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Informative Presentation

Transcript: - How to become a donor and how rewarding it can be - Inform you on how to carry out duties of being a donor - Explain to you the simple process of organ donation MAYO CLINIC Doctors Perform test declaring donor has died. Once everything is processed and approved the organ/organs are then removed and carefully delivered to a hospital where the recipient is graciously awaiting. WHO CARES YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD! Hair Color Eye Color Height Weight The Process What We See Check database for waiting recipients Duties and Requirements of an Organ Donor Organ Donation Yup, every once in while Doctors check individual organs to see if they are healthy enough for donation. It is then offered to the recipient who is on the waiting list. They then compare blood types to see if it will be a perfect match. AND FINALLY... The death of one organ donor can save up to 8 lives, and with a tissue donation more than 50 people can be helped. Please Take out your License So what will your choice be? Check the box and save lives or Leave it blank and wonder who you could have saved? Label yourself as a donor on your driver’s license application Inform family and friends of your decision to do so. The reason to inform others is so at the time of your death they can inform doctors that you are indeed a donor and want to provide help to those who are in desperate need of it. So What Actually Happens to Our Organs and Body Tissue? U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Matching of Organs and Recipients Obtain consent from Organ Donation registry or from family to proceed with Organ Donation Pairing of the Donor and Recipient Informative Presentation By: ME! Simple! Check the little box that asks if you want to be a donor when you first get, or renew your drivers license. How To Become A Donor Daily Exercise The reason to inform others is so at the time of your death it is not an eye opener to family and friends and so that the donation process will not be slowed. Just Kidding! Follow Me and I'll Tell You! :) Healthy Dieting Does Yours Say Your A Donor? Carolina Donor Services Amazing Example of Donating

Informative Presentation

Transcript: BIOREMEDIATION Well our good friends Nemo and Dory are both in danger! But luckily for all of us there is an answer to their problem. And the answer is.... BEFORE There are two main types of bioremediation. There is bioaugmentation and biostimulation. In the EPA's Citizen's Guide to Bioremediation, the EPA explains that "microbes that live in soil and groundwater like to eat certain harmful chemicals". According to the U.S Geological Survey "microorganisms naturally present in the soils were actively consuming fuel-derived toxic compounds". Now that you have some understanding of bioremediation, lets take a look at the different sub-categories of bioremediation. Thorough research Environmental Science classes He also stated that "biostimulation is another process where we add sufficient nutrients to stimulate the growth of indigenous microbes that favour degradation". Bemidji, Minnesota Today I will be discussing: Bioremediation Sub-categories of bioremediation Historical significance RECENT ISSUES Soo...... Bioremediation!!! United States Environmental Protections Agency, April 2001, A Citizen’s Guide to Bioremediation National Center for Biotechnology Information, 2007 Remedios, July 19, 2011, 114452.html Bioremediation: Nature’s Way to a Cleaner Environment, April 1, 1997, So what qualifies me speak about bioremediation? AFTER Dr. Girija Sankar explained that "bioaugmentation is a process of adding specifically selected pregrown microorganisms to digest contaminants. What exactly is bioremediation? Helpful microorganisms Who doesn't love cute little animals and critters? RECAP of DISCUSSION bioremediation major sub-categories historical significance. CITED WORKS

Informative presentation

Transcript: Rock 'n' roll is.. Creat communities Benefits to region Bad effects Many tourists come to see rock festival Most rock festivals continue for 3 or 4 days Tourists not only listen to a rock music also look around the town and experience another culture Give a chance to small towns to introduce themselves to foreigners eat foods finding hotels buy some souvenir tourists can be a new consumers Rock 'n' roll causes benefits to society with Rock festivals Some genre of Rock 'n' roll is very hard and has explicit lyrics using bad words Threatening to adolescent adolescent who like hard rock showed higher level of reckless behavior Adolescents are easily influenced by sensational music Not all the rock music is hamful to adolescent Adolescent should be cautious when listening certain genre of rock 'n' roll such as hard rock or heavy metal. Conclusion Genre of music has a strong beat played on electrical instruments originated form U.S.A. 1950's I don't know which will go first - Rock 'n' roll or Christianity - John Lennon Some kind of Rock 'n' roll like hard rock causes bad effects on adolescents Many researchers say that.. Korea Bad influences on adolescent Create Communities Definition Many people love rock 'n' roll But you cannot plat rock alone Kim Sang jin And they want to play rock music like the rock star they love England Beacause of Rock 'n' roll, people in society make communities and share their passion toward rock 'n' roll U.S.A. Benefit to town Rock 'n' roll causes many communities in society Rock 'n' roll causes benefits to the town that holiding rock festival Some kind of Rock 'n' roll causes bad influences on adolescents The effects of Rock 'n' roll on society Overview Japan

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