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Transcript: by call center they answered about any question for service customers e banking consists of service such as utility payment . customer can use this features by charge your phone , Reserve a ticket and bill payment and all this feature under ATMs Q3: what e-banking consist of ? Q6:what about E-Banking risk ? Interview Template Q10: Bank establish training courses for employees for helped customer in electronic channels ? Q5: what about security in online bank site? inside Alex bank we worked for create new features and actually make it for example utility payment Q9: Are all products and features part of legal subject bank establish training courses by Coordinates with ITs Mr amr has a background in E-Banking in the beginning life he worked in customers service interviewee name : Amr kaled Q8: How banks helped customers if they needed any questions ? Q4: Are customers reject dealing with bank by using e- banking ? position of : head of SMEs department Q7: Are all banks development themselves by create new products inside electronic channels ? yes , should auditor sector accepted a new products or features : saving a time for both banking and customers for example if 1 million of customers come to bank for make transactions that mean all of them needed 1 million employes what about positive impact of E-banking for both banks and customers ? ? There are many hackers have developed themselves should bank acheave best secure manager for example : secure inside alex bank building on two steps 1) customer has user name and password 2)second step like system create code and change this code Every 10 seconds after customer put password Q1: What the main aim of E-Banking TWO RESONS : 1)reduce cost 2) Speeds of banking services such as withdraw and deposits funds he submit some projects related to e banking he doing many operation related to development e banking customers now be aware they have smartphones and update many applications but older persons and some customer live in upper Egypt rejected use electronic channels because different culture

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