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Bid Proposal Presentation Template

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Bid Proposal Flow

Transcript: Proposal Finalization I Drive Process Pt. 1 Measurements Recieved I Drive Process Pt. 2 2 1 3 Account Manager The Email contains the best case scenario Bid Proposal Flow Customer Company Contact Name Property Address Site Map Insert Image Email to Paula and Jim with the Subject "Bid Start" INPUT WHAT SAID EMAIL INCLUDES Simultaneosly a site visit will occur by the field. Exhibit A preparation completed by Account Manager Delete all pricing not needed Hide rows and columns not required Enter Price Options lower right (additional scope, allowances, etc.) Manufacturer, Product, Color lower left Cover Letter final adjustments by Account Manager Proof of all information by Admin Scope of work edits completed Convert to pdf. Exhibit A and Cover Letter and Combine Files Files created in Reroof Drive by Paula R or admin assistant File folders, Startup Excel and Startup Word document are copied. Pasted into Property file under Management and AM Files are named with correct nomenclature Cover letter compoleted with proper name, address, etc. Excel Job File Startup completred with proper name, address, etc. Birkman Session #2 Main Conversion reviews and adjustments for the scope of work Buildings in Scope (if changed) Building Styles, pitches, elevations, etc... Audit/Confirm Quantity entries by Admin Enter Quantities for counter, Ridge Vent, Rain D, Soil Vents, Skylights, Chimneys, Eye-Brows, Bird-Walks, Access Issues, Flat Net by Account Manager Enter adjustments to Waste, H/R Mfr, Started Mfr by Account Manager Recapitulation Sheet adjustments by Account Manager Scope need adjustments (e.g. One-Off Details; Specialty Vents, etc.) Costs entry for Material, delete cost pricing not needed Enter Labor costs (defines job complexity) Pitch and Layers Valley, Ice and Water, Ridge Vent, Static Vents, Drip Edge, Diverters, Skylights, Chimneys, Wall Flashings, Eyebrows, Birdwalks, and all other misc. labor costs Enter Ancillary Costs Permit, Lift, Porto Pots, Travel, Housing, Delivery, Estimating, Warranty, and all other misc. costs Enter Tax Costs Material Tax, State required Sales/Use/1099 Tax Adjust GPM and GP Percentages Estimate Tracking entry is created by Paula or Jim G. Style Map of property created by Jim G. Emails Am for approval to proceed with measurements. AM approves and agrees to: Styles of buildings Building styles selected to be measured Identifies any missing structures (mail, shed, etc.) Measurements requested by Jim G. Measurement reports are recieved by Jim G. or Paula R. Main Conversion spreadsheet started Measurements and Quantities are entered into the Excel Job File Startup WorkBook. Building addresses are confirmed by PM, AM, or Admin Site visit or Gov. Website (This is required for FL permitting) Quantities are entered by Paula or Admin Net Area, Ridges, Hips, Rakes, Eaves, Step Flashing, and Apron Flashing. ALL REMAINING QUANTITIES ARE LEFT BLANK. Transfer Base Proposal documents from Admin to Account Manager Admin finalizes all documents (Job File, Cover Bid, etc.) and provides to AM for review and transition to next steps in bid generation/estimating. Present Proposal to Client...

Bid Proposal

Transcript: Disaster recovery is the process is the process, policies procedures related after natural or human disaster. Disaster recovery plan that will be used for recommencement of all data, applications, hardware, IT infrastructure and communication networking. Project will be driven by a project manager and assistant Centro will only consult with one person to avoid any mix up or confusion will result in a successful webpage the way you Project Scope Adobe Dreamweaver is a widely used Web design and development application. As of June 2011, there were nearly 4 million active sites known to have been developed using Dreamweaver (Milano, Matt 2013). Additional programs such as Adobe Fireworks will be used for desigining purposes Donut King is and international company with numerous stores throughout Australia Typical users of the website may include: current shoppers, employees, potential shoppers from nearby small towns and families. Proposal and Timeframe About create a whole new webpage that is: visually pleasing consistent design we will do all interface designing project will be completed in given timeframe of 8 weeks use of Gantt chart and SDLC for the planning of this project Budget Good Morning board of Centro Mudaliar Designs wishes to propose to you solutions to improve your current website Donut King. Disaster Recovery and Support Centro's requirements: informative intuitive simple easy to navigate Mudaliar Designs recognizes your visions of building customer loyalty enhance customer relationships promote awarness of shopping complex increase customer knowledge Staff Resources Introduction We are a renowned design firm who have had many outstanding projects within the central highlands. Development of a game for the Department of Main Roads and Transport "Kids fest" hosted my Central Highlands Market Place Both recent projects have had outstanding outcomes. Bid Proposal Asset Management

