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betty boop

Transcript: f acts about betty boop A video A pic 1. Betty Boop's first cartoon appearance was in the 1930 short, 'Dizzy Dishes’, 2. In her first cartoon appearance, Betty Boop, was a dog character with long floppy ears and great legs! 3. Betty Boop was first seen in human form in the 1931 release of 'Dizzy Red Riding Hood’, 4. Betty Boop has starred in more than 100 cartoons., 5. While known for cartoons, Betty Boop also appeared in two comic strips, a radio show, and two network animated musical specials, 6. In the 1930s, Betty Boop was criticized for being too sexy, 7. In 1933, the famous garter disappeared - public demand brought it back, 8. "Betty Boop's Hollywood Mystery," a second animated musical special, was televised by CBS in 1989, 9. Today there are 250 companies manufacturing Betty Boop licensed products in the United States and nearly as many abroad, 10. Great musical stars including Maurice Chevalier, Rudy Vale, Ethel Merman, Louis Armstrong, and Cab Calloway, were showcased in Betty Boop's cartoons, 11. In the 1988 production of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit,' Betty Boop was the only character not shown in color, 12. "Betty Boop Confidential,' a critically acclaimed feature-length cartoon retrospective, featured a collection of 11 Fleischer cartoons restored by the UCLA Film and Television Archive, 13. Betty Boop's voice was occasionally performed by Annabel Little, Margie Heinz, Kate Wright and Bonnie Poe, 14. Betty Boop's signature voice - Mae Questel - was also the talent for Olive Oyl and Little Audrey, 15. A wave of puritanical attacks and a costly strike in 193t led to the end of Betty Boop Cartoons in 19S9 with 'Yip. Yip. Yippy!’, 16. 'Riding the Rails' (1938) was nominated for an Oscar, 17. Betty Boop appeared in her underwear In 'Silly Scandals' (1931) and 'Poor Cinderella' (1934), more than three decades before Madonna was even born, 18. Betty Boop coyly pulled her skirt down and it popped back up again in 'Barnacle Bill', 19. In Betty Boop cartoons, each second of film is comprised of 24 frames, 20. Long before Marilyn Monroe's dress was blowing in the wind. Betty Boop's dress made this statement in 'Betty Boop's Ups and Downs' (1932), 21. Bimbo's appearance changed in almost every one of the Talkartoons: he was a while dog in certain cartoons and black in others, 22. Betty Boop had no name, or different names, until she appeared in 'Betty Coed', 23. Berry Boop always wore her garter on her left leg, 24. Betty Boop 'ran for President" in 1980, sponsored by a group of bemused businessmen headed by Alan Abel. BWs platform was a good-natured poke at the election year pomposity. Her slogan? 'Don't be a poop. Vote for Boop!", 25. The secret sign of the Betty Boop & Bimbo Club was to put both hands over the eyes and then over the mouth, meaning 'Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed.', 26. Betty Boop was born in New York City - the home of Fleischer Studios at 1600 Broadway, 27. In the 1970s. NTA Films colorized one hundred Betty Boop films to color to satisfy a television cartoon audience, 28. By 1934, the talking animals that had been Betty Boop's playmates were eliminated from the series. From then on, her only animal pals were silent pets, 29. Betty Boop was America's first multi-talented female cartoon star, performing in drama, music, comedy, and fairy tales, 30. "Betty Boop" is one of four All American Rose Selections winners that will make their appearance in flower gardens in 1999.An enchanting floribunda rose, "Betty Boop" sports ivory-yellow flowers with a red edge and deep green leaves, 31. The Betty Boopers, a new recording and performing act based on the classic character and featuring four Betty Boop look-alikes, is being produced by Beso Entertainment Studios of New York City and Los Angeles, 32. The book, ‘Betty Boop's Sunday Page: The Complete Color Comics, 1934-1936' chronicles her short time on the funny pages, 33. To commemorate Betty Boop's 65th anniversary in 1995, the 'Betty Boop Confidential' retrospective toured 20 cities in the United States, culminating in a special screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood, 34. There is an annual Betty Boop festival. featuring look-alike and tattoo contests, 36. Betty Boop is the only female cartoon to be considered a true movie star, 36. Berry Boop was created by famed animator Max Fleischer, 37. Most of the naughty little frames the animators snuck into Betty Boop's films were eliminated when the cartoons were televised, 38. Betty Boop's popularity is worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and South America, 39. Betty Boop was one of a handful of legendary glamorous female stars saluted in a line of clothing by designer Bob Mackie, 40. A fragrance called “Betty Boop" was created by Parfums Paris Hollywood, 41. Betty Boop has been in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on several occasions, 42. 'Snow White,' a Betty Boop Short, was produced years before the Disney feature of the same name and has been chosen

betty boop

Transcript: In May 1932, Helen Kane filed a $250,000 infringement lawsuit against Max Fleischer and Paramount Publix Corporation for the "deliberate caricature" that produced "unfair competition", exploiting her personality and image. While Kane had risen to fame in the late 1920s as "The Boop-Oop-A-Doop Girl", a star of stage, recordings, and films for Paramount, her career was nearing its end by 1931. Paramount promoted the creation of Betty Boop following Kane's downfall. The case was brought in New York in 1934. Although Kane's claims seemed to be valid on the surface, it was proven that her appearance was not unique. Both Kane and the Betty Boop character lacked resemblance to Paramount star Clara Bow. On April 19, Fleischer testified that Betty Boop was made upon his imagination. Appearance Pictures Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character that was created in 1930 by Max Fleischer. She was created in New York City at Bray Studios. Betty was originally created to model Helen Kane. Max Fleischer was born July 19, 1883 in Vienna, Austria. When he was 4, his family immigrated into New York City. He attended public school and lived in a poor neighborhood. While in high school, he started working for The Brooklyn Daily Eagle as an errand boy, then soon became a cartoonist. Later in his life, Fleischer created the Rotoscope, which is used to trace over animated footage. His invention sparked minds of young cartoonist everywhere. Creation Sources Betty Boop In her first cartoon appearance, Betty Boop, was a dog character with long floppy ears and great legs. In the 1930s, she was criticized for being "too sexy" Betty Boop's only color cartoon was 'Poor Cinderella' Before Betty Boop was officially named Betty Boop, she was known as Nancy Lee Betty Boop played the parts of an Indian Princess,and a queen of a masquerade ball, and a singer. Lawsuit Betty Boop had her own series of shows and films. She made appearances in other shows too. Here are some of the notorious shows she starred in: Popeye The Sailor Red Hot Mamma Zula Hula The Foxy Hunter House Cleaning Blues Betty made her first appearance on August 9th, 1930, in a cartoon called Dizzy Dishes. She shocked adult audiences with her shape and singing voice. Fun Facts About The Creator Shows In a short period of time, viewers and fans started to see Betty Boop as a sex symbol. Nothing about the show(s) she was in was erotic but it was her appearance that caught people's attention. She was one of the first animated sex symbols displayed on TV. Google Images Sex Symbol Video

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