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Transcript: Henry became an public anti-slavery activist, using a moving panorama. Henry became an abolitionist even though he was considered a free man when he came out of his box in Philadelphia he still wanted to fight for colors civil rights. Brown went to the New England Anti-Slavery Society Convention in Boston and toured the region performing and telling his story. Henry arrived from his box after a distance of 350 miles. Cartoon of Nat Turners Rebellion. Slaves planning to kill their masters. Henry wrote a narrative of his life as a slave. Henry published a moving panorama about slavery and he wrote a narrative about his life. Henry also was in the same plantation of the slaves that started the Nat Turners rebellion which was when slaves planned to kill their owners. Many slave owners fought back and killed the slaves in the rebellion. Henry's wife and 4 children became part of a group of 350 slaves purchased by slave-trading. To plan his escape Henry asked two people for help. The first person was his friend James Anthony Smith who was a free black. The second person was a white man named Samuel Smith who helped if he was paid. With these people Henry could escape. C) Why he became an abolitionist. F) Henry's Impact Henry inspired others slaves to be courageous and to find a way to be free. The first English copy of Henry's narrative. D) How Henry Contributed to ending slavery Henry's journey from Virginia to Philadelphia was 27 hours long. Brown developed his stage show to include a panorama on the basics of slavery. In 1850, the "Mirror of Slavery" show opened in Boston. After passage of the Fugitive Slave Act later that year, Brown moved to England with his panorama. He remained in England for the next quarter-century, deciding weather or not to purchase the freedom of his first wife and four children. A) Background life Henry Brown was born in 1815 in Louisa County, Virginia. When he was 15, he was sent away from his family to go work in a tobacco factory in Richmond. In 1836 he got married to his wife Nancy and they had 4 children together. In 1848 his wife and children sadly got sold to plantation in North Carolina. Shortly after he resolved to escape from slavery in a 2 by 3 foot wooden crate and ship himself from Virginia to Philadelphia. B) Interests This is a picture of Henry "box" Brown E) Who Helped "Resurrection of Henry Box Brown" was the title of his panorama He was a member of the first african Baptist church where he sang in the choir. He acknowledged that through his faith in god, he was given the inspiration and courage to put together a plan to escape. He also published a book that was about his slavery experience. Henry also spent his last years performing magic acts to help raise money to support his family. Henry wrote a book about his slavery experience in 1851. A quote from Henry talking about how he was willing to risk his life for his escape. Henry has made an impact on the abolitionist movement because he combined the courage to go through with shipping himself to Philadelphia knowing the consequences and by using creativity with finding a unique way to escape slavery. Without the help of Samuel and James, Henry wouldn't have escaped to Philadelphia successfully. Samuel Smith & James Smith both on the left. This is an article from the "Portland Daily Press" On January 11th, 1877 explaining his magic act and public speaking. Henry talking about his idea about shipping himself in a box. Interesting facts

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Transcript: 14th Week Consulting interns can be expensive Time and Money Personal Experience Preliminary Design Stage NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 New and Existing Education, Business, and Mercantile Definition of Project This app would be used to provide interns and recent graduates with an outline of guidelines for how to design and review designs of specific occupancies. With the given time frame, I will be writing the information that will go into the app Begin parametric study: Speak with my mentor and Jason to understand more about what critical variables I could concentrate on for this app. Choose those parameters and begin my study Gather information from NFPA 101 and NFPA 13 for new and existing education, business, and mercantile occupancies. By: Breanne Thompson Next Steps (Continued) Finish preparing for Draft of Analysis Pull together and discuss results of project Draw my conclusions and state future work needed Turn in Final Paper! 10th and 11th Week Turn in my parametric study Begin draft of analysis Map out the process of the app for the key elements 15th Week References Next Steps 7th Week Prepare for Final Presentation Summarize my draft of analysis into presentation Work on how to incorporate a live demonstration for my presentation App Development Background Information 8th-9th Week Continuous Process Objective-C for Apple products Java for Android products 6 months of studying Places to Learn: Codecademy, iOS Dev Center, Android Developers Training Hire App Developer will cost thousands Prepare Final Paper Dive into Shark Tank! 1. 2. 6th Week Background Presentation 12th-13th Week

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Transcript: Real action and accountability Amnesty International Non-state actors/ Rebel Groups?? ...and what about men?? ignoring male rape victims? would rape exist without a man? Weapons of War: Rape UN as an Arena - NGO's - Discussion and dialogue Arena Instrument Actor Critical Thinking Weapons of War: Rape UN as an instrument UNSC Resolution 1820 (2008) UN as an Actor - UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict Weapons of War: Rape Problems with 1820 "Roles and Functions of International Organizations" "Sexual violence, when used as a tactic of war in order to deliberately target civilians or as a part of a widespread or systematic attack against civilian populations, can significantly exacerbate situations of armed conflict and may impede the restoration of international peace and security… effective steps to prevent and respond to such acts of sexual violence can significantly contribute to the maintenance of international peace and security" (UNSC Resolution 1820, p. 2)" Background Presentation- Kristin Mann Weapons of War: Rape Brief Insight - used to manipulate social control - destabilize communities - weaken ethnic groups and identities Examples: - Sudanese Militia - Rwanda Genocide - DRC Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Increased Data Collection by international organizations - determine humanitarian responses - ensures justice and reparation - provides recognition and dignity

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Transcript: Over-the-counter pain relievers Colchicine (Colcrys). This drug, which reduces inflammation in the body, may be prescribed for acute pericarditis or as a treatment for recurrent symptoms. Corticosteroids. If you don't respond to pain relievers or colchicine or if you have recurrent symptoms of pericarditis, your doctor may prescribe a steroid medication, such as prednisone. Infection (viral, bacterial, parasitic, or fungal and, in people with AIDS, tuberculosis, or aspergillosis) Heart attack Heart surgery (postpericardiotomy syndrome) Systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus) Rheumatoid arthritis Kidney failure Chest injury Cancer (such as leukemia, breast or lung cancer, or, in people with AIDS or Kaposi sarcoma) Risk Factors Cause A swelling and irritation of the thin saclike membrane surrounding the heart (pericardium). Definitions Life Expectancy Treatment Preventions Pericarditis - Joseph Turner Risk Factors Strong Factor male gender age 20 to 50 years transmural MI cardiac surgery neoplasm viral and bacterial infections uremia or on dialysis systemic autoimmune disorders Weak Factor pericardial injury mediastinal radiation You usually can't prevent acute pericarditis. You can take steps to reduce your chance of having another acute episode, having complications, or getting chronic pericarditis. These steps include getting prompt treatment, following your treatment plan, and having ongoing medical care (as your doctor advises).

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