Bid Proposal Automation

Transcript: Conclusion: Can help improve our current process but it really only benefits us as much as we put into it. It would involve a lot of upkeep on our end. Conclusion: Extremely powerful tool that checks all of the marks we are trying to achieve; however, it comes at a steep price and requires full integration and investment from us. The Pros and Cons 4 Classes of Bid Proposal Software No ability to plug into the Arup system or network Can not handle large volumes of data and documents Intended for smaller proposals Very new to the proposal automation market (4 months old) User Interface being updated soon Can search keywords Home page can be custom tailored to each individual user (or not) Permissions are role based Some full-access, others limited Works well with SharePoint Have ample storage space Supports single sign-on Displays a checklist for each proposal step CRM integration Nice and easy-to-understand UI Creates visually stimulating proposals Screenshots Conclusion: Offers similar functionality to that of Cosential, but unfortunately currently requires use of their own CRM. Conclusion: Can help improve our current process but it really only benefits us as much as we put into it. It would involve a lot of upkeep on our end. Each user requires a license unless we go with an Enterprise option. Licenses can be moved between users based on new hire/leaver £750 GBP per license for 12 months Database linking requires an additional server on their end (~ £500 GBP) Is not a direct connection Files can only be shared between users with licenses Deltek Conclusion: Can't handle or meet our needs Pros Works with inDesign, PDF and Word Permissions are role based Some full-access, others limited Conclusion: Works well with a SharePoint library in tandem with their own library, but still has the issue of libraries being split up. EasyPQQ Pros Conclusion: They really encourage you to work within their platform; however, they do offer options to link our databases up. Cons Pros Pros Clean user interface Can hook-up to some of our databases. Good File Manager built into the tool Can create templates Parent account capable of pushing corporate branding Faithful+Gould is a current client Cons SharePoint Pros Hosted locally within our network Easily able to combine files together in order to build a proposal Can be supported from within Arup Economical Can be custom-tailored to meet some of our needs Cons Pros Cons Pros Screenshots Qvidian Oracle Nusii Cons Conclusion: Can't handle or meet our needs Quosal Cons Middle Upper Can search through files for keywords Can hook-up to many of our databases. Good File Manager built into the tool Files would be hosted within their own library Unlimited storage Industry leader for proposal automation Expensive Takes a couple of months time to have the system setup for our use Will require a contractor to come in and develop the software to work for us Proposals are only built through word documents Resumes would require a consistent format across all of them in order for information/sections to be queried. Pros SharePoint Cons No ability to plug into the Arup system or network Can not handle large volumes of data and documents Intended for smaller proposals Very new to the proposal automation market (4 months old) Very small company Cons Lower Upper-Middle Bid Proposal Automation Can not pull data from inDesign Everyone has equal permissions Can be changed for an increased price Undefined limit to file storage space Charged for going over the limit Performance is not good in Asia due to proximity to data center Screenshots APAC support not included in the out of the box business model Do have third party reps who support that region for them Outputs PDF/Word files Suggests using inDesign for post-editing Keywords lack spell-checking Screenshots Screenshots Cons Currently requires using Deltek CRM Possibility they may be able to de-couple these in the future. Cosential Hosted across multiple data centers 2 in the US - 1 being made in Europe Dynamic in case of failover CRM integration Pros User friendly platform

