Level of Competition Questions ?

Black and Gold

Transcript: Nancy Byrd Turner, born in Boydton, Virginia, was the eldest child of Rev. Byrd Thornton and Nancy Turner. In 1898 she graduated from Hannah More Academy in Maryland and began work as a teacher. During this period her work appeared in several national magazines including the Saturday Evening Post and Scribner's.In 1917, she moved to Boston to join the editorial staff of The Youth's Companion. By 1922 she was an editor for The Atlantic, The Independent, and Houghton Mifflin. She joined the MacDowell art colony in 1925 and remained there until 1944.Her first book of poetry, A Riband on My Rein, was published in 1929. Over the course of her career she published 15 books, ranging from adult poetry to children's literature and lyrics. Her work appeared in England and in the United States in such magazines as Good Housekeeping, Harper's Magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, and the New Yorker.She retired to Ashland, Virginia to become a lecturer and freelance writer. Everything is black and gold, Black and gold, to-night: Yellow pumpkins, yellow moon Yellow candlelight; Jet-black cats with golden eyes Shadows black as ink, Firelight blinking in the dark With a yellow blink Black and gold, black and gold Nothing in between- When the world turns black and gold Then it's Halloween! Summarize Nacy Byrd Turner Black and Gold Nacy Byrd Turner Black and Gold The poem build a kind of peaceful atmosphere of Halloween, although the poet just described two colors,it made people think a lot about the Haloween, the night and the family. The poem describes a picture with two colours.All the stuffs are either black or gold. Black cats, gold eyes, and the yellow candlelight made us imanige the picture of Halloween. The poem describes a peaceful and quiet picture to show the Halloween he excepted.Everything is peace but glorious, like a silience night.

Grey and Black Water

Transcript: Reduces water bills. Use fewer resources. Decreases spending on water. Saves that money for better more useful things. Decreasing the amount of pollution going into water ways/drains. What can we use them for? By Nathan Osborne What is Grey and Black Water? Bibliography Blackwater has to be disinfected before use therefore this type of water can only be used outdoors and mostly for subsurface irrigation. Advantages and Disadvantages of Reusing and Recycling these Types of water Black water Disadvantages Grey water is the water which comes from the appliances in the kitchens, baths, sinks, basins and others. Black water is the water which is sewage water and waste water from toilets. This type of water can ONLY be used outdoors and needs to be disinfected and treated before use. Greywater Grey and Black Water Advantages Blackwater Water quality is lower. Higher risk of heath standards decreasing. In the water there could contain bacteria, chemicals and other harmful substances which could become a nuisance in the activity you are using the waster in. Yes, indeed we should reuse and recycle these types of water. These types of water aren't safe to drink however they can be used for the purposes blow: Greywater should be recycled for cleaning reasons such as washing clothing, toilet water and it can also be used for gardening purposes. Blackwater should only be recycled and reused once disinfected. Blackwater is only however used for subsurface irrigation. We can use greywater for cleaning purposes such as washing clothes, gardening purposes, toilet water and watering food and non-food growing plants. There are two different types of waste water. These include: In Conclusion ... Grey water

