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Biography Presentation Slide Template 5th Grade

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5th Grade Presentation

Transcript: WELCOME FUTURE GRIZZLIES 12,000+ students Fall 2016 Students from 32 states and 104 nations 42% - 1st one in family to go to college. Why is COLLEGE important to YOU? We built the COLLEGE from the ground up, DESIGNED for STUDENTS by STUDENTS #futuregrizzly Here at GGC, OUR students can study... Our *Students* In the FUTURE.. I want to be a __ ? college athletics 260 Acres Nestled in the HEART of Gwinnett County Office of Admissions 678-407-5313 What's Next ? Created to INSPIRE Follow these steps, & you can attend the college of your dreams Learn to be a good student Read, Read, Read Turn in all assignments Get good grades Study hard Know your strengths and weaknesses In Elementary School? In Middle School? Make a list of what you enjoy doing Find out about jobs that interest you Get organized Challenge yourself in class Get involved in school and your community School of Business Bachelors in Business Administration Accounting Economics Finance International Business Management Management Information Systems Marketing School of Education Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education Special Education School of Health Science Bachelor of Science Nursing School of Liberal Arts Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice/Criminology Psychology Bachelor of Arts English History School of Science and Technology Bachelor of Science Biology Chemistry Environmental Science Exercise Science Information Technology Mathematics What do you think college is like? In High School? Meet with your counselor Continue to get good grades Continue taking challenging courses Apply for scholarships Take the SAT/ACT Visit colleges

5th Grade Presentation

Transcript: Art curriculum at High Mount uses Disciplined Based Art Education (D.B.A.E) as its foundation. D.B.A.E. includes art history, art criticism, aesthetics and production. The curriculum also includes writing, daily sketchbooks (5th – 8th), multi-cultural lessons, interdisciplinary studies and pop/youth cultural projects. Kindergarten through Grade 4 meet once a week, while 5th through 8th grades meet twice a week. There is a K – 8 Art Show at the end of the school year, as well as various art exhibitions and contests held outside the school throughout the year. HMS Art Club is an elite group of 7th and 8th grade students who participate on accelerated art projects, visit museums and galleries, study art history, with introductions to various art occupations and work as the curators of the school’s annual art show. In the past these students have had various works displayed at Belleville’s Art On The Square and other venues. Including Art History Brooke Balding "Layed-Back" Environment Student Work Time Social Aspects Student Work! Clean-up Quiet Wrap-up Reflections on... Personal Style/Individuality Lesson Inroductons Cognitive Development 5 Things I Learned about 5th Grade! Self-Criticism Class Room Management Closing/Clean-up Consequences 1st Offence-Warning 2nd Offence-Detention 3rd Offence-Call Home Activities/Organization Coordination with Other Teachers Special Needs Students Rewards Music Going outside Using different materials Class parties Materials! Striving for Realism Presentations Student Examples No Clear Outcome Short Due Dates Free Lots of assistance 5th Grade

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