Milngavie BID Proposal

Transcript: TUESDAY 5TH DECEMBER 2017 MILNGAVIE FOODIES A one day food festival featuring an enticing selection of street food and drink vendors Milngavie Foodies Concept Milngavie Foodies would embody the Milngavie BID’s empowering catchphrase – try it, live it, love it. There would be a range of enticing offerings, designed to tantalise and satisfy all the senses. Food, arts, drink, family, socialising, community. The Vision The Vision The Event Milngavie Foodies At least 10 food suppliers/trucks Live ‘busker-style’ music from unsigned talent A selection of stalls from local artisan crafters/shops in the style of a small farmers market Craft beer / Gin Bar / Prosecco on tap Family entertainment (board games/craft station/face painter/mascot or characters) Invitation to community groups to attend to raise profile Invitation to local businesses to be part of event Run from midday until 10pm on a Saturday in June or August 2018 Food workshops for children to decorate a cupcake or put toppings on pizza (chargeable) The event would be a blend of new trends and traditional offerings, to appeal to people of all demographics Opportunity to outscource farmers market section to an independent organiser Milngavie Foodies Market Trend Street food is an emerging trend, with markets and events being held UK-wide. Locally, Big Feed (held bi-monthly in a Govan warehouse), the Paisley Food Festival and Dockyard Social (officially opening 2018) are satisfying the appetites of Glasgow-wide foodies. Pop up events, namely ones held in BAad, SWG3, merge food, culture, arts and music in an urban environment. Nationally, there is the Edinburgh Food Festival and Borough Market, Leather Market and Dalston Food Market in London, amongst others. Market Trend What is Street Food? Street food started in Asia, is massive in America, and now Europe’s getting a taste of the action too. Especially the UK. It's an experience, an opportunity to try lots of different dishes in an informal setting. Right now in the UK, street food is mostly eaten at markets, at special events, in disused warehouses, but rarely on the actual street. Milngavie BID has an opportunity to bring street food culture to the actual streets of this thriving community. What is Street Food? The beauty of most street food vendors is that they come ready for action, in their own vans or with their own pop up gazebos. These guys are well-versed in food safety regulations too. Here are just a few of the established faces in the Scottish street food scene: Street Food Vendors Target market Milngavie locals of all ages Individuals living in neighbouring locales (East Dunbartonshire) Community groups Families West Highland Way walkers Wider Glasgow (via target marketing of interests) Local businesses and vendors Target market Focus group consisting of local demographic mix Focus group of parents of young families Focus group from local businesses Alternatively, a Survey Monkey to a digitally engaged section of the community Market research Market research Other events Other events Plan 'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail' Benjamin Franklin Event Plan SWOT analysis SWOT analysis Bringing footfall to Milngavie Town Centre Appealing to people of all ages Bringing community together Capitalising on current trend Utilising pedestrianised area Increased revenue for nearby shops Strengths Strengths Cost to put on Potential for local cafes/restaurants to feel trade was being taken from them People attending might feel it was expensive (Glasgow prices) Weather dependent or expense for marquee Access to water/electricity Weaknesses Weaknesses Opportunities Opportunities Local businesses can get involved Boost trade to precinct Raise awareness of area Work with local community groups to enhance area Offer workshops to local businesses on advising how best to trade outdoors Adverse weather Businesses pulling out Suppliers not turning up Potential clashing with other events Ensuring everyone is compliant with food safety Equipment is PAT tested Food allergen lists Threats Threats Production Schedule Production Schedule Every professionally organised event should have an event plan and production schedule. This details the timeline, running order, tasks, contacts and schedule of activity. (Please find in a separate document, the Production Schedule and Event Plan that I produced for the SAMH Stomp at Murrayfield, to give you a sense of the detail involved) 4-6 months to go Identify date Liaise with council Produce delivery timeline Apply for licences Branding for event Obtain quotes for suppliers Approach local businesses Approach potential vendors Terms and conditions for vendors Begin booking process Focus groups Key tasks 2-3 months to go Book all vendors Book all suppliers (portaloos etc) Emergency planning Contingency planning Floorplan Begin marketing to public Risk Assessment 1 month to go Marketing Fill any blank spaces Ensure all licences are in place Liaise with council re: any A


Transcript: 514.270-3 Evaluation factors for award. The solicitation should clearly state the basis for evaluating bids for aggregate award, require bidders to submit a price on each item within the group or a percentage to be added or subtracted from a list price, and advise bidders that failure to submit prices as required within a group makes a bid ineligible for award for that group. Presented by; Heidy Sanchez LOWEST PRICE TECHNICALLY ACCEPTABLE Proposal Evaluation... Determine the responsiveness of the offers to the requirements of the solicitation documents 14.403 Recording of bids. (a) Standard Form 1409, Abstract of Offers, or Optional Form 1419, Abstract of Offers—Construction (or automated equivalent), shall be completed and certified as to its accuracy by the bid opening officer as soon after bid opening as practicable. Where bid items are too numerous to warrant complete recording of all bids, abstract entries for individual bids may be limited to item numbers and bid prices. In preparing these forms, the extra columns and SF 1410, Abstract of Offers—Continuation, and OF 1419A, Abstract of Offer—Construction, Continuation Sheet, may be used to label and record such information as the contracting activity deems necessary. The assessment of a proposal to determine the offeror's ability to successfuly perform the prospective contract. It is also used to determine a fair and reasonable price for the contract requirement. L P T A Post Award BID/PROPOSAL EVALUATION


Transcript: Business proposal for SECURITY & EMERGENCY PLANNING AND THE CONTINGENCY PLAN Client Name goes here Date goes here EVENT SITE MANAGEMENT F&B MENU PLACE YOUR LOGO HERE EVENT DESCRIPTION AND CONCEPT CONVENTION PROPOSAL ASEAN Summit 2021 To talk about economical relationship between South East Asian Nation, its politics, security, and socio-cultural development and to talk about solving global issues like Covid-19 Pandemic. Theme: “Better Relationship, for Better Tomorrow” Company Intro SAMPLE ADVERTISEMENT, PROMOTIONS, SIGNAGE, ETC. Our Team Our Team Our Clients Our Clients OBJECTIVES Objectives 1. To maintain good relationship to other countries and to give support to every participating countries to have better economical relationship and to solve existing problems in order to come up with one united idea. 2. Objectives Another objective of this convention is to also show the competitiveness of Filipino when it comes to international conventions, another one is report to each other the happenings in different participating countries to give help to others and to seek help to others. 3. One main objective also is to improve security for everybody and to have a talk about the socio-cultural development and to global issues. To share knowledge, and to collaborate to each participating countries to help each other for better relationship. Strategy EVENT ENDORSEMENT Deliverable 1 Deliverable 1 Deliverable 2 Deliverable 2 Deliverable 3 Deliverable 3 Our funds will be coming from the government, event fees like registration fees/ admission fees, there will be also coming from our souvenir side stores to have a little bit of funds, we will also be looking for sponsors to help us make the convention better. FUNDING SOURCES

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