Black and Gold

Transcript: By: Gabriela Aragon, Aranza Fernandez, Kymberly Patino, Joshua Lei, and Kurt Lara Civil War Dinner Party Project Guests Invited -Harriet Tubman -General Robert E. Lee -Clay Andrew Johnson -General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson -Hiram Revels -Harriett Beecher Stowe -President Abraham Lincoln -General George G. Meade Guests Invitation The Invitation Black and Gold Ball At: White House Ball Room 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C .,20500 May,3rd, Thursday, 1-2:45 Rsvp by letter! Theme Theme The theme of our ball is Black and Gold, so expect to see lots of fancy colors throughout the event. Guests attending this ball will see lots of Black and Gold throughout the hour, including plates, tablecloth, and many other items! We want to celebrate Black and Gold through the ball because it symbolizes the high quality and elegance we still have after war. Menu Menu For our menu we have many things such as: Chicken, pork chops, steamed veggies, wine, coffee, rolls, worm castles, lemon cake, apple pie, pumpkin pie, corn on the cob, sugar cubes, cake, and grape juice. Decor Decor For decor we will stick with the Black and Gold theme as it is to keep our elegance. Most of the decor place will be either black or gold. The event will be hosted in the White House's ball room because it is very large and will fit my decorations. As well as it being elegant. This gives it a bit of high quality. Regrets Clay Andrew Johnson Dear President, I apologize for not being able to attend your Black and Gold Ball. The reason is because I have an important speech since I am sworn in as vice president. Sincerely, Clay Andrew Johnson Dear Mr. President Abraham Lincoln, I Hiram Revels apologize for not having the chance to attend your Black and Gold Ball. The reason is that I am going to leave the AME Church and am going to join the Methodist Episcopal Church on that day. I apologize for not attending. Sincerely, Hiram Revels Hiram Revels Dear President, I am sorry for not being able to attend your Black and Gold Ball. The reason is that I remained in the U.S. Army after the end of the Civil War and served as the commanding officer of the Division of the Atlantic, headquartered in Pennsylvania and will not have time to attend. Sincerely, General George G. Meade General George G. Meade President Abraham Lincoln R.S.V.P Abraham was invited because he is the president of the United States. He would be able to have talks about issues and improvments that they need to have. He is also the host of the ball. Abraham is also very reasonable. Harriet Tubman was invited because she was a woman of color who freed hundreds of slaves. She also helped black Americans after the Civil War ended. She worked hard believing what was right. Harriet was someone who would risk getting arrested to help others. Harriet Tubman R.S.V.P We invited Harriet Beecher Stowe because she is best known for her novel Uncle Tom's Cabin made in the year 1852. It tells the readers about the harsh conditions for enslaved African Americans. Her novel reached millions. She was against slavery. She was also very religious. Harriet Beecher Stowe enslaved: (making a person a slave) We invited Robert E. Lee because he was a general in the war for the Confedrates. We also invited him because we thought we could make an agreement. Robert E. Lee was a very intelligent man and believe he would make a good decision on what's right for our country. He also had a strong fighting spirit. General Robert E. Lee R.S.V.P Like General Lee, Stonewall had a high spirit. He fought on the confederates side. We believe that together we will choose a good agreement for our country. If Stonewall likes one of our agreements, then he could convince General Lee. General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson R.S.V.P Seating Harriet B. Stowe Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson Harriet Tubman Gen. Robert E. Lee Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Reason Why He was seated at the front of the table because he is the host and one of the presidents of the United States of America. He also participated in the Civil War as Commander in Chief. She was seated on the left side of the table because the union go to the left side of Abraham Lincoln and she is part of the union. Harriet Elisabeth Beecher Stowe She was seated next to Harriet Elisabeth Beecher Stowe because she is also part of the union and thinks similar to Harriet E. B. Stowe in relation to slavery. Harriet Tubman He is put on the right side of the table because like I said before, the union and confederate are separated, Harriet B. and Harriet T. are sided with the union, General Robert E. Lee is sided with the confederate. General Robert E. Lee He is seated at the right side of General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson because he is also a confederate and a general like General Robert E. Lee. General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

Black and Gold: Steelers

Transcript: Black and Gold: The Steelers Website Fight Song Super Bowls 1974- IX 1975- X 1978- XIII 1979- XIV 2005- XL 2008- XLIII Pro Football Hall Of Famers *Arthur J. Rooney Founder, President, and Chairman of the Board (1933-1988). Elected in 1964. *Daniel M. Rooney President (1955-present). Elected in 2000. Bert Bell Co-owner (1941-1946). Elected in 1963. Johnny 'Blood' McNally Player (1934, 1937-1939), Coach (1937-39). Elected in 1963 Bill Dudley Player (1942, 1945-1946). Elected in 1966. Walt Kiesling Player (1937-1939), Coach (1939-1944, 1949-1961). Elected in 1966. Bobby Layne Player (1958-1962). Elected in 1967. Ernie Stautner Player (1950-1963). Elected in 1969. *Joe Greene Player (1969-1981) Coach (1987-1991). Elected in 1987. John Henry Johnson Player (1960-1965). Elected in 1987. Jack Ham Player (1971-1982). Elected in 1988. Mel Blount Player (1970-1983). Elected in 1989. *Terry Bradshaw Player (1970-1983). Elected in 1989. Franco Harris Player (1972-1983). Elected in 1990. *Jack Lambert Player (1974-1984). Elected in 1990. Chuck Noll Coach (1969-1991). Elected in 1993. Mike Webster Player (1974-1988). Elected in 1997. Lynn Swann Player (1974-1982). Elected in 2001. John Stallworth Player (1974-1987). Elected in 2002. Rod Woodson Player (1987-1996). Elected in 2009. Jack Butler Player (1951-59). Elected in 2012. Dermontti Dawson Player ( 1988-2000). Elected in 2012. *Jerome Bettis Player (1993-95 (Rams) 1996-2005 Steelers) Elected in 2015. Cal Hubbard (Player 1936, elected 1963) Marion Motley (Player 1955, elected 1968) Earle (Greasy) Neale (Coach 1943, elected 1969) Bill Hewitt (Player 1943, elected 1971) Len Dawson (Player 1957-1959, elected 1987) Social Media From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Stadium Name: Heinz Field

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